Since yesterday the MSM are full of the launch of  “The Independent Group” – if you really missed it, look here – they’ve already got their own wiki page! There are too many reports and opinion pieces to link to – here’s a good one by Richard Littlejohn – but as always, it’s worth reading what the inimitable Sir John Redwood has to say about that Group in his Diary today.

The main point is this: all seven splitters want a 2nd Referendum. Keep that in mind, because we’re used to politicians pontificating about noble and august reasons for why they’re doing what they’re doing when in fact it’s about their own egos, about hogging the limelight of publicity. Yesterday’s performance of those seven former Labour MPs couldn’t have been bettered to illustrate that.

It’s no secret that there’s a broad streak of anti-semitism in Labour, so making that the main reason for splitting from the Party is window dressing. Their explanation – ‘Labour cannot be reformed from the inside therefore we leave’ – combined with their desire to stay in the EU to ‘reform the EU from the inside’ is fundamentally contradictory. It’s about Remain plain and simple, and to get a 2nd referendum.

The media glare is now focussing on possible other ‘splitters’, with speculations of which other Labour and especially Tory MPs – front runners: Nick Boles and Anna Soubry (here, paywalled) – might take that plunge. The MSM also noted, with more or less concealed glee, that this ‘Independent Group’ originally started out as ‘Group of 30’, but 23 had got cold feet, mainly because they distrust Mr Umunna:

“it is significantly less than the 30 Labour MPs who were said to be in talks over quitting Labour and forming a new party. A senior Labour source said they had been deterred by leading roles of Mr Umunna and Mr Leslie in forming the new group.” (link, paywalled).

Remain Central, a.k.a The Times, bewails the timing of the split: “Labour split: Disillusioned MPs waited for moment of maximum impact” (paywalled link), also reporting: “Labour split: Voters despair at timing of walkout as Brexit looms” (paywalled link).

One wonders why The Times reporters assume politicians wouldn’t dream of announcing something for ‘maximum impact’! One also wonders if the reporters and voters realise that this is indeed a deep wound to their dreams of preventing Brexit by a 2nd referendum. One final observation making the rounds last evening: the 7 said at their press conference that ‘they wanted to hear from the people, the voters, what they say’. What a programme!

While we await with bated breath who else of our elected representatives (MPs to you and me) will join this new Remain Party, two other points need to be kept in mind. One is that none of them will do the honourable thing and resign, to stand in a by election. The other is that, since they all intend to keep their current seat in the HoC, this will make for an interesting few weeks until B-Day in 38 days. Calculating the majorities for Ms May’s WA will now become a proper guessing game.

Next to the ongoing ISIS Bride saga, this spectacle is welcome for the Remain MSM to keep the people’s attention away from what is really going on in Brussels and the EU. The Remain Cabinet ministers are travelling to Brussels, again about the Backstop, with the Attorney General to the fore. Tory Brexiteers are watching. Sir Bill Cash said: “if the changes were just “flowery words”, then the deal “won’t wash”, while the Irish Foreign Secretary said ‘Dublin would not be “steamrolled” into making compromises on the backstop.” (link). So far, the EU and Ireland are singing from the same song sheet: it’s all Britain’s fault … but see again yesterday’s report on this saga of obfuscation here.

The MSM were full of the Honda story: “closing because of Brexit.” Jonathan Isaby reports in his BrexitCentral email news:

“The Honda UK boss [said] “This is not a Brexit-related issue for us”. This chimes with what the Wiltshire town’s two MPs, Justin Tomlinson and Robert Buckland – the former a Leaver and the latter a Remainer – said in a joint statement issued yesterday after speaking to the company, pouring cold water on the claim that the move was related to the UK’s departure from the EU: “Honda have been very clear – this decision has been made because of global trends and is not related to Brexit. The Turkey factory will also close as all European market production is being consolidated to Japan where the company is based. This consolidation is made easier by the new EU-Japan trade deal which will allow Honda to produce their cars in Japan and import them into the EU, rather than produce the cars in Europe.” (my bold)

Never mind – facts don’t matter to the Remain MSM, especially not when the actual culprit is the EU.

A rather more interesting report on banking was given short shrift. The DM reports:

“Major banks on the Continent will be able to carry on using London for £60 trillion of crucial trading activity even if there is a No Deal Brexit. […] These clearing houses allow banks to trade complicated derivatives which underpin vital lending to households and businesses. Banks based inside the EU are legally only allowed to use clearing houses within the bloc – and it was feared a No Deal Brexit would cut them off from London, the main hub for clearing, causing chaos.”

Thus another pillar of Remain Project Fear – now better called ‘Project Lie’  is demolished by the EU – so no, of course we mustn’t talk about that.

But rest assured, help – for Remain – is at hand, or rather, is in the ‘hands of God’. Yes, really. That’s what M Juncker told a German paper:

“In an interview with German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung, the eccentric European Commission president said that Brexit was now being dictated by higher forces. “When it comes to Brexit, it is like being before the courts or on the high seas; we are in God’s hands. And we can never quite be sure when God will take the matter in hand,” Mr Juncker said.” (paywalled link, my bold)

All I can say is ‘good God’ – or would that be blasphemous?

Meanwhile, keep watching the squirrels, sorry, the Remain party splitters …


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