It’s the morning after and the morning before. Yesterday the Remainers again voted to take over the business of government with another Bill which will be debated and voted on later this afternoon, after Johnson’s first and possibly last PMQs.

Johnson told the HoC last evening, after the defeat inflicted by the Brexit Wreckers, that he would table a motion according to the FTPA to dissolve Parliament and call for a GE. More on that below. The headlines in our MSM, paywalled or not, will show you yesterday’s result.

I’ve watched the whole thing, from the start at 2.30pm, and it was illuminating.The various reports and ‘parliamentary sketches’ try to convey the atmosphere of what happened. However, what I now describe has not been reported in the MSM. It goes right to the Remainers’ general attitude, in side and outside the HoC.

The session started with reports by the Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab and his ministers, followed by the Education Minister Gavin Williamson. The opposition benches were nicely populated – Labour always appears like a bloc – and the questions addressed to Raab went from what he’s doing about that Amazon Rainforest to Kashmir and HongKong.

I was not disappointed to note that, again, the opposition ladies (it’s always those who screech loudest) were demanding money and more money to be sent to those worthy causes. These are the same ones who then scream about ‘Tory austerity’, blithely disregarding the £39bn we have to pay the EU and never mind the Billions we’re paying Brussels while we’re still ‘In’. 

Next up was Johnson reporting on the G7 summit and his visits to the EU leaders. Suddenly the noise levels rose to ‘painful’. Johnson was screamed at, barracked, howled at and shouted at to such an extent that even the Speaker had to intervene – several times.

While BoJo was giving his speech, the Tory MP Mr Phillip Lee crossed the floor and sat with the LibDems. That means the Government now has no majority.

Mr Lee burbled to the MSM that he did this because of Mr Rees-Mogg’s acerbic remark about drug shortages and Operation Yellowhammer in that LBC phone-in on Monday. Those of us with a memory going back further than last week remember that he had announced his possible defection in July, after Johnson was elected as Leader of the Tory Party. Never mind that now: it was ‘smear Jacob Rees-Mogg’ day.

Corbyn then rose to reply to Johnson’s speech. Suddenly it became very quiet. As for his speech – well, he seemed drunk on his own socialist rhetoric. That speech was electioneering plain and simple – so why he doesn’t want a GE is his shameful secret.

One point he and the Remain MPs kept making was that we’ll all die in case of a No Deal Brexit, using the discredited ‘Yellowhammer’ paper. One would have expected that they would take the opportunity to ask Michael Gove about this. He is responsible for preparing the country for Brexit  and rose next to give his report. 

Instead, the benches emptied precipitously so Gove’s excellent speech went with hardly any interruptions and hardly any questions. No drama there, so the MSM overlooked it.

This shows clearly and irrefutably that Remainers and Remain MPs are not interested in facts. They are wedded to the Project Fear scenarios which Mr Hammond and the Remain MSM have been spewing forth for the last three years. 

Here is another interesting bit of news which the MSM have gracefully overlooked. Mr Hammond let slip that he had gone to the EU and taken their advice on the legal aspects of the demands in that Letwin Brexit Wrecking Bill. Oh dear …!

Then Oliver Letwin rose to present ‘That Bill’. You can read the text again here. Corbyn, in full socialist flow (“Tory Brexit!!”) rose next to support it.

The Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg,  rose next to speak against. That speech has somehow managed not to get even an honourable mention in the MSM.

Those of us who watched it were unanimous: it was stellar and easily the best speech we’ve heard in the HoC for many a day. You can watch it again here: go to 19.17.00. 

No, what the MSM found far more important were the howls of fabricated outrage from the Green MP Ms Lucas about Mr Rees-Mogg’s posture! He was indeed near horizontal, see e.g. here. However, we watchers of the proceedings in the Chamber have known for a long time that this is his usual posture. 

So – the debate. The Speaker preferred calling supporters of the Bill on a near permanent basis – bias? What bias? – letting Mr Kenneth Clarke warble on incoherently for interminable minutes. Sir Bill Cash was the only speaker against who was given time to speak.

The Scottish Nationalist Mr Blackburn managed to allow interventions only from supporters of the Bill. Mr Grieve and that LibDem Mr Brake nearly foamed at the mouth, attacking Mr Rees-Mogg for his speech against the Bill. They cannot forgive him for pulling the constitutional rug out from under their feet.

Most unforgivable were JRM’s words that, if the HoC didn’t trust Johnson to get ‘a deal’ then they could ask for a VoNC and an ensuing GE. Oh no, that’s not what they want, as the uproar showed perfectly when Johnson, after the vote, said that he’d now table a motion to implement the FTPA.

Corbyn was incandescent and demanded that Johnson first pass that Letwin Bill which in effect makes it impossible for Johnson to negotiate:

“Jeremy Corbyn suggests he will not back Boris Johnson’s general election call until no-deal Brexit is off the table” (paywalled link)

Quentin Letts in The Times had this to say:

“Corbyn refused the water jump! The House was packed after last night’s vote, so full that the tellers had to clamber over bodies to report the result. The government had lost. A whoomph of huzzahs from the Remainers. Then Boris Johnson, perkier than he possibly had a right to be after such a result, said that he would be tabling a motion for a general election. And Jeremy Corbyn blinked. Blocked it. Oppositions usually howl for an election but Mr Corbyn was asking for it to be put back in the oven for another few months. Remarkable. Mr Johnson could not believe his luck. His face creased in amazement. The Conservative benches were suddenly plugged back into the mains supply. They roared “frit!” at an uncertain-looking Corbyn. What a long, rum, smelly day. The Commons was back and our national self-mutilation, from which we had a few weeks’ blissful reprieve, duly resumed.” (link, paywalled)

‘Self-mutilation’ is correct. For example, the MPs had been howling about a headline in Tuesday’s DT which insinuated that the Government had done nothing about Brexit, that their negotiations were ‘a sham’.

I didn’t write about that article because, coming from the resident Remainer in the DT, it was full of hearsay from ‘sources’ in Brussels. That the Remain MPs hadn’t even read it became painfully obvious, else they’d have thought about what they were actually voting for.

Just as Johnson had warned them, the EU will not give an inch because they rely on the Brexit Wreckers in the HoC to take No Deal off the table and make negotiations impossible:

“[…] One diplomat told the Telegraph, “Now he has lost his majority it seems futile to continue discussions. We can’t be sure that whatever were to come out of it will ever translate into reality”. (paywalled link)

The Brexit Wreckers are oblivious to the fact that No Deal is becoming a distinct possibility thanks to their shenanigans. They are oblivious to the fact that it is their insistence on getting extension after extension which is creating the climate of economic insecurity.

Moreover, they are oblivious of the mood in the country because all they see are the Remain demonstrators on Parliament Green, all they hear are the Remainers paraded through the revolving doors of the Remain TV studios. 

It is beyond my comprehension that the Remainers still do not grasp that ‘No Deal’ is just a Johnson ploy to make the EU negotiate. Time and time again he said he wanted ‘a deal’. We all know what that ‘deal’ is: the May WA warmed up.

But that is not enough: the Brexit Wreckers want to keep us In, they aim to revoke Article 50, 17.4 million voters be damned. So here we are: a rogue HoC which doesn’t dare to go to the country!

It is coming to something when one of the chief Remainers in The Times, Daniel Finkelstein, concludes his comment on yesterday’s events thus:

“I could never make peace with no-deal or pretend that I think it’s a good idea. But when it comes to the crunch, I could never choose a Corbyn government. Never. For many others, when the time comes, the choice is going to prove very hard indeed.” (link, paywalled)

That’s what the Brexit Wreckers, the Remainers inside and outside Parliament and in the MSM have created. You and your colleagues own this mess, Mr Finkelstein!

I’ll be glued to the TV, watching the proceedings later today which start at 12noon in the HoC and shall report back to you. Meanwhile,




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