For us Leave voters, the Tory leadership contest has now become very interesting indeed. Today, Boris Johnson will launch his campaign, and the ‘Stop-Boris’ front is in full fight-mode. It looks more and more as if the Remainers inside and outside the Tory Party are suffering from a collective death wish, fuelled by fierce delusions. Take for example the poll in the (paywalled) DT today:

“A new poll suggests that Mr Johnson could win a landslide victory in a general election if he wins the Tory leadership race.The ComRes poll suggests Mr Johnson could win a majority of up to 140 seats as the only leadership candidate who could beat both Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage at the ballot box. It shows that if Mr Johnson becomes the next prime minister the Tories’ vote share would increase from 23 percent – four points behind Labour – to 37 per cent among those who expressed a definite preference for one party, 15 points ahead of Labour and enough to deliver an outright majority with the Brexit Party and the Lib Dems neutralised.” (paywalled link)

We all know that polls are notoriously skewed, but one would think, would one not, that this ought to give the anti-BoJo Remain Tories something to think about? Especially when that same poll shows that, should Rory Stewart become PM, TBP would win hands down (see here)? Will they heed Johnson’s warning:

“[…] that the Conservative Party will “kick the bucket” unless it delivers on the verdict of the 2016 referendum vote to quit the European bloc. “Delay means defeat, delay means Corbyn,” the former foreign secretary is to tell Tory MPs.” (link)

It seems that for a Remainer, the answer is obvious: ABB (anyone but Boris) so we can Remain – forget Party, forget Country, forget Democracy. There’s worse. In their drive to keep us in, the Remain MPs have come up with a new plot.The Times reports the details:

“The Commons votes today on a simple motion that, if passed, will seize control of the parliamentary agenda from the government for a single day. At that point MPs will be asked to vote on legislation that would make it illegal for a future prime minister to prorogue parliament (end a parliamentary session) and push through a no-deal Brexit. They might also book more time for Brexit debates, meaning that a future prime minister will not be able to ignore the will of MPs or pursue a policy that does not have the support of the House.” (link, paywalled)

‘Ignoring the will of MPs’ – that would be awful! Far more so than ignoring the will of 17.4 million Leave voters. And voting to make a parliamentary instrument (prorogation)  ‘illegal’? Trampling on our unwritten constitution to Remain – extraordinary! More on that below, but first see this:

“Tory rebels, including Sir Oliver Letwin, who is backing Michael Gove for the leadership, and Dominic Grieve are supporting the opposition parties, prompting anger from Tory Brexiteers. Steve Baker, who endorsed Mr Johnson for the leadership at the weekend, accused Sir Oliver of “unconscionable” behaviour. “He is bringing closer a general election which could leave the Conservatives holding as few as 26 seats,” he said. Sir Keir said parliament must act against a no-deal prime minister intent on taking Britain out of the EU by the end of October. “The debate on Brexit in the Tory leadership contest has descended into the disturbing, the ludicrous and the reckless,” he said. “MPs cannot be bystanders while the next Tory prime minister tries to crash the UK out of the European Union without a deal and without the consent of the British people.” (link, paywalled)

Blinkered and in love with their own Remain rhetoric – that’s the Tory ‘rebels’ and Sir Keith Starmer (Lab). They still haven’t got it that the EU won’t renegotiate – here’s the latest:

“As part of the EU’s hardline approach to opening new Brexit talks with the next British prime minister, Ms de Montchalin confirmed the bloc is not prepared to reopen Theresa May’s hated divorce deal without the guarantee of a second referendum or general election first. The French Europe minister insisted Mrs May’s deal is the only way to secure an “orderly” exit from the bloc. Ms de Montchalin said: “If Britain does want to leave, and if it wants to leave in an orderly fashion, then this is the way it must do it.” (link)

There is one point in this which the Remain MSM are busily not talking about, and that is the question of proroging Parliament. You can be sure it is exercising the minds of the Remain MPs because this could be used to drag us over the Halloween deadline of Oct 31st, i.e. Leave with No Deal – and there’s nothing the Remain MPs could do about it. That’s what their proposal today is trying to prevent.

Mr Cox, the Attorney General, said prorogation was not ‘unlawful’ but warned that it was ‘improper’ and ‘unconstitutional’. Henry Hill writes in the (paywalled) DT:

“But what does he mean by ‘unconstitutional’? In a country like the USA, with a codified constitution, ‘unconstitutional’ is just a specific and especially serious version of ‘unlawful’, where the law in question is the Constitution. The United Kingdom, famously, has no such document. We must therefore assume that Cox is using the word to mean that prorogation would breach the unwritten rules and understandings that form a central pillar of our (and in reality, every) constitution. In short, that it would be extraordinarily controversial.” (paywalled link)

In the following part he illustrates that such extraordinary measure can now be contemplated because of what went on before:

“A political prorogation would be an inflection point in our politics, […] It threatens to make a battlefield of the entire constitution, further inflating the stakes of what is already a deeply charged and divisive political conflict. That we are at the point where it is seriously being considered shows how dangerous it is to start playing fast-and-loose with the rules of the game for short-term advantage. Those who cheered John Bercow when he bent the rules on their behalf should reflect on how it feels to have the rug pulled out from under their own assumptions.” (paywalled link)

Prorogation might turn out to be the ‘nuclear option’ to get us to Leave on Halloween, especially as the latest shenanigans of the Remain MPs to prevent our leaving at all costs, even at the cost of making prorogation ‘illegal’, clearly shows the damage they are willing to inflict on our unwritten constitution, our democratic customs and traditions, our democracy.

It is extraordinary that they are so fixated on their Westminster Bubble dreams of Remain that they disregard Nigel Farage and TBP. They seem to believe that, come a GE  – Labour’s fondest wish – TBP will have gone away. Just as the HoC shenanigans illustrate that it’s no longer about party politics but about Leave or Remain, so it will be out here in the country: the Leave voters of all Parties will go to TBP.

Parliament and LibLabCon are in the Last Chance Saloon – totally oblivious. I think that, should they scupper Brexit, LibLabCon will be in for a very rude awakening indeed come the GE – because we 17.4 million Leave voters have not gone away and we know who speaks for us.




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