Goodness gracious me! Yesterday evening our pratfall of clowns voted for four amendments – and the result?

NO – NO – NO – NO

You have to laugh! I tried to watch yesterday’s proceedings, I really did – but as the Parliament TV Channel didn’t show us the entertaining bare bums and tits of protesters in the Visitors’ Gallery, I switched off. If you must, you can watch ‘that’ event here – I hope removing the glue with which they attached themselves was exceedingly painful!

The meagre presence of MPs on both sides showed clearly that they had already made up their minds. It was nothing but yet another opportunity for wimmin MPs to screech, for backbench MPs to ‘show’ their ‘passion’, so their hapless constituents can see how hard they work.

Their main argument was “Compromise” and “Unity”. One of the most inane speeches came from a Labour backbencher who, arguing for a 2nd referendum, said this would be ‘the workers’ Brexit’ (yes, really!). The other point was that Brexit is now soo different from the one we voted for in 2016 that surely ‘The People’ must now have another vote.

This “BRINO” is indeed a mess – do the MPs and Ms May think we’re still so ignorant that we haven’t noticed that they created this mess which they now want us to sanction, be it in a 2nd referendum or a GE? They better think again!

Before those votes – again on paper, with the session suspended for 30 minutes and ‘that’ clock being shown (I can tell you it’s about a minute slow) – before those votes an exasperated Andrew Lilico summed the choices up in this tweet.

In a nutshell, the ‘compromise’ the Remain Parliament wants is between ‘Remain and ‘Remain’. Nobody seems to have informed them that one cannot compromise when a binary question was asked and answered. There’s either IN or OUT, nothing in between, no matter how prettily they want to dress it up.

When the staunch conservative editor of “Conservative Home” describes yesterday’s proceedings as ‘Groundhog Day’ you know that the patience even of Tory members  is rapidly running out.

One perfect example for  the petulant childishness of those Remain MPs is Mr Nick Boles whose precious amendment was voted down yet again. He left the chamber and the Party in a huff – watch the clip here.

For a succinct description of what was on offer yesterday and what wasn’t, you can do no better than read this morning’s diary entry by the unsurpassed Sir John Redwood.

Of course Ms May’s reaction to this latest disaster was to turn into Nanny again, threatening these unruly kids, a.k.a. MPs, with the bogeyman of a GE (paywalled, here).

We ignorant, uninformed plebs know of course that this would give the EU the perfect pretext to ‘give’ us the long extension Mr Tusk so dearly wants.

I believe this is also the one solution the string-pullers and puppet-handlers in Whitehell prefer because the civil serpents have now put the necessary legislation in place for running the elections to the EU Parliament in May.

What next? Cabinet will meet today, in a five-hour session – the first three hours ‘without civil serpents’ present so ministers can speak freely (paywalled, here). However, if you thought that the Whitehell Mandarins were now perhaps realising that the only honourable way out of this mess is to leave with the WTO deal, a.k.a “crash out with No Deal”, then think again!

In an unprecedented intervention the Top Mandarin, the cabinet secretary Sir Mark Sedwill, presented cabinet ministers with a top ‘gloom-and-doom’ letter in the hope to make them toe Ms May’s line (here). Except for hordes of locusts and plagues it’s got everything in it, even the threat of ‘direct rule in Ni”, to force those pesky DUP MPs into line.

The political pundits in the Remain MSM were scrabbling overnight for some gossip, trying to predict the outcome of that Cabinet meeting, for example:

“The Times understands that Philip Hammond, the chancellor, will tell the cabinet today that the government has to make its own compromise proposal or admit that parliament has failed “and put it back to the people in a referendum” since the party and the country cannot afford an election. Mr Hammond is understood to believe that any compromise would have to involve attaching a customs union to the withdrawal agreement, an option he is “not enthusiastic” about.” (paywalled link)

Observers of the May Disaster Saga will remember that Mr Hammond, the fiercest remainer in Cabinet, has done his utmost, using the power the Treasury, to thwart Leave at every opportunity, from withholding funds to expedite a No Deal to constant Project Fear pronouncements.

However, all is not lost! Another wishy-washy May minister has now ‘converted’ to ‘No Deal’: Mr Jeremy Hunt (paywalled link). It is of course extremely unlikely that his campaign to replace Ms May as PM has anything at all to do with this conversion! How dare you think that!

Unlike the other MSM, The Express always looks across the Channel to see what our “friends” in the EU are up to. Well, their reports of a threatening Euro meltdown (here), of Merkel and Macron looking powerless negotiating with China (here), of Mr Varadkars’ utter panic’ and an imminent emergency meeting with Merkel and May (here) left me rather gleeful.

These reports inevitably lead to the question why it is that our Remain government and Parliament are so keen to cave in to the powerless, crumbling EU and why they are so utterly shitscared (excuse my French) of the WTO/No Deal Brexit.

But there’s one option which the whole lot, from Whitehell Mandarins to the government, the HoC and the Remain MSM won’t ever talk about: proroguing Parliament. Yesterday evening, the DT (paywalled) published an article by John Finnis QC (Hon), Professor of Law emeritus at the University of Oxford, who makes the case brilliantly:

“The Commons has since February been dealing with Brexit in a manner diverging more and more widely from centuries-old practices and standing orders historically proven necessary to governing in accordance with a Westminster-type constitution, perhaps our greatest contribution to civilised political life in many countries.”

He continues, driving this home:

The Government, therefore, can with full legitimacy consider the House’s imminent operations illegitimate in intent and chaotic in effect. These are illegitimate operations which, in the context of the House’s constitutionally legitimate rejections of the deal, are prejudicial to the conduct of government and international relations, and to the delivery of something this Parliament and its predecessor have approved, again and again, in considerable detail: carrying out a decision of the British people to exercise their treaty-based (Article 50) right to terminate their law-generating treaty relations with the European Union and its other members.”

I’m sure Ms May and her cabinet are blissfully unaware of this masterly exposition! Perhaps they should ask themselves why, in the case of a GE, we would ‘honour’ them by re-electing them when they all have so blatantly acted illegally and unconstitutionally.

They better realise that it’s not us voters who are ignorant: we know the facts better than they do. Disdaining us contemptuously by projecting their own proven ignorance on us will not work.

So keep emailing your MPs, tell them that they can only redeem themselves by getting us the WTO Brexit.


Brexit Betrayal + 10!


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