His scalp is the one ‘Our MSM’ really want 


It is sickening: the MSM are still fighting their Cummings War as if there were no other important CV-19 news. There is one (!) article in the DT and one (!) in The Times about ‘unexplained deaths’, versus 5 on Cummings in the DT, plus 3 Opinion pieces, and 4 plus 2 opinion pieces in the Times. This shows that it’s about the MSM’s belief, that they alone are permitted to drive political decisions because, as they keep telling us, they and only they ‘speak for the people’.

I’ll refrain from recapitulating all their ‘but … he did wrong!’ stuff, that ‘he could have got child care in London’, ‘it’s so unfair …’ and just note that yet again none of those “journalists” ask why what Cummings did at the end of March matters now, today. How can this ‘risk lives’ now, today, when it didn’t while nobody knew about it?

Forget that the Lockdown rulz have been ‘observed’ in the breach by Labour, SNP and indeed Tory MPs without anything more than a brief ruffles of ‘journalistic’ feathers. Shouldn’t these MPs also be held accountable? Ah – but Cummings has been depicted as the divvil since Johnson won the GE. This is where the aim of ‘That MSM Lot’ becomes clear: he is the Svengali who pulls Johnson’s strings, and if he can be made to go then Johnson will fall.

There are articles today on ‘Tory MPS want Cummings gone’ because their constituents, allegedly, tell them they’re angry. We don’t know how many letters these MPs have received, it’s not verifiable, but why shouldn’t we assume there are only two or three? Perhaps they’ve only seen ‘incensed’ tweets, created by this meejah campaign? Who knows!

Then we get “Teh Poll” – we don’t need to say anything about polling here! Do have a look though at this report in the DT (link), dutifully copied in parts in The Times (link, paywalled). It’s a YouGov poll, telling us that ‘even Leavers’ want Cummings gone, so it’s not about Brexit, you understand. 

Forget this report, that mandarins were using the opportunity created by Cummings’s absence and Johnson’s hospitalisation to secretly working on getting that desired extension. Am I a bad person when I assume that they might have hoped Johnson would die in hospital? Overlook Tusk – remember him? – sticking his little EU knife into Cummings’ back as well (here): it’s not about Brexit, ok?

Here is where the mask dropped: the campaigning MSM have finally achieved their goal. Johnson’s poll rating has turned negative and sunk below that of Starmer (link, scroll down for the graph) – trebles all round for our Westminster journalist “heroes”!

Well, they wanted Corbyn in No 10 last year, so now they want Starmer. Also keep in mind the influence of our civil serpents. While the Johnson cabinet is not precisely blessed with great minds, these Tory ministers look like intellectual giants compared to Starmer’s shadow front bench. Guess which one can be more easily domesticated! 

Guess also which front bench can be more easily influenced by all those experts who seem to believe it’s they themselves who should create policies – “The Science” being so much better at governing than irrational politicians driven by letters from constituents! And as we surely know by now, once “The Science” has spoken, everything has to be cast in stone: no queries, no deviations allowed. Evah. Consequences be damned.

In their Cummings War the MSM and their tame scientist experts simply disregard that the Lockdown they defend with teeth and claws has been devastating for our communities and economy. Their “science” is now abused as a political weapon being turned against Cummings and by extension against Johnson:

“A growing number of scientists advising the government on its handling of the coronavirus pandemic insist that Mr Cummings threatens to undermine the sense of community spirit vital to beating the virus.” (link, paywalled)

Oh that ‘community spirit’, so diligently enforced by ‘our police’, so lovingly demonstrated by people being shamed into going out and clapping for “Our NHS”! There’s more:

Speaking in a personal capacity, Dr Gavin Morgan, a psychologist at University College London and a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours, said failure to take action on Mr Cummings was potentially “a risk to lives”. “The fact that Boris Johnson said yesterday that his eyesight was suddenly affected shows that they are making up the science on the spot,” he said. “It’s almost Trumpian.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear! By that last remark we discern that the actual ‘enemy’ of the MSM is Johnson. Expect more of those ‘Trumpian’ labels in future, and never mind that one personal observation by Johnson is not = ‘making up science’. Even a psychologist should have learned that during his first degree at uni!

I suppose we ought to be grateful to the editors of the DT and The Times that they saw fit to give us one (1) article each on the number of ‘unexplained deaths’ in England and Wales. The Times, publishing their story at 12.01am, have clearly and diligently copied their story from the DT which published theirs at 7.24pm yesterday. The Times, coyly labelling these deaths as ‘unusual’, carefully writes:

“A total of 12,335 more people than usual have died at home during the coronavirus pandemic, raising fears about the knock-on effects of telling people not to go to hospital. […] Experts urged greater attention on the “massive increase” in deaths at home to discover how many of them could have been avoided.” (link, paywalled)

How could these deaths have been avoided when people, GPs, ambulances, “Our NHS”, have so diligently observed the sacred Lockdown? The DT is a bit more outspoken in their subtitle “Fears grow that thousands died of non-virus causes at home or in care homes because they could not access medical treatment”, reporting:

“Data compiled by The Telegraph shows that there have been more than 23,000 excess deaths in care homes or at home, not linked to Covid-19, since March 13. During that time, hospital deaths fell by more than 10,000 as many dying patients were sent back into the community to free up beds ahead of the pandemic building to a peak. But even after allowing for the numbers who would ordinarily have died in hospital, some 12,818 deaths are left unaccounted for.” (link)

‘Our NHS’ sent back dying patients? Wasn’t that a bit, hm, heartless, with the Lockdown just starting? Next, see this – and ask yourselves why ‘Our MSM’ are not dedicating more articles to this issue:

“Statisticians at Oxford and Cambridge universities said the numbers were now sufficiently worrying for an inquiry to be launched into the cause.There are fears that thousands of people have died at home or in care homes because they could not access medical treatment as resources were diverted to cope with the virus pandemic.” (link)

No, there won’t be an inquiry, not an official one and certainly not one by ‘Our MSM’ because that would torpedo their ongoing campaign to keep the Lockdown going  and get Johnson out. It would raise very inconvenient questions about how ‘Our NHS’ handled this pandemic. The points made by Oxford Professor Heneghan surely deserve a couple of articles and opinion pieces at the very least:

“Professor Carl Heneghan […] said excess deaths at home were unlikely to be unrecorded coronavirus deaths. “These people have been isolating, they have not been having visitors, so by now it’s hard to explain this as unrecognised Covid,” he said. “There are excesses for a number of reasons. One of them could be a lack of people presenting to healthcare with usual problems that are highly amenable to treatment. This is an urgent area for inquiry. […] There are issues here because this number is significantly higher than what we’d normally expect in the home setting.” (link)

These unexplained deaths don’t deserve more than one article because ‘Our MSM‘ must fight that Cummings War. After all, the issue of teachers’ unions trying to block schools from opening was dropped like a hot potato for the sake of that war. Given the poll figures mentioned above, why is it that none of them ask Starmer what he is doing to get those unions to back off? 

I leave you with two observations – both sickening. One is that a certain Tory MP and runner in last year’s Tory leadership election is now utilising this Cummings War to position himself to supplant Johnson. Not Gove – he’s too clever to come out in the open like that – it’s Jeremy Hunt (link).

The other is that the Cummings War “journalists” are so focussed on getting him out that they’ve forgotten their previous accusations. Before they got their wish for that Lockdown they accused Cummings of heinously wanting none of it but going for ‘herd immunity’: his head must roll for wanting people to die! Now he’s accused of ‘creating the Lockdown’, as if SAGE, Ferguson and the rest of it played no role whatsoever. His head must roll even as these “journalists” try desperately to praise the Lockdown. 

You really couldn’t make it up! These are the people who believe they have the right to determine government policies. Someone ask them who elected them and to whom they are actually accountable. I humbly suggest you peruse this article by James Delingpole if you want an answer to that last question!




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