When David Cameron announced the referendum, there was a palpable ripple throughout the country; it was a positive one. People felt after it had sunk in, that the Tories had capitulated to the threat of UKIP that they had a voice. They understood, without being told that a change was in the air, well certainly the potential for change.

Battle lines were drawn, and the referendum campaign swung into action. The main points that emerged were that Britain could regain control of its borders; when you think 6.5 million new people in the last ten years have registered with a GP, it makes no wonder that uncontrolled mass immigration was high on the agenda.

Fishing has over the last forty years been decimated in this country, a country of seafaring history. So, the regaining of control over our natural fishing waters, the chance to rebuild that wonderful industry was exciting.

As a sovereign nation, we have just nodded through for years, laws and orders from a largely unelected executive in the EU. So, the opportunity to make our own laws and the steerage of our nation, its laws, economy, and taxation without the interference from an entity without electoral redress, again proved to be of paramount importance.

The supreme court in this country must be the highest judiciary; it has not been for some time. The European courts have superseded our high court in many cases, and we have taken that and those decisions on the chin. The highest court in our land reigning supreme is an objective that is very desirable.

So where are we now, almost three years later. 498 MP`s sitting in the House of Commons voted to enact the article 50 process to withdraw us from the EU. Of course, we could have just repealed the European communities act of 1972, that would have been us out. A clear signal to our partners in the EU that we were serious. We could have then told them, what our terms for withdrawal were and then negotiated a satisfactory end to this relationship.

But no, we were entered into negotiations that resulted in the EU firmly dictating to us, a sovereign nation how it was going to be. This, of course, has come with a £39 billion leaving bill. Two questions arise from this.

  1. Why and for what are we paying £39 billion. It has never been really established, or it certainly has never been explained in a plain layman`s term that us thick northerners can understand.
  2. Given the state of the country at present and the fact that we have been forced to endure almost ten years of austerity, just exactly where is this £39 billion coming from.

Fast forward to the present day, and 502 MP`s voted to extend the article 50 period. No end date was within that vote; it is open-ended. On top of this was a total U-turn against their own manifesto pledge to honour the outcome of the referendum by the Labour Party, they are now campaigning for a second referendum.

This, of course, will come into play if the so call deal agreed by our Prime Minister and the EU is voted down. You can comfortably bet your mortgage on this deal being voted out again. I cannot see in any way, knowing as they do what will happen if the deal is not made, the EU giving in.

When you have a Labour MP in the Commons, Mr Owen Smith MP saying “Brexit is a racist, xenophobic, right-wing reactionary project” you know that all is lost. The political class in Westminster can surely not be so out of touch with the electorate, can they? They can yes. MP after MP stood up in the commons and extolled the virtue of a second vote, delaying the leave date and extending the article 50 period. The fallout from this is yet to come.

Let me make one thing crystal clear: I and 17.4 million people did not vote for a different deeper relationship with the EU. We voted to leave the EU and all its constructs and institutions. They are going to stop that, the MP`s who are ardent remain will stop it at all costs.

These people who by virtue of having MP after their name “know best” they have ignored and turned their backs on the very people who elevated them to their current positions. They have crushed the dreams of 17.4 million people.

So, what next. What will happen in the next few months, where, given their institutional antisemitism and racist bigotry together with their U-turn, will the Labour Party be? The Liberal- Democrats have largely disappeared from the political stage. The Tories, by virtue of the fact that they are in Government and therefore will be held to account, in my opinion, will be wiped out at the next General Election. The result will be dare I say it worse than in 1997.

I do not have the answer to this conundrum, but the future is very much uncertain. The economy will undoubtedly suffer, and therefore the people, who cast their vote in record numbers, who have been betrayed and lied to will suffer, suffer more for sure than they would have done under the promising new horizon that was freedom from the EU.

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