We are fighting a ‘war’ a war against a virus.  War must be one of the greatest crises, next to pestilence, economic collapse and racial unrest.  This can only be called ‘an unprecedented crisis’.

People in Britain and other parts of the world feel acutely vulnerable.

We are emotional and social creatures and many of our commitments and perceptions are based on belief rather than fact.  Faith has a tendency to run away from common sense and logic and the use of a ‘Devil’s Advocate’ can bring us back to earth.

A sequence of events appears to have been orchestrated and a five step plan can be identified.

Crisis, Fear, Vulnerability, Dependency and Control.

This may be simplistic; there are other attributes such as panic, distraction and division.  This perfect concoction is vigorously mixed by our MSM to create the cocktail called ‘Fear and Mass Hysteria’.  Now swallow that and you will most certainly become vulnerable.

Sorry, did you say you “have an upset stomach”?  A lot of events and information are not adding up.

A lack of honesty and transparency is always going to cause suspicion and rejection.  Far better for an admission of ignorance than to falsify the answer.  Perceptions are important, expert advice has now reached a critical mass of implausibility, passing a point of no return.

The Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic of 2009 resulted in world-wide deaths of 150,000 to 575,000.  By 2010 it was over. In the rush to find a vaccine one was approved with minimal clinical trials and given indemnity by the UK government.  There followed a huge rise in narcolepsy.

World-wide deaths so far from Covid-19 are 428,373 on 13-06-2020.  But there are so many stories of marking deaths down to Covid-19 regardless of actual cause, so the death rate is most certainly exaggerated.  We are told everyone and their brother is rushing to find a vaccine and our government will indemnify its use.  Recognise anything?

The prevalence of entrenched beliefs, vested interests and escalated commitments demand that openness, transparency and rigorous independent scrutiny is applied at all times.

With vaccines, sadly, even the good is corrupted by the bad.

Our belief and trust makes us vulnerable to deceit where profit is involved.  Ironically, when that trust is betrayed we also become vulnerable.

Individual loss is reduced to a small voice in the background when profit is at stake. The vaccine industry is now worth $60 billion a year.  It must be accepted that all vaccines have side effects but the extent of those ‘effects’ must be reported and mitigated.  One of the lessons to be learnt from the Swine Flu vaccine debacle was surely not to rush the production of a vaccine until it had been thoroughly tested.

If the suppliers accept our money for vaccines then they should accept their responsibility for any repercussions.  Surely that is the first common sense move towards safety?

Treatment for cancer or other life threatening illnesses is curative and there is a required and present need for such treatment.  The balance of risk is often clear.  Vaccines are a preventative treatment and administered to healthy people.  The risk assessment is not so easy for the patient.  Trust then becomes crucial.

Acceptance by the medical industry of simple observations can take years.  Vaccines for the vulnerable will no doubt be another consequence of our government’s poor reaction to this Chinese virus.

When there is a refusal to listen to the concerns of others and take seriously the growing empirical evidence of vaccine side effects, then we should be very cautious of motives and outcomes.

Once again the third world will be exploited where the regulations and the questions are easier to deal with.  There seems to be an excitement for spreading the vaccine solution in low and middle income countries.  Is this where the new vaccines will be trialled?

Thus we move from vulnerability to dependency as surely this is the only way we can be ‘safe’.

Can you be sure that any future ‘rushed out’ Covid-19 vaccine will be safe?  Can you trust big pharma to be honest?  How long will it be before vaccinations are compulsory in the UK?

There is a lack of respect for individuals.  To be a victim of a natural virus is one thing but to be a victim of a man-made vaccine is something totally different.  We are not cattle or statistics.  If it is not safe for everyone it is not safe for anyone.  We will never be ‘safe’.

There are two other developments that must be exposed.

With RNA and DNA vaccines on the horizon the anti could be significantly raised.  These technologies do not just activate our immune systems – they engineer our bodily functions.

The second is the creeping imposition of compulsory vaccination.

We are told now that the UK government is ‘looking very seriously’ at making vaccinations compulsory and taking legal advice on the matter.  This is clearly the move from dependency to control – the final step proposed by the Devil’s Advocate.

Perhaps the case for the ‘common good’ will override freedom of choice.  But the loss of your freedom will not secure your safety.  Vaccines are double edged.  You will always be vulnerable one way or another.

We live in the natural world.  Nature is certainly not without its risks and can be cruel.  Some liken our world to the Garden of Eden – paradise on Earth.  Nature is not greedy or vindictive.  It doesn’t have a human agenda.  Vaccines may eventually change the way we think, change our very being?   We will be faced with a choice and it will not be easy.  The site of the final battle may be vaccines.  It will be a battle between our freedom of choice and principles, and the intervention and manipulation of us by others.

We may end up strangers in paradise.

Or is that just irresponsible paranoia?

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