Politics, like life, has always been about the order of doing things.   That is why the fight for Brexit has become so big and so symbolic.

Until we get out of the EU, we will have no control over our sovereignty and therefore no control over immigration or anything else.  The powerful global establishment which includes most of our own elites will have won.  We will end up in some mushy, liberal-when-it-suits-them, socialist-when-it-suits-them, totalitarian-when-it-suits-them superstate – but the main point will be that democracy will have been lost and some people like Nick Clegg will have got very rich in the process because the system suits them. (Mr Clegg has just bought himself a $7m house for his new job at Facebook after being a failed politician.)

If we do not win Brexit, power will have been handed in totality to the unelected and the unremovable globalists.

If you want to get to the heart of what we are really dealing with here, just internally in the UK, let alone in the wider superstate just watch this damming hearing from parliament last Wednesday.  The message is very clear:  unelected civil servants overrode elected government ministers.

I have also written and about it in the Telegraph here and spoken about it on Choppers Brexit podcast here. (From 18 minutes)

We have a remain Parliament, a remain civil service, a remain judiciary and a remain House of Lords.  I could have added we also have a remain academia.  Academics and teachers have played a critical role in hoodwinking our young who seem to think the EU is about some nice fuzzy ideals along with their cheap flights to Magaluf.

There have been a lot of useful patsies along the way and class and moral signalling have also been usefully-played tools. If you actually want to hear honest voices now in the Labour Party, you have to look to a few honest people like Dennis Skinner, who deserves credit for saying it as it is.

Furthermore, it seems Mr May might have been rather active, despite of course, being unappointed and unelected, although this was dismissed.  “Reports that the Number 10 chief of staff Gavin Barwell had criticised the role of the Prime Minister’s husband Philip May in Brexit discussions were dismissed as ‘utter bunkum’ by a Downing Street spokesperson.”

And Amber Rudd’s brother is running the ‘People’s’ vote’ campaign.

Also of interest:  Who is funding the perma-demonstrator in Parliament square?  Here is a man who has come to symbolise constant EU demonstrators, apparently selflessly, but who now appears to be living in a £4500 a week pad in Westminster.  Who is footing the annual rent bill – £234,000 net of tax – for the £6m property?  Is he also being paid a salary? Guido talks about it here.  As always, follow the money and power and it will tell you everything you need to know.

I have written before here about how the EU is rather good if you are a corporate who does not want to pay tax, which brings us back to political parties.

I did not start the process to set up The Brexit Party to spite anyone or any party.  I did it to win because we are in danger of losing despite the democratic result.

And as I pointed out to one person who has been fairly aggressive towards me: ‘Do you want to win or to be right?’  They are not the same thing. If you trade markets, you will know this adage all too well. Remember Keynes: ‘The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent’.  Politics is the same – you must approach the bigger cause of problems first.

There is only one person who can have any hope of winning and that is Nigel Farage.  It is just wishful thinking and ego talking to believe anything else.

Nigel has three things that no one else has: He is an international superstar; he is a household brand name and he is a magical speaker who can get millions to follow him.  And follow him, we must, if it is needed.

Nigel can work across parties attracting Labour, Conservative and UKIP voters.  That is his enormous power. Together we can unite, under one umbrella, all the little splinter groups and new parties which have been so distracting and will never get anywhere.  Many of the non extremist parties and members will coalesce under one new party. Not only that but many of the Conservative Leave members and grassroots will also come together as will Labour Leavers in the North and in the deprived, forgotten coastal towns.

My party is being set up for one goal only – get us a proper Brexit.  It is not to wade into ideological debates about halal meat or modular homes or who runs the railways.

It will have two simple political messages:  Get out of the EU and control immigration.  And it will aim to unite all 17.4m leavers.  

As Nigel said, voters are now split between whether they voted ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’, not traditional left and right parties.  Now is, once again, the time to mobilise all leavers across the political spectrum.

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