We have a new criminal class who have used the establishment and the establishment’s captured institutions like Parliament etc. to change previously illegal activities. These activities are now  legal, or only questionable, or unrecognised, or downright unpunished. There have been many reasons and excuses. In my humble opinion none are valid.

We need to consider all these following entities. Some of those I mention may, after discussion,  turn out to be benevolent. But I doubt it myself.

POLITICIANS who use future tax income that they hope to get in the future, to guarantee Loans for the government, called Bonds, to spend now. And while they are at it, devalue the £ and our wages as an unintended consequence. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, that it is unintended, but without this really being believable.

Our governments then  use this money to give us ‘Benefits’ we may not need to show us how kind  they are. They anticipate that this will make them more popular and buy votes. This was a cute little scheme with which Gordon Brown went round the world, telling dodgy governments about it. And then they hope to get re-elected to do it all over again. They are mortgaging our future to get votes and anything else they can get away with.

LENDERS (BANKERS): other criminals in this picture are the Lenders who are eager partners in this fraud. And fraudsters. The government, because this is a political decision, gets the Bank of England to send the money to the commercial banks at a very low rate, say 1% … Those banks then lend it back to the government for 5 % . Luvverly jubbly!

BANKS: they look after someone’s money. They then can use it to “ give” multiple mortgages, or loans for your businesses. They will never lend you enough. There are multiple excuses. They sell you a dream which only needs money. But never enough. In exchange for that dream (money) they can take your house or business whenever they wish. Sell it and keep the difference. Or reward their allies. My suggestions on this matter are unpopular! To the establishment, that is!

BANKS no longer need the public. People are now actually a drag on their profits. The people’s  purpose and only usefulness is to provide the guarantee of future taxes to allow the government to provide and  devalue the currency as the medium of their actions.

LOBBYISTS:  they and their willing co-conspirators are even more blatant. These are most governments and MPs.This is a subject that could be taught in schools, under the heading: “Simple  Brainless Corruption” for dummies.

CASINO BANKSTERS: ringfence the banks. Casino banking and other activities can then go bust without hurting anyone. The £ must not be used and abused like this.

And much more! The city is quite simple if you look at each activity separately. The knots the gov’t has tied itself into over “payday loans “ and “loansharking“, mostly financed by big banks, is hilarious – BUT CRIMINAL

Regulation and compliance is just Gov’t  saving money by yet again shifting the job of the police and compliance onto Company costs, making them ever more uncompetitive. Another crazy American idea!

REGULATORS:  OFFWAT, OFFGEN etc – sack them. None of them are curbing Fraud in the City. Bring back the fraud squad  Or, Happy Thought, the Firing Squad !

DEREGULATION OF LAWYERS: All these daft ideas. Mrs Thatcher again! (Not as great as you thought, but still infinitely preferable to socialism in any, even diluted form.) At Reagan’s urging, America sold us another dummy with Deregulating lawyers.

REFORMERS and RE-ORGANISERS:  There used to be a qualification for this but time has mended this aberration, And now it is a criminal waste.

BANKERS taking undervalued assets as collateral. This instantly shows that the bank will profit from firms with insufficient liquidity. Reclassify it as FRAUD in collusion with government and accountancy.

ACCOUNTANTS: writing off assets to save on tax purely to help governments farm tax, or to profit banksters.

IT DEPARTMENTS: who have no idea what  they are doing to programs. Just be thankful they finally got it working again, however badly.

AGENCIES AND HR DEPARTMENTS: idle HR people who farmed out finding employees to offer ludicrously poor matches to the job description. The system worked admirably until the government got involved and introduced a glorified Agency called JOB CENTRES, which opened the floodgates for easy money, such as cheap copy, equally inefficient scamster agencies. So much easy money (especially for the NHS). Now you can’t find a reputable old fashioned “agency”. So you get bad matches or dumb idiots in jobs.

HR, RISK ASSESSMENT, COMPLIANCE, JUST IN TIME SUPPLY CHAINS, VAT, CRIME PROSECUTION SERVICE, HS2 : We cannot afford these useless luxuries any longer. Which is what they are. They and a hundred other dead ends need to be chopped. Unions will provide valuable help here. Ever since we joined the EU these sillynesses have been used to pretend that proper jobs have been created. Bollox! Nothing could be further from the truth. They just make wealth creating less profitable.

NOW WE HAVE ANOTHER TYPE OF CRIMINAL – OBSTRUCTIONISTS, otherwise known as  REMAINERS: regardless of consequences, only mindful of their own cock-eyed theories, they understand nothing, believe no-one, and are treating problems as though supporting a football team.

Also we have the LEFTIES: destructive, hate filled, screaming abuse at others, avid consumers of socialism and totally unable to reason or discuss or consider anything other than their own tiny   miniscule experience and predigested simple bits of theories.

ALL theses categories need to listen to their olders and betters which for all history they have hated doing!


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