I thought I’d write some articles about the decline of our country into a Third World hellhole, I’ll start by talking about the National Health Service.

Some years ago while living in a Third World country (I’ll leave it nameless), my wife handed me a medical insurance card that she’d arranged for us. Very soon afterwards I had a serious paragliding accident deep in the mountains, I’d sustained a very nasty compound fracture of the leg.

My friends loaded me into a four wheel drive and took me in search of a hospital, not all of them accepted my medical insurance company; eventually we found one that did. It seemed like I was the only patient, the staff seemed drunk and after taking some bungled x-rays, wrapped my arm and leg in a massive amount of bandages, declared that I’d damaged some ligaments and sent me home.

I was still in screaming agony and had to pay somebody to drive me home to the city. Over a period of 10 days, much agony and failed attempts to walk, my wife took me to a very good private hospital in the city, where the compound fracture to my leg, one of multiple fractures, was diagnosed.

Until my medical costs had been confirmed with my insurance company, the hospital placed me overnight in a crowded ward, still private but for people with a much lower level of insurance. This ward was horribly overcrowded, stifling in the tropical heat and very understaffed.

As I lay there in my bed, unable to move, the woman opposite me, surrounded by her grieving husband and son, died. The woman’s family seemed (understandably) to resent us looking on, but they were so close. Eventually a doctor turned up and encouraged the family to leave, but then left me staring at the corpse for hours.

Hours later, nurses turned up to start preparing the woman’s body and about that time, after my medical costs had been approved, I was moved to my private apartment in the hospital. There was a huge flat screen TV, extra beds for guests and family, an en-suite bathroom and my own personal nurse, whose blouse was cut lower and her skirt higher: a different world.

Some Third World countries have a rudimentary public health service, in others people are reduced to begging and charity to have access to health care. I am not wealthy but my wife did a very good deal on that medical insurance.

Polarisation though is the hallmark of the Third World and it’s something that we are increasingly having to come to terms with here in the United Kingdom. As we’re confronted by a wall of globalist propaganda from celebrities, politicians and businessmen, perhaps we should ask: if these people were ill, where would they receive treatment?

I think it’s very unlikely that many of our political leaders would end up on a very overcrowded and understaffed ward, they would be in a private apartment with the best facilities. In truth, you can live very comfortably anywhere in the world if you have the money to pay, globalisation does not affect these people.

I often think of the woman that died in front of me, I’ll never even know her name.  At that time, I would have gladly swapped my luxurious apartment for her bed in an overcrowded ward and let her pass away in peace and privacy.

In reality, our own National Health Service is increasingly coming to resemble those of the Third World as it staggers from crisis to crisis. I would be very reluctant to live in the UK without private medical insurance and I wrote this article to illustrate why and also why globalisation just doesn’t work for the majority of indigenous Brits: you’ve been stitched up, lied to and conned.

As the number of income tax payers in the UK declines, our population increases dramatically through immigration and we allow health tourists to fly in from all over the Third World to avail themselves of free health care, we have to face the fact that we will eventually lose our NHS. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have put a stop to this health tourism; it wasn’t hard to do so there is no excuse.

In addition, as our country continues to be invaded by migrants, they’re bringing their diseases with them. I’ll include for illustrative purposes this video but I have this information from numerous other sources.

“We Were Warned! Hospital(s) Turning Down Visitors – Pestilence Spreading In USA – TB, Measles…”

The above video refers to the US but applies equally to the UK and Europe. We’re being exposed to everything from rare strains of tuberculosis to Denghi fever; a further stress on our already overburdened health service and likely to cost the lives of many of us and our loved ones.

The once Great Britain then is heading towards Third World status at an ever increasing rate, this is the sum total of the efforts of our mainstream political parties (LibLabCon) over many generations. Perhaps if our political leaders, career politicians as they now are, had done their democratic duty and represented the people that they were elected to represent, things would have been different, but here we are.

The globalist club must be a very lucrative place to be, our political leaders and senior civil servants were just too willing to sell us down the river and betray us to be on board and feed at the trough. Globalisation started with the European Union and since the act of treason that took us into it, the great betrayal has continued into what can only be described as a global nightmare that will cost us our country and everything we once had.

Our country and way of life cannot survive globalisation and don’t let the lefties and globalist acolytes convince you otherwise. I’ll refer you here to one of my early articles that I think is still very much worth a read:

Surviving the human tsunami”

I’ll be having more to say and looking at other aspects of this soon.

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