We live in strange times, ever advancing technology is giving The Powers That Be (TPTB) increasing powers of surveillance and control. With the global warming scam, these powers seek to completely control the world’s resources as they would soon like to be able to control every aspect of our lives: including it seems, our human life cycle.

Of course, these Powers That Be, they couch their propaganda in such a noble way! It’s always for our greater good, they are so altruistic with our best interests at heart. For instance, United Nations Agenda 21/2030/50 – whatever it is now – is a document written for all to see but you have to cut through the political speak and legal jargon (BS) in order to understand it. On the face of it the above agenda is about sustainability, we’re all going to live in a cleaner, more sustainable world or at least those of us left alive will.

What prompted me to write this article was a video by Amazing Polly, entitled: ‘They hate us.’ In this video, Polly suggests that our future is a combination of Nazism and Communism. I agree, I’ve often written about Nazism here and so I’ve decided to explore this a bit more.

Today we’re faced with so many threats to our freedom and way of life, from the surveillance state, big government and supranational organisations. I’d like to focus on one aspect of this today: ‘the circular economy.’

According to the Ellen Macarthur Foundation a circular economy is as follows:

“A circular economy is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.” (link)

All of this sounds very noble and benevolent so far, doesn’t it? However as with most globalist agendas there is a darker side.

I’ll start with money. Under a circular economy money is quite divorced from fundamentals, TPTB prefer to think that they have control and discretion of the money supply, creating or destroying it as they see fit. Isn’t this what we’ve seen for many years now? Recently the US federal reserve has been creating the equivalent of the 2008 TARP program every eight hours, frightening amounts of money that is being used to purchase assets both nationally and internationally.

Under a circular economy TPTB, and I suppose that means the global one world government that the globalists are fighting so hard for, will need to have total and complete control of all of the world’s resources, property, food, energy, commodities etc. This I feel exposes the global warming scam for what it is and also why property has been allowed to be priced out of reach of many, particularly the young. 

Many think – including myself – that this control of resources will extend to human life itself. There has been a war on the elderly going on for some time and I can’t help but wonder if the COVID-19 crisis that we’re presently in the midst of, a crisis that mainly affects the elderly, might perhaps be a coincidence?

Have look at this web-page from the Netherlands government: “Euthanasia, assisted suicide and non-resuscitation on request” …

Euthanasia is already considered normal in many parts of the world and this is gaining in popularity, always sold as noble benevolence to the sick and elderly. New Zealand will be having a final referendum later this year on whether or not to adopt euthanasia.

Under a circular economy even our organs would be recycled, see for example here:

“The Future of Bioethics: Organ Transplantation, Genetic Testing, and Euthanasia” (link)

It has to be remembered that during the Nazi holocaust the gas chambers were originally created to dispose of those people viewed as the least useful: the sick, old and weak and the very young. This has become known as: ‘the final solution.’ 1940 to 1941.

The circular economy fits in very nicely and seems to be a central part of United nations Agenda 21.2030/50. Indeed I’m very sure that here we can see the truly Nazi roots of today’s globalist organisations like the European Union and the United Nations. Under a global circular economy, the sick and elderly will be considered a waste of resources and globalist organisations too will employ the Nazis ‘final solution.’ Unless we’re part of the human elite – and most of us are not – like cattle, as soon as we become non-productive, our lives will be terminated. See my article: “Human Cattle and Agenda 21” 

I often wonder, and many others would agree with me, if Adolf Hitler wasn’t just another stooge, placed in power by TPTB for a specific purpose, another nutter with dreams of ruling the world but in reality just a globalist tool. 

Perhaps after the first two world wars, two attempts to ultimately rule the world by force of arms, the people behind Hitler, after learning some important lessons, simply moved off, re-branded and reorganised. 

Today the globalists use puppets like Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, António Guterres and Tedros Adhanom Soumya Swaminathan to name but a few.

Today the final solution of the Nazis is back and rapidly proceeding. Today’s tyrants don’t goose step around in black uniforms, today they are disguised as benevolent humanists that are always so keen to take the moral high ground: they will kill you nevertheless. A picture is emerging, you just need to join the dots – after all, when we joined a common market, it was supposed to be such a good thing for all of us, look what a nightmare that turned into.

Trust these people at your peril.


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