A spine – urgently needed for BJ!


What does Covid have to do with the current EU summit, with the trade negotiations? A lot! Let me explain by using the ongoing, despicable Covid Saga perpetrated by ‘Our MSM’. The dots to be connected are now finally coming into focus.

It was and is the aim of the Westminster Cabal to destroy the PM we voted for in hopes of getting Brexit done. It doesn’t matter if we were naive or were taken in by BJ. It doesn’t matter if we should’ve ‘listened’ to the voices raised against him in ‘Our MSM’, like RemainCentral. Remember that the alternative was Corbyn in No 10. This morning ‘Our MSM’ continue the battle with reports on the “Revolt in the North” – a revolt against BJ’s and Hancock’s Covid restrictions, led by various Mayors of Northern cities and towns, Labour all.

It seems one needs to have been selectively brainwashed to argue for ‘covid is killing us all – do something’ and demanding at the same time ‘we must have more money before we agree to even the 2nd-tier restrictions’. One must be especially well educated in matters Covid and infections to be able to claim that it’s heinous to put the economy before saving lives while demanding more government money to agree to measures aimed at stopping the spread of infections. First, see this:

“Boris Johnson was on Thursday night embroiled in a standoff with Labour mayors and his own health advisers over his plans for local lockdowns. Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, effectively held the Government to ransom by demanding more money for supporting a move into the top tier of restrictions, while health chiefs warned that a national “circuit-breaker” lockdown may be necessary.” (paywalled link)

So far – so as expected. But did you take note of that little phrase about ‘health chiefs’ warning that a national lockdown might be necessary? 

Nobody in the Covid MSM asks why those Mayors are happy to ‘let the virus rip’ through their populations while haggling about money – not that anyone in the Westminster Covid Cabal is the slightest bit concerned about where that money is going to come from. It’s about ‘saving lives’, innit. Well, make that ‘Saving Our NHS’ for which no sacrifice by the workers in the private sector is too great! Now see that other ‘battlefront’ for the PM which ‘Our Covid MSM’ have been so busy building up:

“The Prime Minister now faces an intense struggle to salvage the three-tier policy. His own scientific advisers believe the system will ultimately fail and that “circuit breakers” will be necessary, potentially every school holiday. The deputy chief medical officer, Jonathan Van-Tam, also appeared to have written off the tiers approach by telling Northern leaders a national lockdown was the only policy guaranteed to work.” (paywalled link)

Yes – it’s again the SAGEs who are miffed that their precious ‘circuit breaker’, that national lockdown, wasn’t implemented. Now they’re trying with all their might to get it anyway, even unto locking down the whole Nation during every school holiday, no time limit given. Don’t ask if they’re for real – they are, and the ‘Covid MSM’ are supporting them.

This is the first item demonstrating that Covidians and Remaininans are blood relatives. They prefer and demand ‘government by faceless, unelected, unaccountable experts’, be they Whitehall mandarins, be they SAGEs, be they ultimately Brussels bureaucrats. 

Here’s the next item. The ongoing battle about our Fisheries has barely raised an eyebrow inside the M25 until now, as the EU negotiations have hit the wall. We have not forgotten that for Remain, ‘roaming tariffs’ were a more important argument against Leave than the fate of our fishing industries, destroyed by the EU’s fishing policies. That same lot of supercilious Covidians couldn’t care less about the effects this ‘circuit breaker’ will have on the health and well-being of patients ‘out there in the sticks’, that’s us ignorant plebs:

“The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said access to family doctors remains worse than it was before lockdown, raising concerns that people with worrying health problems were struggling to see a physician. Cancer Research UK said that, since March, more than 350,000 people who would normally have been urgently referred to hospital with suspected cancer have not been. It said too many patients had been left struggling to get an appointment or had been scared off seeing their GP for fear of being a burden on the health service or catching Covid-19. It follows studies suggesting that delays in diagnosis this year could mean an extra 35,000 deaths.” (paywalled link)

Given the way ‘covid deaths’ are being counted – documented for months – I’m sure these deaths will also be counted as ‘covid deaths’. It’s only ‘covid collateral damage’ and will therefore be blamed on Covid, but never on the Lockdown measures the SAGEs are again demanding – the same SAGEs which the ‘Covid MSM’ are supporting in their bid to run the government.

If you think it’s strange that the Burnhams of ‘The North’ aren’t being crucified in the ‘Covid MSM’ for their resistance to the ‘tier two’ measures, this is the reason: SAGE didn’t want this, they want the National Lockdown, and so say all in the ‘Covid MSM’!

And so to the last item: the EU ‘talks’, the Summit, the decision the PM will now have to make. Thanks to ‘Our MSM’ and their depiction of the PM as a dithering fool embattled on all fronts – fronts which they’ve done their utmost to create – the EU leaders have gleefully decided that BJ won’t do what he said he would: leave with No Deal. They are convinced BJ was ‘only playing’ and are calling his bluff, upping their demands accordingly. I say they’ve gone back on their word:

“EU leaders said the UK had to make “the necessary moves to make an agreement possible” and concede on fishing, the “level playing field” guarantees and the enforcement of the deal at a summit held on Mr Johnson’s October 15 deadline for a deal “to be in sight” […] Rather than give in to the Prime Minister’s demands for daily talks, EU leaders called in a statement for negotiation to “continue” and urged the European Commission to step up no-deal planning. Earlier drafts of the summit conclusions had demanded “intensified negotiations” before the EU’s deadline of the end of October, but that was watered down.“ (paywalled link)

Amazing: the promise by Ms vdLeyen to BJ, to ‘intensify talks’, is now reported as the EU having given in … That promise however wasn’t just ‘watered down’ – it was scrapped, but that doesn’t concern the DT’s Remain correspondent.

I can’t help but regard this as a variation on the old theme of ‘leaders’ going to war to distract their people from internal difficulties. After all, we do know that they all, Macron especially, are having to deal with that 2nd Covid wave, imposing restrictions on their people which are worse than this 2nd tier stuff here. 

We didn’t need to be told by Remain Crisp in the DT that ‘Lord Frost will advise Johnson’ on what to do. Lord Frost’s remarks are however an indication of what that advice might be. See his observations, couched in very diplomatic language:

“Lord Frost, the chief British negotiator, said that he was “disappointed” at the EU’s stance, particularly that European leaders, after a French demand, had dropped a commitment “to working ‘intensively’ . . . as agreed” during talks with the European Commission two weeks ago. He posted on Twitter: “Also surprised by the suggestion that to get an agreement all future moves must come from the UK. It’s an unusual approach to conducting a negotiation.” (link, paywalled)

Don’t believe that the EU leaders are only trying to achieve the best they can and should therefore be given some more time! Here’s the good old EU in full dictatorial mode:

“Setting a new deadline [the end of this month], Charles Michel, president of the European Council, said that the British government would have to make concessions over the next week. “We will see if it is possible to complete a negotiation, what will be [the UK’s] proposal, and based on that we will make an assessment,” he said.’ (link, paywalled)

Yep – it’s good old Brussels at its finest: demands, ultimatums, ‘they’ will decide if we’ve sacrificed enough. ‘Our MSM’ are quite happy to see BJ being put against the EU wall, in addition to the walls created by SAGE and the Northern Mayors. No surprise that they’re extremely relaxed about Macron’s fingerprints being  all over this removal of Ms vdLeyen’s ‘promise to BJ to intensify talks. They do report though that ‘government sources’ said they were ‘a bit annoyed’ about this breach of promise, adding that “Johnson would not walk away from the talks but Britain would not bow to EU demands.” (link, paywalled)

Ah well – more jam tomorrow then, again. However, it is really coming to something when we read between the lines that cher Michel ain’t precisely happy about Macron stomping on him:

“Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, attempted to mitigate the damage and said he would meet British negotiators in London next week. UK sources said that was still to be confirmed.” (paywalled link)

So it’s crunch time for BJ this weekend. He’s gotta decide – about lockdowns as well as Brussels. Let’s see if he takes on board what the unmissable Sir John Redwood wrote yesterday evening in his Diary, more tersely than usual:

“The EU is not negotiating in good faith. The PM should keep his promise and end the talks.” (link)

Indeed – but will he? BJ surely must know that he’ll never be able to stand up to the SAGEs and the ‘Covid MSM’ if he cannot or will not stand up to Brussels now. Has BJ got a vestige of spine left? It surely must have been severely damaged from all his bending-over backwards! I’m not holding my breath though …

I leave you with the latest covidiocy reported in The Times – it’s simply too ridiculous to pass up:

“The test and trace system has become overwhelmed by rapidly rising infections and cases need to be driven lower quickly to avoid longer and more damaging lockdowns, ministers have been told.” (link, paywalled)

‘Ministers have been told’ – by whom? Another faceless ‘expert’? Do we need more Covid misery because test & trace is ‘overwhelmed’? Will this become the next Lockdown slogan by Hancock: ‘Save Our Test & Trace’? Stop laughing and




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