… and still we must have ‘moar Lockdown’!


What was the main topic of the Nation’s public debate until Covid took over’? Brexit, wasn’t it: the WA, the trade negotiations. On Friday Johnson told Brussels that it’s over, so one might have expected some Remain uproar over the weekend just gone, but no – there was one article by Gove in RemainCentral which was totally forgettable, but otherwise: nothing.

Instead we had wall-to-wall Covid news which always follow the same pattern: it’s terrible, we’re all gonna die, it’s Johnson’s fault. And now there’s a ‘new covid star’: plucky Burnham (Manchester Mayor) standing up to BJ, with Burnham being supported by some plucky Northern Tory MPs.

There were reports this morning on Remain’s Brexit rearguard action. Today the ‘Noble Lords’, Remain in tooth and claw, are debating that Internal Market Bill and are expected to vote against it. RemainCentral reports that a clutch of Archbishops have written a letter ‘of protest’ against that bill, first published in the Financial Times from which the Times copied it (link, paywalled).

Did the Archbishops threaten this government and all who voted for them last December with hellfire and damnation? No – that wouldn’t work in this secular society which they themselves have done nothing to oppose. Instead they give an example of overreach which is quite breathtaking:

“They also warned that, if the bill is passed without consent from the UK’s devolved parliaments, it would “further undermine trust and goodwill among those who govern the different parts of the United Kingdom”. (link, paywalled)

Yeah verily – listen to the Archbishops! Put more blocks on the path to Freedom from Brussels! Let’s not mention that the EU is now in breach of the WA, as our friends at facts4eu pointed out on Saturday (here), or mention their report (here) that 12 Brexit organisations have written a letter to BJ to scrap the WA.

Instead, the DT’s Brussels correspondent, the mouthpiece of Brussels, has been told how to spin this. It is actually rather hilarious:

“EU diplomatic sources, however, raised hopes of a deal by saying Mr Johnson had created the “political space” for the Brexit trade agreement to be struck by walking away from the talks. They suggested Mr Johnson’s actions meant that any movement from the EU side could be claimed as a victory by Mr Johnson. “The Johnson move was expected,” a diplomat from a major trading partner said, “Any move the EU now makes in the direction of Johnson he can celebrate as a victory and reaction to his threat to walk out.” (paywalled link)

My heart bleeds for those poor EU diplomats – not! Totally given over to their byzantine ways of negotiating and spinning a plain ‘No’ as ‘Yes’, their arguments are truly bizarre:

“Brussels sources said there was a long history in EU negotiations of a walkout before a deal is clinched. They said significant compromises were already in the offing. “The move was so transparant not even the markets bought it,” one diplomat said after the pound shrugged off Mr Johnson’s threat.” (paywalled link)

It’s certainly illuminating to see that neither the DT’s EU mouthpiece nor his various EU ‘sources’ – all senior diplomats, you understand – seem to have read the reports that the vagaries of  the £ in the financial markets were due to the Covid- and Lockdown shenanigans.

We’ll have to see what these ‘significant compromises’ are all about – Frostie will have a little phone chat with Barnier today – so, rounding this up, here’s a reply by government sources who only ‘suggest’, in contrast with EU sources whose words are always decisive:

“But UK Government sources suggested the EU had “misunderstood” Britain’s willingness to walk away from talks and trade on WTO terms because Brussels “isn’t used to negotiations that have a deadline”. One source said: “They didn’t think we were serious about walking away. We are, and that might focus minds among EU leaders.” (paywalled link)

And so to the ongoing Covid Madness. “We” still need a ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown – well, once the various devolved nations and the various mayors have got round to doing their bit, even as ‘case numbers’ are falling. It’s of course not about money, not even when BJ ‘offers’ £100m to Burnham because Manchester is bigger than Liverpool which only got £50m – of course not! Sheffield could be next, we’re told in the same breath as being informed that case numbers have fallen in the North East. LockdownSceptics has more on those numbers (here).

Meanwhile, Labour is still demanding that National Lockdown. This is apparently supported by an ‘internal analysis’ where Labour claims that not locking the Nation down totally would ‘see the wealth of the UK drop by six percent’ (link). Might we say that Labour is economically illiterate? I think we might! And they’re going even further:

“Sir Keir has backed a “circuit breaker” lasting two to three weeks, and Labour’s Rachel Reeves, the Shadow Cabinet Office minister, suggested multiple lockdowns could be necessary with short gaps in between.” (paywalled link)

Yes, they are ‘for real’! Meanwhile the Covid MSM report that ‘protecting Our NHS’ was most definitely bad for our health. And already hospitals are scrapping planned surgeries. See this:

“The research by healthcare analyst Dr Foster shows in April and May this year, admissions relating to a host of diseases saw a sharp drop. Those for prostate cancer – the most common form of cancer in men, which is normally diagnosed in around 50,000 men a year, fell by 64 per cent. […] Bowel cancer – the second biggest cancer killer in the UK – saw a 39 per cent drop in admissions, […] the number involving breast cancer – the most common form of cancer for women – slumped by 30 per cent,” (paywalled link

These are shameful, staggering numbers – and still the Covid MSM push exclusively numbers for Covid admissions:

“A total of 632 patients with confirmed Covid-19 were admitted to hospitals in England on Friday, compared with 544 a week earlier.” (paywalled link

Who cares about dropped cancer appointments when there are so very many Covid admissions – in all of England, not in one or two cities! These are the numbers on which Covidians base their cries for moar Lockdown …

And then there’s the police … Referring to a report by SKY News, LockdownSceptics wrote yesterday that:

“The Department of Health and Social Care has said information obtained by NHS Test and Trace about which individuals should be self-isolating will be shared with the police so they can ensure people are complying.” (link)

This is about finding those who must be fined. Covid money has to come from somewhere, after all. But there’s another example of ‘unintended consequences’:

“Fining people for not self-isolating will backfire by making individuals scared to report symptoms, a government adviser has warned as ministers admitted “a problem with compliance”. […] A Department of Health and Social Care survey published last month found that under 20 per cent of people with confirmed coronavirus and their close contacts were following rules to stay at home for two weeks, often citing financial and caring responsibilities. […] The chief medical officer for England is said to have expressed concerns that this will put people off getting tested.” (link, paywalled)

It must be inexplicable for these ‘authorities’ that people won’t go into quarantine because of the consequences, e.g. losing their jobs. And why would any sane person go and get tested when their data will be handed to the police so that they can be fined. Who could have foreseen that!

Perhaps the police will not chase up every quarantine breaker given that they are apparently reluctant to fine muzzle refuseniks and other ‘covid rule breakers’. We read in The Times that:

“Three quarters of police forces have not issued a single fine to people refusing to wear facemasks. […] The NPCC revealed that 89 fines were issued between June 15 and September 21 for breaches of face covering regulations in England and Wales: 61 on public transport and 28 in other relevant areas, such as in shops. […] In Wales, police have issued 84 fines for every 100,000 people, compared with 29 per 100,000 in England.” (link, paywalled)

Heddlu, the Welsh Police, appears to be quite rabid. This should certainly make the English refrain from crossing the border into pristine (hah!) Wales where Dripford is still considering closing the Principality down from next Monday:

“In Dyfed-Powys between March 23 and September 21, officers handed out 1,731 fines, or 333 fines per 100,000 people.” (link, paywalled)

Well, Wales must protect their sheep – both the four-legged and the two-legged ones – from the ravages of Covid-infested English, preferably by making them pay!

Finally, here’s an interesting puzzle. It’s about vaccines. One of the Big Pharma companies announced they’re now ready to start producing enough vaccines for Christmas, sort of, and the other is also gearing up. They do this even though the clinical trials haven’t yet been finished. One of the vaccines requires two jabs to work but the principle is the same for both:

“Both the Oxford and Pfizer vaccines seek to introduce into the body a genetic sequence that prompts human cells to churn out parts of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, so the body can learn to deal with it that way.” (paywalled link)

So here’s the puzzle: the fabulous PCR tests look for and find particles of the virus to show one is positive. Won’t the whole PCR reagents need to be re-constituted to distinguish between vaccine-induced covid particles and ‘normal’ covid particles? Could  all tests become positive then, and we’ll have to go into permanent lockdown? Or is this the herd immunity which doesn’t exist, according to Hancock?

I leave you with an important announcement. Paul Oakley (whom some of you know) informed me by email that he and Robin Tilbrook have filed

“a new Judicial Review claim at the High Court on Thursday. As the government kept changing the rules, we had to keep changing the pleadings! A version is on the website at the bottom of this page described “Detailed Statement of Grounds” to give you an idea. It’s not the version as-filed (which is slightly longer) but Crowd Justice haven’t posted that one online yet.”

Do check out the site! Good luck to them (I wouldn’t want to lock legal horns with Paul, btw …!), take care, don’t get fined and



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