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The most vaccinated countries have the most cases and deaths per million population and the least vaccinated countries have the fewest cases and deaths per million population. Devastating Israel figures show 80-90% of cases are vaccinated and an Oxford University study shows the vaccinated could be super spreaders. This was all predicted by leading authorities in the field but on both sides of the Atlantic, Government vaccine lies continue.

As Dr Janci Lindsay, MD Toxicology & Molecular Biology, Technology Support Services LLC asserts:

“It is the vaccinated not the unvaccinated spreading the mutant variants” (thus confirming Nobel Prize Winner Professor Luc Montagnier’s theory – RA) This is what has happened with numerous other “leaky” (non neutralising) vaccines. The classic example is Marek’s Disease in chickens. I warned the CDC (the USA Centre for Disease Control) of this in April this year. Other scientists warned the CDC  as well“

I have compiled these tables below which set out the cases per million population and the deaths per million population of, firstly, the most vaccinated countries and secondly the least vaccinated countries. The final column in the first table is the date at which the country started vaccinations and after which the majority of all their cases and deaths occurred. Only in Saudi Arabia did the majority of cases occur before the vaccination start date but the cases did start to rise again after that.

I took the stats on the 12th August 2021. Average cases for the most vaccinated countries stood at 77,491 per million compared to only 19,672 in the least vaccinated. Average deaths in the most vaccinated countries were 1,647 per million compared to only 427 deaths in the least vaccinated.

To those who would counter that “naturally the worst affected countries would ensure the most vaccinations which is not the same as the vaccinations causing the cases” I would point to the majority of ALL their cases occurring AFTER they started vaccinating – the start date is in the third column.


CASES PER M                DEATHS PER M


CANADA                             37,925                               700          Maj cases after 1 Jan

UK                                       90,021                             1,913         Maj cases after 1 Jan

SPAIN                                  99,636                            1,760         Maj cases after 1 Jan

ITALY                                   73,110                           2,126           Maj cases after 29/12

GERMANY                          45,299                           1,098          Maj cases after 21/12

FRANCE                              97,357                           1,718          Maj cases after 27/12

USA                                   111,240                           1,907         Maj cases after 14/12

ARGENTINA                      110.674                           2,374       Maj cases after 18/2

SAUDI ARABIA                   15,133                               236      cases rose after  16/12

BRAZIL                                94,518                           2,642      Maj cases after    17/1

Average                        77,491                             1,647



Thailand                             11,998                                                99

Uzbekistan                            4,123                                                28

Indonesia                            13,549                                              405

Philippines                          12,291                                              266

South Africa                       41,473                                           1,260

Iran                                       50,258                                           1,123

Ukraine                                52,084                                           1,224

Vietnam                                 2,457                                                46

Egypt                                      2,728                                              159

Kenya                                     3,917                                                77

Nigeria                                      849                                                10

Average                          19,672                                      427 

After 8 months of frenetic vaccination activity, there was a total for the EU/UK/USA of  34,052 Covid-19 injection-related deaths and over 5.46 million injuries reported as at 1 August 2021. The above country figures are backed up by detailed evidence from Israel and the UK of vaccine induced deaths and/or the failure of vaccines to protect the vaccinated.

In the UK between 1st Feb 2021 and 2 Aug 2021 deaths within 28 days of positive specimen were 402 for the (double) vaccinated but only 253 for the unvaccinated


A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet makes a complete mockery of the dangerous and ignorant corporations and governments who are seeking to punish the unvaccinated and promote the vaccinated. DELTA AIRLINES in the USA for instance is charging their unvaccinated employees a $200 a month “health insurance”.

But this study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated. Vaccinated individuals therefore carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill making them into presymptomatic superspreaders. 

So DELTA should be charging the vaccinated – or indeed stopping them from coming to work as a danger to everyone else.


Israel is one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world and yet by far the greatest number of cases are in the vaccinated. If the vaccine had been effective of course the vast majority of the cases would be in the unvaccinated. But in the period 27th June to July 3rd 79% of the cases in the 20-29 age group were in vaccinated people ranging up to 100% in the 90+ age group.

This was a process over the period of vaccinations whereby between January 2021 and July 2021 the number of monthly cases in the unvaccinated fell by 99% (65,252 to 257)  while the cases in the vaccinated fell by only 58% (3,057 to 1271). and it was the vaccinated who happen to develop symptoms by a ratio of 5:1. It is the vaccinated who are more likely to be hospitalised and develop critical illness.

Takes a few months for vaccine dangers to show:


Public Health Scotland have revealed that 5,522 people have died within twenty-eight days of having a Covid-19 vaccine within the 6 months Dec 2020 to June 21 in Scotland alone. 

This equates to an average of 920 deaths occurring every month due to the Covid-19 vaccines in Scotland alone. A freedom of information request made on the 30th January asked the Scottish Government to reveal the total number of people who had died of Covid-19 since March 2020. To which the Scottish Government responded on the 11th March 2021 with –

“The answer to your question is 596 deaths involving COVID-19 has been registered where there was no pre-existing medical condition between March 2020 and January 2021” . That is 85 per month and less than one tenth of the vaccine deaths reported.

Considering that up to August 2021 there are supposed to be only 1550 deaths in the whole of the UK (Scotland, England, Wales and  Northern Ireland, this makes the UK Government reporting system look fraudulent in the extreme. Allowing for the far greater population in England suggests 57,000 deaths in the UK as a whole.

This should be no surprise since a 2009 Harvard study showed that only 1% of adverse reactions were being officially registered in the USA and a statistician whistleblower in the US (with access to Medicare and Medicaid reports) is on record as claiming that the deaths from the vaccine are probably 5 times the reported figure. Many in the UK have reported that deaths of which they knew were not registered on the system.


The official NHS statement of side effects from the COVID vaccines is:

“Most side effects are mild and should not last longer than a week, such as:

  • a sore arm from the injection
  • feeling tired
  • a headache
  • feeling achy
  • feeling or being sick

You may also get a high temperature or feel hot or shivery 1 or 2 days after your vaccination”

In the USA the FDA also lies about vaccine effects:

“The most commonly reported side effects by those clinical trial participants who received Comirnaty were pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, chills, and fever.”

We know from the over 34,000 deaths and over a million serious side effects on both sides of the Atlantic that these statements are criminally negligent outright lies.

Does the British NHS not talk to Public Health England?

In the UK according to PHE the report between the 1st February 2021 and the 15th August 2021 there have been 390 deaths among the unvaccinated population and the fully vaccinated population has suffered a total of 679 deaths.

To be aware of these deaths, never mind the serious thrombosis and heart inflammation effects especially on young people and still consider vaccinating 12-15 years olds is criminal behaviour by any standards.

The sooner the “” trials begin the better. These State and medical elitists must be made accountable.

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