I remember, it must have been back in the 80s, watching a TV documentary where a what can only be described as a very uneducated and probably unemployed man saying that the state should provide for all of his needs.

This person sat on a couch in his council house, he looked very unfit, and his belly hung over his belt. He was complaining that he needed a bigger house because he had four children with another on the way, he felt that it was the duty of the state to provide a bigger home and feed his growing family.

Then of course, back in the eighties, we used to complain of ‘breed to feed’ mothers, young women that by their late teens to early twenties would have several children by several different fathers and all to get a council house and increase their benefits. In both of the above cases, more often than not, the children would be left to run riot and would end up just as uneducated as their parents, perhaps dealing in drugs before finally ending up in prison on a regular and ongoing basis.

At the time I was outraged beyond belief, I have children, but in spite of my faults, I never felt that I had the right to breed like a rabbit and expect others to pay. When I had children it was a well-considered decision, their mother and I considered our finances, and how much it would cost to support and educate them, we encouraged them to do well in life, and they certainly are too.

Well, that’s Socialism for you, completely unsustainable as always. As if we didn’t have enough welfare to pay for with expanding council estates of drug dealing and unemployed youths. This wasn’t enough for successive governments as they moved slowly to the Left, no doubt guided by the growing presence of the European Union.

Our EU obsessed politicians are now committed – although they would never admit it – to Third World immigration and no doubt eventually to completely open borders. From Breitbart:

“600,000 Migrants Enter Britain in One Year”

Apparently, the net migration figure was well over a quarter of a million after 343000 thousand emigrated – as I did and anyone with any sense would.

And do they ever breed, it’s difficult to find figures for immigrants generally but I recently wrote an article called: ‘The Caliphate Britannia’ that suggests – I’d be grateful if someone could confirm my figures, but I’m sure they’re not too far out – that nearly 80% of Muslim women and well over 60% of Muslim men are unemployed. With Muslim families normally having 6 to 8 children who themselves often end up on benefits, you don’t have to be a genius to see that what was once unsustainable has now become a journey on the road to perdition.

There’s an article here from ZeroHedge that caught my eye because it reminded me of all of the reasons that I left Great Britain twenty years ago. I could see what was coming down the pike then.

Forget “Money” – What Will Matter Are Water, Energy, Soil, & Food… And A Shared National Purpose”

In these survival programs that you see on the likes of the discovery channel, people go into the wilder, remoter places of our world equipped with tools, food or the means to obtain it, stuff like that, never with a bag of dollar bills or any other Fiat currency. You cannot survive on worthless currency.

What the above article suggests is that the countries that will become the superpowers of tomorrow are those with surplus amounts of water, energy, grain, cereals, and agricultural land and there are remarkably few of them. Certainly, Great Britain is no longer one of them. It has been a long time since our country produced enough food and other resources to feed and supply its population.

As our industry has migrated overseas, our population has increased dramatically through immigration and rapidly reproducing immigrants. Now not only are we supposed to go to work to feed our own unemployed and their children, but we’re also expected to work extra hard to feed those of the third world.

As I wrote in my article some time ago: ‘Surviving the human tsunami’ the population of the Third World is growing exponentially at a frightening rate, whole populations in their desperation to escape will never stop turning up on our shores. Now when a child is born in deepest darkest Africa, we’re expected to pay and we cannot.

What I predict will happen is that when this era of money printing is over – it won’t be long now, and it always does end – resources will get very scarce. When this happens and the state can no longer provide, the to be expected competition for resources will further polarise already divided ethnic communities and they will compete along ethnic lines: then the blood will start to flow.

It seems that the politicians that sold us out to Socialist organisations like the European Union found the Champagne Socialism lifestyle just too much of a temptation.

There are numerous articles that discuss the treason that took us into the European Union; you may find this one interesting:

Was Britain Taken Into The EU Illegally? 

I’ve read estimated amounts of the amount Edward Heath was bribed with to take us into the European Union; the consensus is around 1.5 million pounds. Given that in the 70s there were around 54 million people in Great Britain, it seems that the value that Edward Heath and probably many other politicians placed on our lives was around tuppence.

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