Some years ago, I had some time to kill and so turned up with my paraglider to a remote flying site. I set up my tent near the site in a field where we were allowed to camp. There was just one old caravan in the field, a caravan occupied by an old soldier. I’d had a life time’s passion for extreme sports and whether it was at sea, in the mountains or in the air, the military were always well represented in these sports and so I wasn’t surprised to see this man.

Being the only two people around we got to chatting and he told me that he’d retired from the army. He had been as he put it: “an infantryman – the steely eyed killers of the night.” I looked at the man to weigh him up; highly intelligent, very confident, he’d probably succeed at anything that he did. As he stood there, built like a brick outhouse with fists like lump hammers and dressed in old combat clothing, I couldn’t imagine him as anything else but a soldier: he’d have made Rambo look gay.

Our first task was to go and get a pile of slabs of beer from the supermarket. Over the coming days we had lovely flying weather and we fell into a routine of loonying around at cloud base all afternoon before landing and getting into the beer. Without telling me too much, the man told me a little of his military experience.

It turned out that this man had an expertise in guerrilla, insurgent type warfare, he had some amazing skills, for instance, he could improvise weapons from virtually anything, weapons to stab, explode and shoot. After a few days, he produced a big box of very old assorted firearm parts, it looked like a pile of old junk. He rummaged through and selected parts for an improvised assault rifle that he’d been building. He knew exactly which bits were interchangeable, which bits he could modify and so on.

A couple of days later, he produced a Frankenstein concoction of a weapon that he demonstrated worked extremely well by sending a burst of tracer rounds into the night sky. He loved the sight of tracers in the night but after he’d emptied another magazine, accompanied by a great deal of noise, I suggested that it probably wasn’t a good idea. The police were going to take a dim view of this.

He went and stashed his weapon. I knew he wouldn’t hurt anyone with it, he’d just strip it down again. We cracked another slab of beer and never did see the police. After a few more days the weather deteriorated and I headed off and never saw this man again.  I’d say he was a little more than an ordinary infantryman but I know when to mind my own business.

You may wonder why I’m writing about this but I am horrified at what our country is turning into and I think many people still just don’t realise what is happening.

As Theresa May promised us dozens of times that leave means leave, behind our backs she was plotting with the EU to sell us out even further and give away our military: what’s left of it. Treason is so commonplace now that the word just doesn’t have any impact anymore, what was once the most serious capital offence is now a daily event committed without fear

Telling the truth it seems is now a crime. The industrialised brutal rape of a million young white girls for example has been ignored by our government. They have tried to cover it up, hence they are complicit in these crimes. I think this it what really made me realise just how evil our government is behind their smiles and reassurances and just how much contempt they have for us.

Tony Blair was the first politician to openly embrace globalism, the EU, UN and other supranational organisations, he couldn’t wait to use his premiership as a stepping stone on to the world stage and didn’t he profit nicely. Since then, every government and political leader we’ve had has been determined to follow in Blair’s footsteps.

The United Nations is using immigration as a weapon against us, we don’t have the resources to cope with it, yet the UN won’t be happy until the western races are absorbed, destroyed and a part of history. Already our social and health services are crumbling as our cities are becoming violent third world hellholes.

The UN’s response to our discontent is to restrict our free speech (see this video). They won’t be content with this though. I’m very sure soon they’ll find a way to control our thoughts too.

We are under attack, we’ve been to war for a lot less but this time we have to do it without a military or representative government. Rioting will achieve nothing. It looks good on the news but even the Yellow Vests have abated although they’re not yet quite gone. Riots are soon forgotten after the damage has been repaired.

Soon all we will be left with is full on insurgency, something that needs careful planning, a lot of skill, happening mainly in the dead of night with extreme prejudice. I’m not advocating this course of action, indeed nobody in their right mind would want it. Ultimately though, the decision of whether we fight for our country or just pass quietly into the night as a nation is a question that soon we’ll all have to ask ourselves and needs to be answered: the choice is yours.










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