Dear readers, dear authors and comment post writers, dear subscribers!


I make this announcement with a heavy heart and great sadness: INDEPENDENCE Daily is going to close from tomorrow. 

This decision has not been taken lightly or without pain, but it has been on the cards for months now. Running the site has become unsustainable, not least because the effort we all, but especially Debbie and myself, have been putting in daily is no longer bringing returns, returns in the form of reader numbers, of debates in the comments, of propagating the site elsewhere. After my appeal in June this year, there was a brief flurry of articles but it turned out to be a straw fire, quickly burning out.

What I observed then has become even more evident in these weeks gone by: reading fashions have changed, people are spending more time on watching videos by journalists outside the MSM, people are preferring to listen to podcasts, people are not interested in reading, never mind writing. This fashion has hit other websites and blogs as well it doesn’t apply only to those who visit INDEPENDENCE Daily. It is simply a fact of that ‘New Normal’ which has been creeping in ever since the first Lockdown.

Add in the fact that, since the beginning of this year, both Debbie and I have had huge health issues. These issues have had consequences: our daily publications of the News Review and the Betrayal Column have become ever more difficult and hard to produce. Those who took up the slack for some weeks earlier this year know how exhausting it is to work to a timeline, day in, day out. Those who have written articles, especially those who sent one in every week, know how much work goes into producing them. 

A site without content cannot survive. Moreover, a site, run down to provide just a ‘notice board’ for those wanting to draw attention to videos and podcasts by linking to them, still needs editors who do the needful, who moderate the comments. Our editors have done this ‘for free’, donating their time while having to earn their living. This was fine and was fun as long as articles came in, as long as debates took place. Their efforts would be wasted on just moderating a notice board. 


That’s why INDEPENDENCE Daily will close from tomorrow, Sunday 17th October onwards.


There won’t be any Newsletter sent out after that date. I apologise to all the new subscribers who subscribed in the last few weeks thank you for your interest, and I’m sorry that we’re no longer going to provide you with interesting material.

However, the site will remain accessible you’ll still be able to read all that has been published in the last three years. You can still comment on the articles published in the last two weeks – comments on single articles close after 14 days.

Moreover, in order to keep the archive accessible, some new items will be published, irregularly, perhaps every month or two weeks. Do bookmark the URL of the site and check in now and then. 

It remains for me to say a heartfelt thank-you – that list is long …

My first thanks go to Debbie who has been the mainstay of this site for years and years. Without her I’d have been forced to throw in the towel much sooner. I also thank our editors Mark Angelides and Laura Valkovic who have been duty editors for a number of years. I thank especially our duty editor Lexi Dick who signed up after my appeal in June and has done sterling work. I finally thank Jack Thomas who also signed up after my appeal and has been looking after comments when his time permitted.

Next, my warm thanks go to all the writers, the authors who have sent in their manuscripts over the years. Thank you all for your copy without your content this site would have folded years ago nay, it might never have got off the ground.

And last but not least – a heartfelt thank you to all who kept commenting and engaging in debates. You kept the site alive. Do check in from time to time, to see if there’s ‘something new’ on which you’d want to comment.


Thank you all – it’s good-bye for now but not yet farewell.





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