Of course I must give credit to the Who and Pete Townsend for the title of my article. Some of the words of this song are very relevant to politics today, particularly:

“meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” 

Whichever politician or political party that we choose to elect in recent times, we just get more of the same, we certainly do get fooled again!

I’ll start then in India. Nearly thirty years ago as a young man I was travelling in India and was culture-shocked for the first time, horrified at the poverty. People explained to me that so many of the people living in the gutters were once farmers. The banks had lent them money, knowing full well that they couldn’t pay it back, and then taken their land, see this:

India’s sugarcane farmers: A cycle of debt and suicide:

“In the 1990s, the country embarked on a series of neoliberal economic reforms, deregulating the markets and opening them up to international trade.”

This all must be starting to ring a few bells. What do we have in Europe today? We have the European Union, neoliberalism, debt and increasing poverty. We’ve been fooled again!

I’ve been told that in India, this debt was a carefully and cynically calculated thing, as it seems to be in Europe, we’ve seen how the EU uses debt to manipulate and eventually asset strip its member countries. Here’s an article that describes poverty in India: “Facts About Poverty in India: Progress and Challenges” 

Even as Indian farmers very slowly manage to lift themselves from poverty now, you can see Europe developing the same problems, particularly in Southern Europe. Who would have believed a few years ago that at the time of the Greek financial crisis, we’d have seen Greeks dying in agony of cancer without morphine! It’s early days, there’s much more of this to come in Europe.

Which brings me to the USA. Twenty two trillion dollars in debt, debt that it is only able to support through having the world reserve currency and the petrodollar. As I’ve written before, Russia, Iran, China and increasingly others are now trading among themselves for commodities and oil, bypassing the US dollar. Can the US afford to let this happen? No! Will it lead to conflict as it has in the past? That depends on events.

For much of the West, the economic writing has been on the wall for years, ever since the 2008 financial crisis, trillions in freshly printed money later and behind the propaganda our economies are falling apart. 

For the last three years, Obama, Clinton, Theresa May and others have been subtly beating the drums of war. First it was Russia then North Korea, now Iran is at the forefront. Donald Trump, quite unexpectedly managed to avoid conflict with the first two but what of Iran? Let’s hope that Trump has something up his sleeve. I think that this is possible.

It was only World War Two that lifted the West from the 1930s economic depression. War is a favourite of bankers and politicians, it covers their tracks and they’ve probably got shares in the weapons manufacturers, lovely jubbly. They think that we’ll be fooled again.

With the unexpected vote to leave the European Union and the election of Donald Trump the US and Britain became loose cannons. There’s no doubt in my mind that if the above never happened, we’d have meekly followed the Powers That Be in Europe and the US into defending Western banks, we’d probably already have been at war, hence Angela Merkel’s comments in 2017:

“Angela Merkel says Europe can no longer rely on US or UK – and must ‘fight for its own destiny’”

The above has been reported in a number of ways. According to some sources, Merkel actually referred to us as enemies. Don’t kid yourself that the impending bankruptcy of the Western world, much of the world in fact, will end well – it won’t. I won’t go into detail here, I’m sure you’re all familiar with the latest economic news behind the mainstream media propaganda.

Italy interestingly enough has joined China’s Silk Road project and behind the scenes is printing a parallel currency to the Euro, this is indeed an important strategic move, I wrote about this in an article: ‘The wrong direction’.

Donald Trump is to be meeting Ji Jinping of China at the G20. I don’t anticipate a trade deal then but soon, I hope. Perhaps next he’ll negotiate with Iran, we certainly have to hope that the new boss isn’t the same as the old boss.

The bleeding heart Liberal/Lefty globalist fantasy that has been stalking the world for so many decades is one of the greatest evils that has ever beset humanity, events in the coming days and weeks are of huge strategic importance.

One of the most sobering and frightening aspects of this is the fact that the leaders that we elect to supposedly represent us are behind the smiles and reassurances so thoroughly evil. They would bleed us dry, saddle us with debt and then march us out to die, psychopaths in other words.

We must not be fooled again, the next few years could be very volatile indeed and we need Brexit, fast.


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