Is this building the future ‘Lockdown Stasi Headquarter’?


After a week of ‘Cummings-Hate’ there are signs that this particular MSM-Madness is abating. But as our esteemed HoC peacocks, a.k.a. MPs, are taking their opinions, pre-chewed and pre-digested, from our beloved Westminster media and that forum of ‘public opinion’, the un-social media, this hate campaign has still made waves in the HoC. More on that below.

First though – there’s another Lockdown scandal in the making. That’s the government’s proposal on “track-and-trace”. This proposal is being sold to us under ‘doing your civic duty to get the country out of Lockdown’:

“The British public will be asked to do its “civic duty” to get the country out of lockdown as the government confirms its new “test and trace” scheme will rely on individuals to “do the right thing”. From Thursday, anyone with symptoms of coronavirus tested and, if they are found to be positive, told to hand over details of anyone with whom they have had close contact. These people will then receive a text (below), email or phone call telling them to enter self-isolation for up to 14 days – and to book their own test if symptoms develop. Even if the test returns negative they will be asked to continue isolating.” (link)

Read that again: even if you’ve tested negative you must still stay behind locked doors for the whole 14 days …. and that will help us ‘get out of Lockdown’? There’s more – read this and weep:

“He [Johnson] said that it would be voluntary at first, but warned that it could become mandatory with fines for those who did not comply with the quarantine or failed to hand over details of their friends and family” (link)

It’s our ‘civic duty’ to snitch, to hand over names and data to the government! I assume this government programme was created by SAGE, with their wonderful ‘behavioural’ experts who regard us as laboratory rats in a huge experiment. Here’s more ‘Lockdown war’ language:

“Boris Johnson said that the system was “relying on people’s public spiritedness” because it was “our way out” of lockdown. “This is our way of defeating the virus, getting our country back on its feet, and I think people will want to work together,” he said. “That captivity for a tiny minority for a short time will allow us gradually to release 66 million people. The 14-day quarantine represents a much tougher lockdown for many just as others are given more freedom.” (link, paywalled)

Words simply fail me. Presumably compliance to this latest Lockdown Rule will be enforced by police visits to the homes of people. That’s what’s in that Quarantine Law presented by Ms Patel last week – and why should people who’ve been snitched on be treated differently from travellers! We’re all in this together, aren’t we! Yes, thanks to CV-19 our society will never be the same again.

And so to the Brexit Trade negotiations. It’s about fisheries, and it’s brinkmanship of the finest – by the EU. Remain, with the generous help of ‘Our Michel’ are not giving up. Barnier has now written a letter to the opposition HoC peacocks who had approached him two weeks ago. While Barnier graciously announces that an extension is possible, here’s the one point that the peacocking Remain Lot always disregards:

“Responding to a letter from May 15th from Blackford’s Scottish National Party (SNP), the Liberal Democrats, the Welsh separatist Plaid Cymru, and other fringe Europhile groups, Mr Barnier wrote: “Such an extension of up to one or two years can be agreed jointly by the two parties. The European Union has always said that we remain open on this matter. Any extension decision has to be taken by the Joint Committee before July 1, and must be accompanied by an agreement on a financial contribution by the United Kingdom.” (link)

It’s ‘only money’, innit – more of it! Not that those Remain peacocks ever mention this. Thankfully, the EU has now published their plan for “More EU after CV-19 through more money” – and the amount is eye-watering:

“Brussels will seek to borrow €750bn (£672bn) on international markets to finance a recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the European Commission president said on Wednesday. Ursula von der Leyen is also seeking a far larger European Union budget of €1.1 trillion over the next seven years for a revival of the bloc’s shattered economy – a demand which will be the subject of tough negotiations between divided governments in coming months. The plan, dubbed Next Generation EU,  would spare the balance sheets of already indebted EU members and take advantage of the commission’s AAA credit rating to raise cash on the capital markets. The debt will be repaid over 30 years after 2027.” (link)

This is driven by pure EU ideology, garnished with a bit of virtue signalling, as the immortal (hah!) words of Ms vdLeyen make perfectly clear:

“Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, asked Europe’s leaders to work for a common goal without allowing historical national divisions to stand in the way. “This is Europe’s moment,” the former German defence minister told the European parliament. “Let us put aside the old prejudices.” (link, paywalled)

Why Remainers in Parliament and in the MSM seem to think it’s wonderful to pay more money to the EU, regardless of our crashed economy post-Lockdown, is their secret. I’m sure the usual suspects in Parliament will be able to explain to their constituents why it’s imperative that we impoverish ourselves even further to pay for the mediterranean debt-ridden member states.

Interestingly, this EU CV-19 budget proposal isn’t playing well in Germany. Unlike our Remain ‘opinion makers’ in the MSM and in Parliament, German journalists point out that Brussels’ plans to finance this breathtaking sum with taxes on plastic, CO2 and ‘digital services’ – taxes which as of yet don’t exist and which, apparently, may even be impossible to create (paywalled link in German).

Do Remainers who have been screaming about ‘Toree Austeritee’ understand that our post-Lockdown economy won’t ever recover with an even higher tax burden? Do they think that the Bank of England simply will print more banknotes and forget about inflation? What about the assessment of the ECB in regard to the €urozone (link)? Do Remainers believe it’ll be grand for us to be tied to this sinking vessel? That ‘we’ must support this failing EU project as their failing economies, supported by phantom taxes, are going down the drain?

And then there’s Fisheries … David Frost yesterday explained to the HoC Brexit Select Committee yet again that our proposals were drawn from fishery agreements the EU has with non-member states while commiserating with M Barnier whose mandate still doesn’t allow him any leeway (link). Mr Frost’s remarks in his letter to M Barnier at the end of their last round of talks, that the EU position is based on ideology, not pragmatism, is underlined here:

“The Frenchman was warned by the bloc’s most influential fisheries capitals that he must continue to demand status access to Britain’s waters as part of any post-Brexit free-trade agreement. They said he must “uphold existing reciprocal access conditions, quota shared and traditional activity” for European trawler men. Prior to the video meeting with eleven ministers, Brussels sources said Mr Barnier was preparing to drop his “maximalist” position next week when trade talks with Britain resume.” (link)

For a shining example of how to spin these facts into an anti-Frost, anti-Brexit narrative, look no further than the article by the DT’s Brussels correspondent. The headline and subtitle say it all:

“UK’s chief Brexit negotiator admits fishing deal is unlikely by July deadline – Failure to reach a deal could harden EU attitudes at a time when the bloc’s leaders are consumed by the coronavirus pandemic” (link)

As most people have only time to scan the headlines, they’ll now assume that Frost is failing and that it’ll be his fault if the EU doesn’t budge, not that of the EU. In another report on this hearing of the HoC Brexit Select Committee, we read that even there the Cummings War reared its ugly head:

“Mr Frost was challenged by the Conservative Brexiteer MP Peter Bone on the role of Dominic Cummings in the negotiations. Mr Bone, who has called on the prime minister’s chief adviser to resign, asked how critical he was to the government’s strategy. Mr Frost told him that he did not take instructions from Mr Cummings and that he reported “to the prime minister on the conduct of these negotiations. The Brexit policy is set by the prime minister, so I’m quite confident that, whatever the arrangement for special advisers, can continue,” he said.” (link, paywalled)

Well said, Mr Frost! Hopefully this will finally mark the end to this unsavoury MSM Hate campaign. The incomparable Sir John Redwood’s Diary entry today should serve as a spine-stiffener for Johnson. Let’s hope it works.

I leave you with yet another report that hasn’t nor won’t make it into “Our MSM”. Nigel Farage produced another video on the transfer service of migrants across the Channel (see here, with the full video). How anybody can still think the French government isn’t supporting people trafficking is beyond me.

Nigel Farage’s report shows that France and the EU are never going to play by their own rules – but we must accommodate them and give them what they want, even unto an extension, even unto paying them more billions of Danegeld? Not on your nelly!





Photo by lesteph

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