Many years ago, my partner and I had a cottage in the English countryside. My partner loved birds and persuaded me to put up a bird box in the garden. Nothing happened for a couple of years and then one day we noticed Mr and Mrs Blue Tit inspecting the box. Soon after we were watching them fly in and out as they nested.

One day, we were amazed when a number of chicks started jumping out of the hole in the box, they flapped their wings frantically as they desperately tried to stay in the air, mostly sinking to the ground but in the end they got the hang of it.

The Blue Tits returned every year thereafter. We were fascinated to watch them and we loved them. One year, I went outside to see a forlorn and desperate looking chic sitting helplessly on the grass, it didn’t look like it was ever going to fly and I knew that at any moment it would fall prey to the local cats.

I scooped up the chic and took it inside before phoning up a vet friend of mine and asking her what to do. She told me to leave it outside and let nature take its course, it wasn’t meant to survive. I couldn’t bring myself to do this, the chick was so cute and fluffy – but it soon after died in a box on my lap. The vet was right and I had learnt a harsh lesson.

This is how nature works: there is a natural attrition rate for all creatures and their offspring. For example an octopus will spawn millions of young and only a handful will survive.

Another lesson that I learnt was as a hunter and before anybody criticises me: I only hunt animals that have to be culled anyway, it is where meat comes from and it is better to put it to good use than waste it. Animals in certain places need to be culled, if not nature will do it with starvation and disease as their numbers grow and they destroy their environment. I’ve watched this happen.

We humans, in spite of our relative sophistication and technological advancement, live in a finite world. We try to outsmart nature but in the end and for the foreseeable future, we’re just as much bound by the same laws of nature as are our animal friends.

This is why I’ve known for a long time that the utopia promised by the Liberal Left, Communists and Globalists alike – all of the same ilk – was nothing more than a pack of lies, completely divorced from any fundamental reality. It is completely ridiculous to believe that we in the West, particularly us on our little island, can be responsible for those less fortunate than us in the entire world. There was a time when we thought we could manage most of the world but in the end we had to let it go and we are no longer an empire.

During a lifetime of involvement with extreme sports where I have lost many friends, I’ve also learnt that the only value that my life has is the value that I myself can place upon it. This value is something that comes from calculating risks, meticulous planning and safety checks. Most of the time there will be nobody to help me in the air, under the sea or out on the oceans and mountains. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest holds good, certainly at a personal level, and for our race and our allies.

Our world is looking increasingly desperate as Third World populations explode, see my article: ‘Surviving the human tsunami’ for the awful truth and the frightening numbers. Until the arrival of mass immigration into our country, our population was very stable but now, as a result, it too is exploding. Like the animals that I hunt, misery in the Third World is caused by exploding populations that exceed the economic and other resources of their nations’ ability to provide – and nature will take its course. Now of course the problems of the Third World, largely because of immigration, have become our problems and this is destroying our country and quality of life.

It seems ironic to me that, apart from the army of moronic, useful idiots that blindly follow the Liberal Lefty, Globalist and ultimately Communist agenda, the people that really preach the above doctrines are very wealthy people indeed. I’ve also long since learnt that with wealth it is possible to live anywhere, even in any poverty stricken Third World hell hole – and live well. These people will never be disadvantaged by the doctrines that they preach, they are at the moment fitter than us and they want it to stay that way.

For most of us though we are very dependent on a country that our forefathers toiled, fought and died for, to bequeath to us a country that advanced through education and academic achievement among other things. Much of the world though would prefer to take a shortcut and turn up on our shores with a hard luck story, and blame us for all of their woes when we owe them nothing.  

The question that we have to ask ourselves is this: do we want to survive and survive with a reasonable quality of life – or do we want to become a part of nature’s very normal attrition rate? If we wish to survive, then we must reject the lies of the Globalist, political Left, face reality and accept nature’s fundamentals of life. 

As heartbreaking as it was when that tiny chic died on my lap, I learnt that nature forces some very hard choices and decisions upon us. We were not all meant to survive but we can all fight to survive.

Nature has given us a fundamental right to place a value upon our own lives either personally or as a nation, but if we don’t do it nobody will do it for us and we shouldn’t expect them to. It’s about “survival of the fittest”, after all.








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