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(6.2.1) Precedents are important. The Richard Osborn-Brooks solution to the Henry Vincent problem might provide us with an answer to the question some might say.

(6.2.2) The John Major solution to the IRA question gives us a solution to the problem – some might say.

(6.2.3) We are under attack as Richard Osborn-Brooks was under attack. And his defence has set a precedent – some might say.

(6.3.1) It should now be clear to everyone that the ‘Rule by the People’ is not what it’s made out to be – not what the likes of Nick Clegg, Chuka Umunna, and Baron “Alf” Dubs make it out to be (see my “DEMOCRACY: THE FACTS – PART I” and “DEMOCRACY FOR BEGINNERS – Part II”, INDEPENDENCE Daily, Nov 1, 2018 – Nov 2, 2018).

(6.3.2) The remainers have done us a favour (I suppose). Since 2016 it has become clear that what is called “Democracy” is, and always has been, an Orwellian fog designed to disguise rather than describe or designate. It is as intangible as a four-sided triangle. Democracy is an illusion. Some of us have known this for a long time. Now, everyone is forced to accept the fact.

(6.3.1) Our government is as legitimate as were the regimes of Charles I, King Louis XVI of France, or of Tsar Nicholas II; as legitimate as the regimes of Saddam Hussein, of Colonel Gaddafi, or of Kim Jong-un. If you can’t accept that now – you never will. It is not enough to know what we ought to say; we must also say it as we ought. We know what’s what regarding Parliament. We need say no more here. I’d like to move on to the Zeitgeist.




(7.1) Judge L. Hand, at the Memorial Service for Justice Brandeis (Dec. 21, 1942), had it right: ‘Who rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far-spread magazine, rules the country.’

(7.1.2) The Zeitgeist is not some mysterious, mystical, Hegelian thing to which the rulers of the press, the radio, the screen, far-spread magazine and every other medium are subject – not some current that they are powerless to oppose. The Spirit of the Times is that cacophony of crickets to which Edmund Burke referred.

(7.2) There’s a big difference between the pre-WW1 intellectual Left – H.G.Wells, G.B. Shaw, Bertrand Russell, Keynes and the like – and the cretinous columnists and commentators, and that cacophonous cabal of crickets around today. If they – the big intellects – came back now, they’d look on in horror; ‘This is not at all what we had in mind!’ they’d exclaim; holding their heads in their hands.

(7.3) The opinion formers, the cultural curators, are not the new Galileos or new Darwins or new Einsteins. The opinion formers are the columnists and commentators and the two-bit presenters on two-bit radio phone-in shows. They are the editors and commissioning editors. They are the advertising executives and copy-writers. The Advertising Standards Authority is now a cultural referee – they are the Zeitgeist. The Zeitgeist: the impudent cretinous television presenters and failed third rate pop stars and the rest of the swarm of impudent dwarves and impertinent pygmies. They are the new rhapsodes and sophists. Plato and Aristotle and Confucius are drowned out by the cacophony of chirping crickets. The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity. James O’Brien is not the new Prometheus.

(7.4) Impudent dwarves, impertinent pygmies, the chirping cricket swarm – James O’Brien, Chuka Umunna, Eddie Izzard, Nick Clegg, Baron Lester, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Alastair Campbell, Angela Rayner, Nancy Pelosi, Angela Merkel, David Lammy, Emily Thornberry, Diane Abbott, Catherine “Baroness” Ashton, Peter Kellner, Polly Toynbee, Al Murray, Jean-Claude Juncker… and the rest and the rest and the rest and the rest of the swarm.

(7.4.1) Tim Hunt – Nobel Prize winner in Physiology – was brought down in a day by this swarm of midgets (Guardian, Saturday, 13th of Jun 2015). In a day, James Watson – who, with Francis Crick, discovered the structure of DNA, and led the Human Genome Project – was brought down by this gang of dwarfs (Guardian, Sunday, 13th of Jan 2019).

(7.4.2) Protagoras is in and Plato is out.

(7.5) The founders of the EU envisaged something akin to a new Roman Empire; and that’s what they got. But it’s turned out to be not the energetic, proud, vigorous Rome of its glory days; but the Rome of its final days: A Rome collapsing under the burden of feeble, frail, fat, feckless, spineless, helpless, degenerate parasites with a sense of entitlement.

(7.5.1) The concept of a European Army is painfully preposterous. What are they supposed to be defending!? And from what!?

(7.5.2) We are in the situation warned against by the original Fabians (and Malthus). ‘If we don’t do something quick,’ they said, ‘in the future, we’ll be overwhelmed.’ Well, they didn’t do something. And their future is our present. We are being submerged and overcome by a tsunami of what those Fabians called “Degenerates” – what I call: The Untouchables. There is such a thing as society; and they are a burden on it. They are defended and advocated for and incited in the entire establishment “Media” (the term in a misnomer, but, for the sake of brevity, I’ll use it here).

(7.5.3) The EU is just one more symptom.


[The concluding Part IV will be published here tomorrow.]

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