OWN THE PEOPLE. (Proverbs 22:7)


Or, starting from the beginning, who creates UK national debt? If I borrow £10 from a friend it isn’t UK national debt. That is personal debt, pure and simple. And a friend who lends me £10 is no true friend if he/she expects to be paid interest on top of the borrowed amount. Friends just don’t do that to one another.

So, by this definition, if a nation borrows money at interest it is likely that the lender is not a friend who is lending to a friend. The lender is one who expects to profit from the agreement. It’s nothing personal, as they say; it’s just business.

I thought about this the other day after hearing our political party leaders – who are NOT your friends nor mine – tell us all about the billions of pounds they would borrow to buy your favour (your vote) and mine. Questions: (a) Borrow from whom? (b) To be repaid by whom?

Answers: Borrow from international banks and corporations to be repaid by We, the People. Our national debt has become so large that repayment is impossible in a lifetime, and our political party leaders are willing to sign us into greater debt slavery (with money which isn’t really money but is nothing more than credit) to be borrowed in our name. Then politicians promise to use the as-yet-unarranged-credit to bribe us to vote for them. We endorse the offer and the transaction by voting for the go-betweens who will arrange it.

In fact, we endorse their complete manifesto – warts and all – by voting for the go-betweens, otherwise known as political parties and political party leaders. So, how does that make you feel? They sweet-talk you while they screw you.

We become complicit in our own enslavement by giving our consent (our vote) to unseen ‘lenders’ otherwise identified as international banks, starting with the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basle, Switzerland, and Central Banks in each country, via narcissistic politicians who will be here today and gone tomorrow, leaving the debt to be repaid by generations yet to be born. Our children will spit on our graves because of our selfish stupidity today which enslaves them for all their tomorrows. (Echoes of something I heard at Remembrance Sunday church parade, perhaps?)

A morning or two ago I watched ’Breakfast’ on BBC voyeur-vision, broadcast from Auckland Castle in Bishop Auckland, my home town. One after another the local people spoke of their concerns . . . none of which seemed to include the “B” word. More government spending on various aspects of society featured high in their lists of importance and nothing was said about where the money might come from.

Few had a good word to say about politicians. One even asserted, with passion, that ‘politicians are our servants’. The interviewer let that pass, presumably because such heresy is too strong to be discussed on early morning voyeur-vision.

Here’s the rub (as Hamlet might have said). Nobody seemed ready or willing to take responsibility, neither for the situation we find ourselves in today, whether social, political, or economic, nor the possible solutions to the perceived problems. Nobody claimed ‘if it is to be, it is up to me’. Now there’s a thought. It seems that the solutions have to be provided by someone else, somehow. And all of us are guilty of that attitude in greater or lesser degree.

I call that evidence of powerlessness, an absence of power both real and perceived. Slaves are powerless . . . until they determine otherwise, rise up and accept the real price of real change. Few ever remember that ‘the LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil.’  Not the money; the LOVE of it. How very convenient for bankers.

Of course, we all know that when our government applies to borrow ‘money’ there is no physical transfer of bullion equal to the value of the loan . . . don’t we? Which means that the loan can only be regarded as a very wide line of credit rather than a transfer of wealth. A super credit card, if you like. Government and central banks create the evidence of the loan in the form of additional printed currency notes. More notes in circulation results in the devaluation of all the notes in circulation. And don’t forget that the nation (our grand children and great grand children) must pay interest on the credit loan with the devalued notes by creating wealth through manufacturing and agriculture, both of which are struggling enterprises. You don’t hear much about that on main stream media. I wonder why?

[To be continued tomorrow with Part 2]

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