I am appalled by the machinations and games Ms May, the government, and the Tory and labour remainers are playing, now that she’s back with that ‘extension’ and promise of more extensions under her belt!

Since anger is bad for your health, I wonder if one could sue Ms May, her government, the Tory Party and especially the HoC for causing immeasurable damage to the Nation’s health due to their boneheaded disregard of us, the 17.4 million Brexit voters. My anger now knows no bounds.

And now that Ms May is back, what do the Remain Tories in her government do? Lay out ‘plans’ as to how bet to get her WA through, somehow, and to keep her in 10 Downing Street! That, according to a good but rather gloomy article by Paul Goodman (see here), is her sole aim – even if it might end in her losing power to Parliament, thanks to those various ‘votes’ they’re all playing with. Here’s a good explanation:

“Senior MPs fear that there may not be a majority for any single alternative to Theresa May’s Brexit deal if the Commons is asked to vote on options next week. David Lidington, Mrs May’s de facto deputy, opened discussions with opposition leaders yesterday over the sort of votes that could take place. “He was keen to discuss whether there should be indicative ballots [when MPs can vote for each alternative they like] or exhaustive ballots [where each round narrows the choice until one option is ultimately selected],” an opposition source told The Times. Such a strategy goes further than No 10’s public comments on the issue, which are that the government would “facilitate a process . . . to consider the potential ways forward” if Mrs May loses her Brexit deal again.” (link, paywalled)

Now we know what they mean – although I still don’t know what the difference is between a ‘meaningful’ vote and an ordinary vote … Here’s more:

“Hard Brexit supporters described the idea of testing alternatives to Mrs May’s Brexit deal as a “national humiliation”, fearing it could lead to a softer Brexit. If the government does not embrace indicative votes, MPs are likely to force them to be held anyway after Hilary Benn, Yvette Cooper and Nick Boles put down a motion, to be voted on on Monday, that would seize the agenda.” (link, paywalled)

The reason for those desperate ‘compromises’ is that the DUP has declared they will not vote for that ‘deal’, nor will the ERG, so Ms May is trying to avoid bringing it to the HoC as long as she doesn’t get a majority for it. Here’s a non-paywalled report:

“Theresa May was today accused of ‘declaring open war’ on her own Eurosceptic MPs by promising a free vote on a second referendum or revoking Article 50 if her Brexit deal is killed off next week. Downing Street will ask MPs from all parties to help find her a Plan B as Tory rebels said their ‘isolated’ leader should ‘name a date’ for her resignation after failing to deliver Brexit for March 29. Tory MP Steve Baker, the ERG’s deputy chairman, said today: ‘National humiliation is imminent through these indicative votes. The wrong Conservatives have the levers of power’. Michael Fabricant tweeted: ‘If this is true, has Theresa May now decided to declare open war on ALL her backbenchers’.”

Let that sink in – and let sink in that even more MPs are now demanding she resign. Meanwhile, over at Labour, there are splits and there’s defiance as well:

“Tom Watson will tell supporters today that a second Brexit referendum is the “only way to resolve” the impasse, in defiance of Labour’s official policy.The deputy leader will offer to support Theresa May’s deal next week if she agrees to put it to voters along with the option of remaining in the EU. […] Mr Watson will say that he has reluctantly come to the conclusion that voters must have another say.” (link, paywalled)

But don’t get bedazzled by all these permutations. Ms May is not giving up yet:

“Mrs May has indicated she may not even bring her deal back to parliament for a third vote if there is not enough support for it. In a letter to her fellow parliamentarians, she wrote: “If it appears that there is not sufficient support to bring the deal back next week, or the House rejects it again, we can ask for another extension before April 12.” (link, paywalled)

That, dear friends, is the aim: extension after extension to keep us in! As our MPs are fumbling about, trying to get ‘their’ BRINO before the deadline of April 12th. Labour is hoping to get a GE or at least a 2nd referendum out of it (with the question ‘do you want to Remain or do you want to remain just a little bit?) – do they not realise that voters won;t support any Party that denies us Brexit?

Some pundits are now homing in on revoking Article 50 altogether! That’s thanks to the luvvies’ Petition which has been discredited across the MSM:

“Truly, Brexit Derangement Syndrome has gone viral. Already, an impressive list of characters has signed the petition. Jacob Rees-Mogg has given it his seal of approval over 8,000 times. Idi Amin, of all people, has signed it over 700 times. Journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer registered herself under the name “Remoaner McRemoanface”, seemingly without detection. One Leaver, Bruce Lawson, testing the online system’s limits, found that he could sign the petition on multiple email accounts. Others have set up automated systems to sign up over and over again.” (paywalled link)

“Remain Democracy” in action! Fraud and manipulation …

That Brexit is in danger of death by a thousand cuts, ahem, extensions, is demonstrated nicely by our government. Yes, they’ve set up a unit and a programme to deal with no-deal Brexit (see here) – that ‘emergency assumed to last for three months (!) – but after having been alerted, they’ve been stood down already (paywalled link). A clear case of ‘don’t listen to what they say – watch what they are doing’.

To finish on a high note: the inimitable Sir John Redwood opens his diary entry for today (here) with an exceedingly strong statement:

Parliament has declared verbal [Ed: this was added later today by Sir John Redwood himself] war on the people. The war can only be ended if we leave the EU on 29 March with no Withdrawal Agreement.”

… and ends thus:

“These Remain MPs are letting the people down badly. They blame the public for bravely choosing freedom. They  lack any vision of the better future that beckons. Their pathetic whining of how our country will be worse if they take responsibility from the EU tells us more about their inadequacies than about the bold vision of the  people.”

Bravo, Sir John Redwood! Do read the whole thing and note the difference between his words and that dreadful performance of Ms May on Wednesday evening’s press statement.

While the usual talking heads will appear on our TV screens with their personal opinions, we can only hope that some Tories, en coulisse, are finding a way to get rid of her during this weekend. That coming week will be crucial – reserve your seat before the telly but don’t forget to email your MPs!


In old-time reckoning, it’s 6 days to Brexit.

In new, EU-time reckoning, it’s 19 days to Brexit (if ever).

We will KBO regardless

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