Ed – This is the final part of Flyer’s Third World Britain series. The previous installment can be found on Independence Daily here.

I’ve been writing a series of articles talking about Britain’s decent into becoming a third world country. Events however are moving so quickly now that I can barely keep up, I could keep on going forever. I’ve decided then to finish these articles off with the root of all of our troubles, our successive governments. In reality though, most Western governments are similarly blighted and so we can look further afield to put this in perspective.

As the Brexit pantomime has unfolded, the lies, subterfuge, treachery and betrayal has become epic, totally surreal; I’ve never witnessed anything like it. If there’s one good thing to come from all of this, it’s that the politicians of our successive governments – Lib, Lab or Con – have shown themselves up as the treacherous, deceitful and self serving traitors that they are, for all to see.

Our government’s attempted betrayal of our vote to leave the European Union has left us in no doubt that the democracy that we all once believed in is an illusion, a deception and very false. The troubles that our country faces are going to get worse and they represent the sum total of the efforts of successive LibLabCon governments.

In the opinion of many – I’ll get back to this later – our governments, rather than representing we the people, represent the banks. This is not democracy and neither is their subservience to the also banking-dominated European Union. I’ve recently written an article about the banking system.

Here’s an interesting article from Zerohedge: ‘Global Debt Tops 244 Trillion Dollars As “Nearly Half The World Lives On Less Than $5.50 A Day”’. Of course that used to refer to the third world, until our government’s betrayal meant that we are getting closer to joining them by the day. This is what happens when money is printed to pay the bills and bail out banks: asset prices rise beyond reason, and bubbles are formed.

Nearly every time I read a newspaper these days, they announce more job losses, a couple of thousand here, five or ten thousand there and it shows no sign of abating. Immigration has driven down wages, at a time when house prices and rents have been driven through the roof by this asset price inflation. You can see then, just how quickly our country is descending into third world status; you can see the full implications of the Zero Hedge article above.

In countries like New Zealand and probably many others, refugees (so called), are given priority for government housing. There is a housing crisis there as a result and the native Kiwis end up sleeping on the streets. How can this be justified by any government that is supposed to represent its people?

Here Stefan Molyneux talks about planned immigration in Ireland:”The Terrible Truth About ‘Ireland 2040’”

Apparently the Irish government are quietly planning to import another million immigrants, mainly Africans, by 2040. All of this is being pushed by a globalist Prime Minister of Indian ancestry; so much for the Irish.

As our children are being sexually groomed by immigrants nationwide, women are raped here and across Europe, we can see that multiculturalism just doesn’t work, certainly not for us Brits. Here Paul Joseph Watson explains why:”It happened again“.

Our future and that of our children and grandchildren is looking very gloomy then. Third world style poverty for many, homelessness, lack of healthcare and as resources become scarce and racial tensions rise as a result, probably violence.

The biggest threat that we in the West face is the third world, as its population explodes at an ever higher exponential rate, yet as far as the European Union and United nations are concerned, we must have our country unsustainably jam packed by these rapidly reproducing invaders. We’re simply being asked to commit suicide along side of them. Why should we?

Just who are these globalist organisations that our treasonous governments have sold us out to? Here Anonymous explains: “The Collective Vs The United Nations”.

Whatever you think of using Anonymous as a source, here they explain the situation better than I ever could. Not only are their thoughts in line with my own but I’ve checked some of their information and it’s good, I’d say their explanation is spot on.

It appears that the United Nations and also the European Union, behind all of the altruistic preaching and noble propaganda, are just a collection of international criminals, hell bent on establishing a one world government and milking us like cattle. These then are the people that our governments have sold us out to: what does that say about our governments?

Now as we watch the Brexit farce continue, it is becoming ever more apparent that the majority of our vile and treacherous government have no intention of letting us leave the European Union. Yet if we’re to ever get our country and way of life back, it all starts with Brexit and we cannot allow ourselves to be cheated out of it.

So there it is, perhaps people are starting to realise what a farce democracy has become, the mess that we’re facing is the sum total of the efforts and the treachery of our long established mainstream political parties. They need to go, people need to wake up. I find it unbelievable that the majority of our population are still prepared to vote for the LibLabCon but the independence parties must keep driving the message home, it is our only chance.

Well, I’ll leave my series on Third World Britain there but unfortunately Britain is well on its way at an ever increasing rate of decline.

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