Funny what difference a year makes! Remember the outrage, the temper tantrums, the screaming rages displayed last year in the MSM as Brits streamed to the beaches when lockdown was dialled back? This year, there’s no outcry in reports on ‘look at all those people enjoying themselves’. There are lots of photos of ‘full beaches’ but no cries of ‘irresponsible people killing us all’. There is the customary observation that it was ‘the hottest day yet’ this year.  One headline asked: “Was it Freedom Day already?” (link)

Since we can’t permitted to escape covid and the causes of covid, yet another SAGE had to be wheeled out in the MSM propaganda mission, cautioning about the possibility of yet another covid wave crashing over us should we be released from prison on June 21st:

“Prof Ravi Gupta, a member of the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nervtag), said ministers should consider pushing back their target of scrapping all measures on that date “by a few weeks” as new data showed the variant spreading across the country. The University of Cambridge academic said there had been an “exponential growth” in the number of cases, fuelled by the more transmissible strain, and claimed the high vaccination rate was giving the country a “false sense of security”.” (paywalled link)

Does this Cambridge professor not believe in the jabs then? Why? Is this a sign of covid having damaged this scientists’s mind, perchance? It’s suspicious though that all those eminent experts only sing from the same ‘don’t open the prison doors’ hymn sheet. One wonders why … Here’s another one:

“As cases, hospital admissions and deaths continued to edge upwards because of the Indian variant, scientific advisers questioned whether the final phase of the roadmap to end lockdown could go ahead this month as planned. Professor Adam Finn of the University of Bristol and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), told Times Radio: “I think there are lots of warning signals at the moment and it would be better to overreact than underreact.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear. It’s the now common picture of ‘case numbers rising’ – that means: be afraid, be very afraid! – while the numbers for hospital admissions and deaths are ’flat’ (link). My confidence in SAGE and the rest of the covid ‘science expertise’ is also flat because those people clearly are blind to the fact that increasing a test regime – surge testing, anyone? – means increasing ‘cases’. Oddly enough though, we thick peasants know this doesn’t mean hospitals are again being smashed and people are dying in the streets. 

And what about the implications for the general mental health of the nation, never mind businesses? Haven’t various ‘mental health gurus’ told us that uncertainties are bad, that people need certainties in their lives? Moreover, do businesses not need to be certain in order to plan for the immediate future of their businesses? What then to make of the covid empire’s ‘weekend stand-in’, that ’eminent covid expert’ George Eustice? He told the BBC:

“Asked whether businesses should prepare for a delay to the unlocking, George Eustice, the Environment Secretary, said the Government “can’t rule anything out”. I know everyone wants to know what is going to happen, but we can’t actually make that judgment until we see the impact of the easements just made,” Mr Eustice told the BBC.” (paywalled link)

Mind you, he also told the BBC that Mr&Mrs BoJo’s green government is thinking about a ‘carbon border tax’. No, that’s not a tax on dinghy-travellers, it’s going to be tax on imports which are cheaper than what we produce here because so many countries are, ahem, climate ‘sinners’:

“George Eustice confirmed that the government was looking at plans for a carbon border tax that could protect British products from more carbon-intensive foreign rivals. In comments that may worry the most committed free-traders in the Conservative ranks, Eustice said the government was looking at levying an “adjustment tax” on those with the worst environmental records.” (link, paywalled)

Funny that – this same scheme has been proposed and will be implemented by Brussels. Far be it from me to point at the civil serpents in Mr Eustice’s department who still don’t seem to have cut their ties with the EU, Brexit or not. The script they’ve prepared for him to tell to the deeply green BBC is revealing. He said:

“In a world where you want the sovereignty to set your own environmental standards and to mean what you say on that, you do have to consider what happens in the context of international trade. That is why a lot of people are looking — the UK included — on whether there should be, when we measure our carbon emissions, something much more around consumption. So that you measure the carbon of the food and other goods that you import — not just what your emissions are.” (link, paywalled)

Only the rich can afford Green Blobbery. A ‘CO2 border tax’ will impinge on food prices – remember that we depend on food imports not least because much of our food-producing land has been given over to ‘solar farms’ and ‘wind farms’. It will also impinge on industrial products and indeed clothing. The green rich may scoff at cheap T-shirts and such, but after all the taxes we plebs have to pay – for example Road Tax or VAT – we won’t have much left in our wallets. And that’s not even taking into account the rise and rise in energy costs. Greenery is for toffs – that’ll play well in those ‘red wall’ constituencies!

Perhaps someone also ought to point out to the green lot that such border tax is definitely racist because it would tax unfairly all those Third World countries and hamper their economies. Perhaps that’s an argument which should be thrown at those “Extinction Rebellion” criminals, ahem: ‘activists’: they’re supporting racism because clearly the lives of people in the rest of the world don’t matter, their virtue-signalling of ‘saving the planet’ notwithstanding.

Speaking of racism and ‘Teh Planet’, the WHO has stepped in, again. It’s racist to speak of e.g. an ‘Indian variant’. We can’t have that. It’s much better to avoid the label ‘racist’ altogether, calling this ‘a geographic stigma’ which must be avoided. You really couldn’t make it up:

“The World Health Organisation has announced plans to rename Covid variants with Greek alphabet letters in a bid to lose the ‘stigma’ of geographic titles. Under WHO’s new plans, the Indian variant will now be known as ‘Covid Delta’, while the UK’s Kent strain will be known as ‘Covid Alpha’. South Africa’s variant will become ‘Covid Beta’, while the Brazilian variant will be known as ‘Covid Gamma’.” (link)

Apparently, they’re already down to ‘theta’. I wonder how quickly we’ll get to ‘omega’ – and what happens then … While it’s oddly satisfying to note that “we” in the UK are “Alpha” – ’alpha’ always denotes someone or something at the top of the pyramid – it would be nice to know what the WHO is now calling the original, the WuFlu, the China Covid – such racist, stigmatising labels cannot be endured. Will it be ‘covid zero’?

You might like to scroll down a bit further in that DM article. They copy an ‘exclusive’ from the DT (paywalled link) on the latest demand from the WHO, IMF, WTO and ‘World Bank Group’, writing: “Give poorer countries extra jabs to stop variants and ‘two-track’ pandemic from opening up” (link). Huzzah for joined-up thinking: “we” donate vaccines, paid for by us, to those poor countries and then impose Green CO2 border taxes on their imports. That makes eminent sense to those living in green~ and red~washed ivory towers. I see it as yet another sign of covid damaging minds. 

You have to understand the concerns of those global organisations though! After all, with ever more variants emerging in countries across the globe there will be ever more travel restrictions, thanks to their being ‘red-listed’. Travellers returning from red-listed countries have to quarantine for ten days in designated hotels, at a cost of £1,700+. So if you’d planned to go to “Bahrain, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago and Kuwait, two of which are holiday destinations and two important Middle East economic connections” (paywalled link) – don’t. Just don’t, unless you have those extra funds for quarantine in your wallet. Anyway – how do you know you’ll even be permitted to leave our lockdown prison on Freedom Day?

There’s another question never asked by the intrepid MSM reporters: don’t the vaccines work? Why must travellers, already vaccinated, still go to quarantine prison when our covid government decides that a rise in ‘case numbers’ in a country demands including them on that dreaded red list? 

Do these latest pronunciations from representatives of our covid empire and from those mighty in the WHO and others not show clearly that covid and the causes of covid definitely damage minds? 




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