He’ll be the next PM if the Westminster MSM can nudge us



It’s Saturday and it feels a bit as if the MSM are having a collective ‘jam tomorrow’ day. They seem all to be sitting on their hands so that they can produce screaming ‘news’ tomorrow, just right for a concert between TV talking heads, news editors and selected politicians. However, they are preparing the proper atmosphere for this ;showdown.

In the wake of Ms Dorries’ announcement to freeze the BBC’s telly tax we suddenly find that the government and the BBC are going to the judges because Al Beeb wants to run with a ‘spy story’ and the government wants to stop them, with a ‘gagging order’ even (link). Note the reference to ‘Spycatcher’  – not that many BBC watchers and readers would know about this affair which took place over 30 years ago.

The DT – sadly paywalled, here – even references Mrs Thatcher – a name guaranteed to fry the remaining brain cells of any proper Lefty. Then there’s the lofty claim by the BBC that this is ‘in the public interest’, costing lives or not. That’s the same BBC which couldn’t care less about ‘public interest’ when it came and comes to the covid lies and fear porn stats they’ve ben pushing these last two years, and never mind that their attitude did cost lives. 

The good thing about this ‘news’ is that the TV ‘personalities’ will be able to virtue~signal about this puff piece tomorrow without having to say anything at all because nobody knows what this really is about except ‘public interest’.

Then we have some speculative piece about one of the civil serpents perhaps facing the sack, going before he’s pushed. It’s ‘a story’ because the No~10~watchers have spied that the gentleman involved has cancelled his weekend meetings. This is “Dan Rosenfield, the long-time civil servant who became Mr Johnson’s chief of staff only a year ago […]” (paywalled link). Since he only got that job a year ago it’s unclear to me how he could be responsible for those ‘parties’ in May 2020 – but what do I know, the clocks and calendars in Westminster clearly run differently.  

Next, there’s the ‘whips have been horrid to new MPs’ story, having allegedly ‘blackmailed’ those MPs. It’s become quiet about this uproar, except for one news item: Scotland Yard officers will meet with Mr Wragg, the MP who made those accusations (link, paywalled link). That was quick, especially since this is the same Scotland Yard which refused to investigate the No 10 party animals even though they must have known and observed those lockdown-rulebreakers breaking rulz with abandon. 

I cannot help but think that there’s a concert of unelected people in Whitehall, the MSM and indeed the police doing their level best to chip away at the Johnson government. They seem to believe that we plebs out here in the sticks aactually appreciate how those Westminster ‘elites’ work for us, showing us that Toreees = bad, Labour good, that Johnson must go and be replaced by Starmer.

For example, there’s an opinion piece in the Times today, with the title “Please can we have a dull, competent leader” where we read:

“A few weeks back, Starmer was ridiculed for a speech with a three-word slogan so dull he forgot it himself. Now “security, prosperity and respect” sound nutritious after our recent diet of mayhem, inflation and contempt.” (link, paywalled)

We’re supposed to blame inflation on Johnson, not on the pandemic and the lockdown rule which Starmer has supported to the hilt, especially the financial ‘help’ dished out by Rishi. How facile. Let me know of any Labour MP who has spoken out about the dreadful demands of teachers’ unions from the get-go, damaging our children, damaging their education!

There’s more. The author doesn’t hide any longer her disdain, shared by her Westminster colleagues, for us thick peasants out here, for us plebs who dared vote Leave:

“Starmer needed Johnson to collapse into personal chaos and political flailing to put his quieter virtues into relief. Instead of “wooden” he seems solid; not “lawyerly” but rigorous; self-controlled rather than “uptight”. In good times, working-class voters may reject middle-class professional candidates for rich celebrities — Trump over Hillary — but in hardship they abandon showboating for competence.” (link, paywalled)

Suddenly Starmer is a true Machiavelli, he’s ‘virtuous’ not because he is but because the Remain hacks are now painting him thus. They truly believe that they are the kingmakers, that we ‘working class voters’ will be nudged towards Labour because they, the MSM upper middle classes, say so. 

Quite by ‘coincidence’ there’s a Starmer ‘article’ in today’s DT: “Britain must stand firm against Russian aggression” (paywalled link). Yes, there’s the expected ‘tough stance’ lip service against Putin and for the Ukraine, but what Starmer really is on about was already revealed in the subtitle “The West faces tough decisions over its dependence on Russian gas and the loot of Putin’s kleptocracy. Britain should be leading the way” (paywalled link).

Now he’s talking! Russian kleptocrat oligarchs! Not a word about Chinese oligarchs who buy up not just London properties but whole industries, not just here but across the world. Starmer proposes:

“First, we must lift the veil on the true nature of ownership of property and other assets in the UK. That requires a registration of overseas entities bill. Second, we need reform of Companies House. There is no reason for ownership to be hidden behind layer after layer of shell companies whose only purpose is to obscure the facts from public view.“ (paywalled link)

Of course there isn’t – I’m sure Sir Tony will be only too happy to reveal all his ‘interests’. Behind the veil of “Russia!” Starmer graciously revels another proposal:

“Third, the Government must act on the recommendations in the intelligence and security committee’s Russia report. That means […] a register of members of the Lords or Commons who serve on the boards of overseas companies. Fourth, we must ensure that the elections bill going through parliament requires political donations to be transparent, and to come from money generated in a legitimate fashion.” (paywalled link)

I’m sure the Lords will be delighted to do so, especially since the huge majority are Labour or Libdem ‘Lords’ – they have nothing to hide, fersure! I wonder, in passing, if EU companies will be exempt … above all, let’s not mention of China. Finally, there’s this:

“To reinforce all this, Labour has announced the formation of an illicit finance taskforce with the aim of making the UK the most difficult place to launder money.” (paywalled link)

Will this ‘illicit finance taskforce’ investigate the tentacles of Chinese ‘donors’ reaching into Labour? Has Starmer already forgotten the connections of his former colleague Peter Mandelson to Russian oligarchs? 

Expect more reports, articles and opinion pieces about how wonderful and safe we’ll all be under the steady, boring hands of a Starmer Labour government, a Labour government which was happy to support taking away our civil liberties “because: covid” when in opposition.

I can only conclude that the Westminster MSM denizens have learned from the ‘nudge unit’ and are now happy to try out that shiny new instrument. After all, with a very few honourable exceptions, they themselves didn’t resist those nudges but reinforced them. 

So be warned: the coming weeks will be about ‘shiny Starmer’ against ‘dissolute Johnson’, aiming for ‘regime change’. If the Tories can’t see this, if they’re incapable of taking measures, if they don’t start working for us, then they’ll get what they deserve.

Remember – it’s us who will have to bear the consequences and pay for them.


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