I’ve been thinking about UKIP and the local elections.

To be quite honest I don`t know much about local affairs or how they operate, probably because I’m not that interested in them and probably they in me.  I am interested in UKIP and its establishment as a permanent political force rather than just a one trick Brexit pony.

So the first thing is to establish our reputation – why we are more reputable than the tired and lying legacy parties Con/Limpdems/Labour?

To me the answer to this is we have only to look at the Brexit result – it was essentially ‘UKIP wot won it’ and the bulk of 17.4 million people plus had placed their confidence in our message because it had become more and more evident that the elected parties had for many years been ignoring their voters – indeed hoodwinked and misled them for over 40 years to bow and scrape to their totalitarian ringmasters in Brussels.

The balance was tipped by events, particularly the false negotiations cooked up by Cameron and Osborne, supported by that maniac Obama from the States who didn’t hesitate to interfere in our affairs.  The grass roots finally ‘got wise to it’ and showed they had had enough by voting for a radical change of a new life outside the EU.

It is easy to establish UKIP’s legitimacy.  All the legacy parties were for ‘remain’; they were in effect content to allow the UK to forever remain under the domination of the EU, and were increasingly determined at that.  They were happy to allow us to become a United States of Europe ie with a complete loss of sovereignty, unable to defend our own borders, unable to make our own laws, subject to the ECJ (European Court of Justice), probably subject eventually to Corpus Juris (our law is derived from Magna Carta and so we have Habeas Corpus and jury trials) and with the probable ceding of our permanent seat on the security council to the EU and the loss of our last independent influence on world affairs, but most of all the loss of our ability to make trade deals outside the EU without the bloc’s permission.

Oh, if you want an instance of how utterly horrible and not for us long term the EU is just think of its treatment of Greece.

So having established our legitimacy as we the only party qualified to represent the new order nationally, we now have to come up with policies that are relevant. And likely to be acceptable.

My first instinct is to keep it simple “Nick ’em.”

Where from??.   All the other parties, those parties have been condemned in the voters eyes even the most their most diehard supporters cannot trust them now – remember all those ‘up there’ (Parliament) have contaminated the whole system right down to local politics.  It’s rotten to the core and they have forfeited their right to even step onto the lowest ladder of politics. If the voters don’t want place men accustomed to feeding at the public trough and pretending to serve the public – then they MUST vote UKIP,

So for a start I’d take all their policies, well say 10 or a dozen of them – probably nothing wrong with the policies.

Then I watched programmes on alleviating people sleeping rough and also people who are going into penury with home loans.

UKIP is also very “forces” orientated – we must have policies about alleviating distress there.

Above all there is immigration’. I’m not going on primarily about Muslims per se, but shunted aside has been the main reason that Brexit came about.

For a number of years this country has been taking in nett figures of 250,000 to 330,000 bodies (of all shades, religions and ethnicity) with a fair load coming from the EU.  Of course some of them have contributed economically and helped us with employment shortages, but they have also been responsible for low wage levels which have enabled multi nationals to rule our economic roost.

However, the greatest problem is the one that authority and government (nor the MSM and their Uncle Tom Cobley fellow travellers) will not acknowledge, that is that sheer number of bodies require gigantic ‘service’ investment, there is crisis in the National Health Service. There is crisis in the surgeries, in school positions, on the roads and on the railways.

There is crisis in the police, our armed services are so understaffed and ill equipped that they are fast becoming not fit for purpose – everywhere you look people are having to snuggle up without adequate new services being budgeted for – never mind provided.

The country is full up and politics is full of dummies doing nothing about it.  In fact from what I can gauge from latest reports, immigration net numbers will not decrease substantially – we must institute a points system immediately

So UKIP, go for the jugular and make hay – we`ve nothing to be ashamed of but we have got to shout louder than those imposter pseudo political apparatchiks! And put the boot in. WE ARE IN THE RIGHT – we must get in the driving seat

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