The GE: ‘Buy – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime bargain’


This election is a farce. The whole campaign has become such despicable play for ‘power’ with unprecedented attempts by LabCon to bribe the electorate – us! – with our own money that I am in danger of becoming incoherent with anger when I look at the daily reports n the MSM.

We are told by the leaders and their supporting crews that this is the ‘Brexit’ election. We are told by the MSM writers and by the ‘polling gurus’ that Leavers and Remainers are contemplating to ‘leave’ Labour or the Tories “in droves” (here and here). We read that there’s a ‘danger of a hung Parliament’ in a report (here) which shows me only that even those ‘polling gurus’ haven’t got a clue of what is actually going on. 

Then we read about a proposal by a Labour “Lord”, about Corbyn himself being the latest pawn in this despicable haggling over who gets to enter No 10 after the GE (link, paywalled). The report in the DT is succinct:

“Jeremy Corbyn’s future could be up for discussion as the price of a pact with the SNP or Liberal Democrats, a senior adviser to Labour has suggested. Lord Kerslake, a long-standing ally of John McDonnell, said replacing Mr Corbyn as Labour leader could “form part of the conversation” of any confidence and supply talks in the event of a hung parliament. Sources close to Mr Corbyn were forced to issue a stern rebuke of the peer, insisting a change of party leadership was “not on the table”. ‘ (paywalled link)

Note that Lord Kerslake is not just a Labour supporter – he is ‘allied’ with Mr McDonnell who is the architect of the socialist economic ‘measures’ proposed by Labour. Lord Kerslake and his allies don’t seem to understand that replacing Corbyn is not the solution. 

The unprecedented intervention of the Chief Rabbi, warning of a Labour government  (see e.g. here and paywalled here) shows that the Jewish community is well aware of the dangers of a Labour win as it’s not just Corbyn but the whole party which is tainted by anti-semitism.

The latest Labour election wheeze illustrates their institutionalised racism nicely (link). Why should they worry about a few Jewish votes when they aim to grab the votes of all ‘Brits of colour’ with this proposal:

“As part of a wider review into the UK’s “colonial legacy”, Labour plans an inquiry to determine the extent of the country’s contribution to “violence and insecurity” in its former colonies. The party has already promised to formally apologise and review Britain’s role in the Amritsar massacre in 1919, when 400 civilians in the Punjab were killed by British Indian Army troops. Under the proposals, an “emancipation educational trust” would be set up to address the legacy of slavery and teach children how it “interrupted a rich and powerful black history”.” (paywalled link)

It gets worse – this comes under ‘words fail me’:

“Labour will also propose to review the under-representation of ethnic minority teachers in schools and create a “race equality unit” in the Treasury to assess the impact of Government spending on ethnic minorities. The party cited figures last night highlighting that black African teachers made up only 1.3 per cent of male teachers and 0.7 per cent of female teachers.” (paywalled link)

The reason why this proposal made me nearly splutter my coffee over my laptop is this report (link), about some BBC-promoted poet having turned down an MBE because of the ‘evil British Empire’. His choice, you might say – but then see this:

“’Your forefathers grabbed my motherland, pinned her down and took turns. They did that every day for a couple hundred years and then left her to treat her own burns.” (link)

He self-identifies as Ugandan even though he was born and raised here in the UK. It was news to me that the British Empire ‘raped’ his country 200 years ago. Is it really beyond the competence of someone like this ‘poet’ to check out the history of the British Empire, perhaps on ‘wiki’? And Labour wants people like him to teach our children? Is our school system not desperate enough already, failing our children, institutionally incapable of even teaching the simplest things?

I apologise for going on about this dreadful election campaign where one Party accuses the other of planning to waste our money – money which they don’t have –  from the NHS (paywalled here and here) to the cost of Labour’s ‘referendum’ policies (here, paywalled here). 

I was forced to do so because Brexit has become just one of the GE bargaining chips, a trinket worn on the lapels of the PPCs haggling for our votes. Johnson, who is aiming to get a majority, ‘promises’ to have an early Queen’s Speech on the 19th of December, to get the BRINO legislation through Parliament so we can leave on January 31st (paywalled link). That, dear friends, is his ‘Christmas Present’ to us …:

“Preparations are already under way for a Queen’s Speech next month should the Conservatives win a majority on Dec 12. MPs would be summoned to Parliament on Tues, Dec 17, when a Speaker would be elected and MPs would be sworn in before the Queen’s Speech on Thursday, Dec 19. Senior Conservative sources said Mr Johnson then plans to introduce his Withdrawal Agreement Bill for its first reading on Friday, Dec 20 – which does not involve a vote – and is considering making MPs sit the next day for the second reading of the Bill, when a debate would be followed by a vote.” (paywalled link)

Just like Labour they are already distributing the bear’s pelt before they have killed it, never mind actually caught it. The tiny snippet of EU information from Brussels’ sources, namely that we’ll have to give up our fishing waters to the EU as part of trade negotiations (here) is of course a petitesse which needn’t worry us. Meanwhile Tony Blair warned of a no-deal Brexit … just savour this:

“He said: “I have spoken to many people in Europe over the past few weeks. Not a single person believes that there is any prospect of Britain reaching agreement with Europe on this (Conservative Party) timeline, if its position is divergence on rule making. On the contrary, they assert that Europe would be vigilant to ensure there was no ‘unfair competition’, particularly around tax and regulation.” (link)

He spoke to ‘people’? I’m amazed! Read the whole thing – it’s not paywalled. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, just before Polling Day, he’d come out with a call to vote … LibDem. Now that would be proper ‘dead cat’!

If it weren’t about the fate of our country you’d have to laugh at the farce this GE campaign has become. We’re being bribed, we’re being clobbered with ‘programmes’ wasting more of our money irrespective of who will get to sit in No 10. The election ‘strategists’ are playing power games while disregarding us.

In their opinion we are stupid and uneducated and will greedily vote for whoever gives us back the most of the dosh they have robbed us of beforehand. A bit like the EU, you might say: take £10 and give back £1 for which we must be suitably grateful …!

You might have noticed that in a miraculous way TBP has become non-existent, as far as the MSM and the strategists of LibLabCon are concerned. That’s how much Brexit, how much our Leave vote matters!

I leave you with the news that Andrew Neil of the BBC will grill Mr Corbyn tonight at 7pm. If his interview with Ms Sturgeon yesterday evening is anything to go by (‘car crash’ was one description) this should be a cracker – provided the BBC isn’t forcing him to ‘be nice’ to Mr Corbyn.

As for us – what else can we do but




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