We need him now!


That pratfall of peacocking clowns (h/t to our reader Jim R for the words) was at it again yesterday in their Pit – with the known result. I’ve been using choice words for them in the past, but yesterday – well, it was shameful. Not because the usual suspects voted the way the did, not because some ERG types turned into spineless amoebae with lovely fluffy reasonings to cover up their real aim – I’ve described them here – no, it was because they had all made up their minds and the whole thing was futile.

Futile, that is unless you had to strut and peacock about. That they could’ve cared less is amply documented by their behaviour when Sir Bill Cash spoke – watch him here. Futile because valid arguments like those of sir John Redwood or Owen Paterson (here) went unheard. Chatting to the oh so important MSM ‘representatives’ outside was more important. After the vote, one can then show a hint of repentance (here) …

Stephen Glover in today’s DM castigates this pratfall of peacocking clowns and doesn’t mince his words: “Self-regarding. Venal. Blind to reason. Never before have we been cursed with such incompetent MPs – Why millions of Leavers AND Remainers now see our benighted ruling class as utterly beneath contempt” – and that’s just the title …

His article is worth reading. You’ll even find a video at the bottom of JRM being interviewed on his way back home ‘after’ the event, with some people shouting ‘traitor’ in the background. It’s standard JRM, sounding posh and dazzling with B.S. … if you must watch it …

Mr Glover writes:

“It would be foolish, after the political convulsions of the past few months, to argue that there is nothing in our political arrangements that should be changed. I’m sure improvements could be made. But I’m convinced that the problem is not so much a defective system as a failed political class. It’s not the rat-infested, antiquated House of Commons letting us down — as Green MP Caroline Lucas claimed on Radio Four’s Today programme yesterday — but the MPs sitting on its benches.”

Spot on! I’d also say ‘amen’ to this:

“The ineptitude of our rulers is by no means restricted to Brexit, though it is undeniably most painfully felt there. There is good reason to think that under Tories or Labour we are less well governed than we used to be.”

And, being even-handed, Mr Glover continues:

“To return to the catastrophe of Brexit: if the current Tory front bench is weak and ill-suited to meet its challenges, Labour is uniquely ineffectual. Whereas the 1964 Labour Cabinet was crammed with Oxford firsts and men with practical experience, today’s Shadow Cabinet has perhaps a couple of people of intellectual distinction, and many who have never had a proper job.”

Oh – we all concur, don’t we! It gets better:

“No, what we see is a political class whose upper echelons are less competent than perhaps at any time in the past 200 years while, lower down the food chain, there are foot soldiers who are bigoted, parochial, and too partisan to accept the need to compromise.”

And who could refute his closing sentences:

“I’ve been amazed over recent months by how well-informed most people I meet are about Brexit, whether Remainers or Leavers. It’s a curious paradox that while the public grows more knowledgeable, the political class deteriorates. The sad truth is that the best and brightest are no longer going into politics, though of course there are exceptions. It’s not first-past-the-post or the two-party system or our ancient institutions that are the blight. It’s our pygmy politicians.”

Indeed – but what is the reason for this state of affairs? I blame the 40 years of our EU membership. During those years our MPs have deteriorated into nodding donkeys, rubber-stamping EU Directives.

Moreover, Ministers have had their hands held by an ever more powerful Whitehall Mandarinate. The rot set in since Maastricht and has come to full fruition in the form of Olly Robbins – soon to be ‘Lord Robbins’, I have no doubt. The decades of EU influence, the decades of observing the power wielded by the unelected EU bureaucrats has changed our Civil serpents.

It’s become a standing joke that answers from the various departments of state are always “The EU won’t like it”. Don’t forget either that since Cameron’s premiership, our Tory ‘leaders’ have all been influenced and indeed domesticated by their various departments’ Mandarins – BoJo is a striking example, but so was his predecessor Mr Hague – and emphatically so was Ms May, from her Home Office ‘experience’. So are the others, the remainers in her Cabinet. It’s not by accident that those who stood up usually hadn’t been domesticated sufficiently: Suella Braverman, Steve Barker and a little bit even the turncoat Dominic Raab.

Of course, decades of our educational system where all must have prizes, where everybody must listen, where everybody is ‘special’ and where feelings matter more than cold facts have also contributed to the proliferation of peacocking clowns.

Still, we can change that if these clown get deselected, if we elect more suitable candidates. But -we won’t be able to change this if we stay in the EU. In that case though I respectfully suggest we do away with Parliament altogether. We won’t need this Pit of the Pratfall of Peacocking Clowns. We can given our Mandarins the onerous duty of rubber-stamping the EU Directives which we cannot change anyway. It would save us lots of money which we can spend on the NHS … and on the welfare of immigrants.

Personally, I’d rather see a modern-day Cromwell take over.


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