Is this the future ‘Our MSM’ want?


“Hypocrisy, thy name is MSM”. Just scanning the home pages of the Broadsheets this morning is proof if such were needed. Furthermore, if proof were needed that the MSM are actively working to destroy this government and push Sir Keith Starmer into No 10, then they amply provide that this morning as well – unambiguously. I’m concentrating on this issue because it has consequences we must not overlook, regardless of the daily CV-19 grind.

The real scandal is that we seem to have become a nation of grasses and curtain twitchers. We’ve apparently also become a nation accepting that anybody having “NHS” added to their name exempts them from any criticism whatsoever. Compare and contrast: there are reports that Dominic Cummings ‘broke the rulz’ visiting his parents in Durham during the Lockdown (link) while Starmers’ kids were going to school throughout the Lockdown – more on that below.

The original reports on Cummings’  heinous crime were published in The Mirror and the Guardian (apologies – I’m not going there, there’s a limit!) and in good old journalistic tradition the other papers just copied from them. Thus, according to the broadsheet headlines, ‘Police investigated Cummings for breaching Lockdown Rules’ (link, link paywalled, also here):

“Mr Cummings drove from London to Durham with his wife and son to stay with his elderly parents after developing symptoms of coronavirus. Downing Street said at the time that Mr Cummings was “at home” in isolation, when in fact he was more than 260 miles away. Police in Durham were tipped off by a member of the public about Mr Cummings’ presence at his parents’ house and explained to the family that lockdown rules – imposed by Mr Johnson days earlier – outlawed such visits.” (link

“Outlawed” – how positively dreadful! And ‘Downing Street said’  – odd that the reporters didn’t write ‘Johnson lied’ … In more measured tones The Times writes:

“Dominic Cummings’s parents were spoken to by police after he appeared to have breached lockdown rules by going to stay with them while he had symptoms of coronavirus. […] It was claimed that Mr Cummings’s trip was within guidelines because he needed his parents to look after his son while he and his wife were ill. However, Mr Cummings’s mother, Morag, is 71 and his father, Robert, is 73, and so both fall into the “clinically vulnerable group”, meaning that they are at “higher risk of severe illness”. (link paywalled)

The dates are significant: Cummings apparently left London between March 27 to 29th. Our brilliant investigative reporters couldn’t find out. Next, Durham police ‘spoke to the owners of the property’ – Cummings’ parents – on March 31st. One would surmise that these same brilliant investigative reporters would’ve told us if his parents had become ill with CV-19, but it’s now weeks since this trip so presumably they’re well. Might those intrepid etc reporters not have investigated because it would’ve shown that CV-19 didn’t do what it said on the Lockdown tin?

It’s significant that ‘Our MSM’ have published this story now, not in March or at the beginning of April. That begs the question: why? It couldn’t possibly be because at that time Starmer had not yet been officially elected as new Labour leader and ‘Our MSM’ didn’t yet know if his performances in the HoC would make him into the ‘viable alternative’ to Johnson, could it?

While ‘the nation’ is told by ‘Our MSM’ to be incensed about Cummings’ ‘hypocrisy’ Starmer is let off the hook – details below. First though, here’s the snitch’s report – remember that Durham police spoke to Cummings’ parents on the 31st of March:

“Days later, a neighbour of Mr Cummings’ parents claimed they saw him outside the property. They claimed to have heard ABBA’s Dancing Queen blasting loudly. After peering over the hedge, they saw Mr Cummings wearing a scarf and thick coat, and a small boy running around. The neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I got the shock of my life, as I looked over to the gates and saw him. There was a child, presumably his little boy, running around in front. I recognised Dominic Cummings, he’s a very distinctive figure. I was really annoyed. I thought it’s okay for you to drive all the way up to Durham and escape from London. I sympathise with him wanting to do that but other people are not allowed to do that. It’s one rule for Dominic Cummings and one rule for the rest of us.” (link)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear – the righteousness is nauseating. I suspect this ‘anonymous’ neighbour felt they had to draw the attention to their story to the national press now since Cummings’s ‘crime’ hadn’t made the national front pages, months after the event. What excellent feast for our Metro-’elite’ who have had it in for Cummings since the get-go!

So what about Sir Keir Starmer then? There are photos galore today, showing him looking decisive and manly, peering ‘forensically’ into the distance – and there’s this “Exclusive” in the DT: his children were able to go to school throughout. The reason? Savour this:

“[He] said that his children – an 11 year old son and nine year old daughter who he has never named publicly – are already at local schools in Camden because his wife Victoria has ‘key worker’ status because she works in the National Health Service” (link) *)

Lovely: if you can wield a “NHS Badge” everything is permitted. Nobody asks what exactly Ms Starmer does or did: was she working in the frontline (I bet we’d have been told if she did) or is she one of those paper shufflers, promoted from patient work to admin? Never mind: she’s ‘something’ in the NHS and that gives her privileged status. But wait: shouldn’t schools be heaving with children of other key workers, like shelf-stackers, dustmen, police? Or are they not as equal as any NHS-badge-wearer?

Of course, Starmer is not hypocritical, you understand. After all, he blames Johnson for not opening schools. However, he has not told the teachers unions to get a grip and stop snivelling, nor has he hauled all those Labour council leaders over the coals for refusing to open their schools, be it in England, be it in Wales. Some leadership, that!

It seems the Westminster Elite, the bubble dwellers who run ‘Our MSM’, are quite happy with having Labour governing the country, never mind that such government wouldn’t  remove the Lockdown powers given to the police. ‘Immunity passports’ would become ID cards, that old Blair dream.

Perhaps these bubble-dwellers all have relatives ‘working in the NHS’, providing them with a ‘get out of jail free’ card? Perhaps they believe that, thanks to the increasing deletions of any critical content on the Unsocial Media, their voices will be sacrosanct? What is it with this ‘elite’,  labelled ‘bourgeois’ in the communist dictionary, that they so happily promote this dire ideology? 

Have they not noticed that the police will be allowed to carry out ‘spot checks’ on quarantined travellers according to that shambles of legislation presented by Ms Patel yesterday (link)? Do they think Labour would remove this power and not enlarge it instead? Do they think it would never be applied to them?

Have they already forgotten their reports about heavy-handed police action fining people ‘flouting government rulz’ about social distancing? Does it not occur to them that they cannot say it’s ok when used against the ‘enemy of the MSM’, Dominic Cummings but isn’t when used against some of us peasants? Do they not think that a Starmer socialist government will happily apply such rules against them, the ‘class enemy’?

I leave you with the earth-shattering ‘news’ that the instigator of that Thursday Clapathon – a Dutch lady and yoga teacher – has now called a stop to this because it’s best to do so when ‘at the peak’ and before it ‘becomes negative’ – link, with portrait photo.

According to private reports from across the country the clapathon has been fizzling out already. Last Thursday was pathetic: no more than one or two clappers or pot-bangers were heard, on average, in the streets and closes of our country, with certain local exceptions. This ‘event’ has become negative weeks ago. Her appeal is actually akin to running away as the nation patently has had enough.

Better not forget this ‘national exercise’ though – who knows if under a socialist government we won’t be called out to clap for ‘diversity’ or ‘gender fluidity’ or even just for ‘our beloved leader Sir Keir’ …

Take good care of yourselves and




*) Ed. Note: I had to change this quote due to an intervention by ftp, on ‘Misuse of Protected Title’ – that title being ‘occupational therapist’. The whole correspondence is confidential, but you ought to be aware that the DT, presumably because of the same intervention, had changed the paragraph, after it was originally published. So I must do the same, or else … even though in my opinion, it is unconscionable to change something post-publication, silently. You may well draw your own conclusions about this – I couldn’t possibly comment …

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