(Part I was published here yesterday)

The Ultra Remainers also claim being in the EU single market and customs union protects British jobs. When reminded of the Southampton (inside the EU) Ford van factory that closed and relocated to Turkey (outside the EU), ironically with an EU loan, they go quiet. Add Cadbury, HP Sauce, and all the other companies who have relocated, and we can see how the EU indeed protected British jobs. When reminded of the negative impact membership has had on the UK fishing industry, and those communities, they claim ‘sharing a resource shows solidarity’ – tell that to the fishermen. The default answer for business or job loses for a Remainer is ‘Costs’ or ‘Globalisation’, odd though that France and Germany have both managed to hang onto their industries despite EU membership, unlike the UK. 

The Ultra Remainers cannot provide five good reasons to remain in the EU, actually, make that one good reason to remain in the EU. The ‘clever’ Remainers will try and scrape together a few reasons. For example, they claim the EU has brought ‘peace to Europe’, they never mention the contribution of NATO, the nuclear deterrent or the fact that the US taxpayer has been bankrolling European defence from before the EU even existed. They also claim the EU provides cheaper phone tariffs, that’s good, that will save some money when I call home from outside the EU. I think the UK would save even more by stopping our direct contribution to their coffers. They also claim the EU protects employment rights, what they forget is the UK had most of these rights prior to joining anyway…!

Remainers are not risk-takers, better to keep things as they are, too much to lose, eh? Their favourite pastime is developing Project Fear. The only thing they offer is fear – fear – fear if we leave and they never have anything positive to say about the UK. 

Many Remainers tend to have a financial or vested interest in remaining in the EU; however, they claim that they are just being altruistic by supporting the EU. For example, they can be employed in the EU green industry, EU lobby groups, Trade Unions, EU Big Business, EU funded Higher Education, EU funded media, EU funded Arts, EU funded medicines sector, EU funded NGO’s, EU funded charity sector, EU funded research sector, EU subsidised farming industry – in fact, any sector that takes a taxpayer-funded EU subsidy in order to remain financially viable.

Ultra Remainers claim we can’t leave the EU because of the contributions we receive; however they cannot grasp that the subsidy they receive originally came from the UK taxpayer to begin with. A good analogy is: you hand a friend twenty pounds, they keep ten pounds and hand you ten pounds back, telling you that it came from them and how to spend it. In reality, the EU is just a middleman cash re-distributer, essentially Communism on a macro scale. Following the money trail is difficult for a Remainer, that requires actual research, and anyway, it’s not good to bite the hand that feeds you.

The Ultra Remainers claim they are a ‘champion of democracy’ yet do their best to undermine it to suit their own ends. They claim to ‘respect the result of the referendum’ but want to overturn it and have a 2nd referendum before actually fulfilling the result of first. They claim to be the ‘defenders of Parliament’, yet have destroyed UK constitutional precedent at every opportunity and made a mockery of the world’s greatest Parliament. They shout ‘’coup, and taking to the streets, yet do not realise they are taking the UK down the route of actual, real, political violence.

The EU and Ultra Remainers have an army of virtue-signalling celebrities and multi-millionaires supporting them, demanding we remain in the EU. Ironically, despite demanding we (i.e. you and I), remain in the EU, many of these people don’t actually live in the EU themselves. They prefer to live on remote private islands, in Caribbean tax havens or in walled gated estates in Hollywood protected by 24/7 security and thirty-foot walls.

The Ultra Remainers despise the UK, its history, British values and anything patriotic. Their allegiance is to a hostile foreign power. They consider themselves ‘European’ first and British when it suits. To an Ultra Remainer, the EU is more akin to a religion or cult, demanding unswerving loyalty. 

Brexit endgame is close. If the UK does not fully leave the EU on 31st October 2019, the elite will never let us leave. If we don’t leave, or there is an extension, the UK is heading for a major political crisis, one not witnessed since the English Civil War, and one that will make the Suez Crisis seem like a picnic.

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