Metaphorically and literally: prepare for being rained upon


This morning’s selection of ‘news’ is involuntarily hilarious. The usual place documenting the printed front pages has this headline: “Newspaper headlines: Truss ‘heads for No 10’ and ‘Coleen plots revenge” (link). We must be through the bottom of yon barrel now when a court case between the wives of two footie stars is getting top billing with the slightly more important news about Miz Truss, now clearly heading to No 10.

There is however a rather interesting absence of another news item relating to that war in the Ukraine. It looks as if the MSM are now trying to keep their weekend editions a ‘war-free’ zone. More on this ‘absence’ below.

First a quick glance at the Truss News. I’m going to do what readers of online ‘news’ do and just quote headlines because nobody wants to read the whole guff, not when these ‘reports’ are so obviously spin and gossip meant to make readers accept that Miz Liz is the bee’s knees.

The DT tells us that “Liz Truss plans Thatcherite shake-up of the Treasury: Foreign Secretary reveals her intention for Downing Street to seize greater control over the economy” (paywalled link) – good luck with that, Liz!

I ask myself if she’s taking revenge on all who supported Sunak, his mandarins included. The DT also informs us that Tugendhat is now supporting Liz ‘because she has the answers while Ben Wallace has ‘savaged Sunak’ (paywalled link). Hoping for a seat at the Cabinet table, are they?

The Times meanwhile also has Tugendhat’s decision to support Truss at the top, labelling this ‘a blow for Sunak’ (link, paywalled). This is accompanied by a gossipy piece about Johnson now feeling sorry for Sunak (link, paywalled). C’mon, all you Westminster news editors and political correspondents; one more heave and La Truss can be crowned as PM already! It’s what, ahem: whom you want.

We can therefore confidently state that ‘feminism’ beats ‘racism’ when it’s about the top spot: shame on Westminster and the Tory Party! After all, we read in the same Times edition that civil servants are now being ‘trained’ to ‘accept’ that Britain is a racist country:

“Britain is a “racist” country and white officials should never contradict people from ethnic minorities, civil servants are being taught. A training video for civil servants at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, reportedly says that white civil servants should be aware of their “privilege”. The video encourages white people to become allies of ethnic minorities, urging them to listen but not to contradict.” (link, paywalled)

Really, Miz Liz – you’re obviously racist because you’re contradicting Sunak. Or is this yet another case of ‘it’s different when we do it’? A case of lowly civil servants having to accept they’re racist and act accordingly while their ever-so superiors can do as they like? A hair-raising report in the DM points that way: “Sacked from his £49,000-a-year job for being overheard on Zoom asking his wife ‘Do you think they have black privilege in Africa?’” (link). Read the whole thing: this is going to be our future.

And so to the non-story. Yesterday morning those who take surreptitious glimpses at the devilish Russian propaganda outlets learned that a detention centre for Ukrainian POWS in the Donetz Republic had been shelled by the Ukraine, allegedly using the much vautned US ‘Himars’:

“Ukrainian troops shelled a prison housing prisoners of war in the suburban settlement of Yelenovka early Friday morning, according to the Donetsk People’s Republic’s deputy information minister, Daniil Bezsonov. “There was a direct hit at a building with prisoners,”Bezsonov wrote on Telegram. “The results as of now: 40 killed, 130 wounded.” (link)

That report was published shortly after 7am yesterday. A few hours later, RT reported:

“According to Russia’s Defense Ministry and local authorities, Ukrainian troops used US-supplied HIMARS multiple rocket launchers to strike the detention center near the village of Yelenovka. The ministry said the facility held members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion, whose fighters surrendered to Russian and Donbass forces during the siege of the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol. The battalion is notorious because it includes fighters with nationalist and neo-Nazi views. Speaking to Russia’s TV Channel One, DPR head Denis Pushilin claimed that the Ukrainians “deliberately” targeted the detention center in order to kill Azov members who had been providing testimonies about possible war crimes by their commanders.” (link)

In that report, RT also quote ‘the other side’, giving the statement by Ukrainian military. This is quite something:

“The Ukrainian military released a statement on Friday, accusing Russian troops of shelling Yelenovka. Moscow destroyed the prison in order to pin the blame on Kiev, as well as to “hide the torture of prisoners and executions,” the statement alleged.” (link)

Words simply fail me! This morning, I trawled through ‘google news’ for links to reports in our MSM and found one instance only of a piece published yesterday, a SUN TV report (link, if you must). There was nothing else in our MSM, not even the Ukrainians statement.

It’s only in the very early hours of this morning that we find a ‘report’ by Al Beeb, documenting nicely that they have now received their propaganda spin orders. Remember that nothing has happened unless it’s on the BBC! We can now expect ‘reports’ in the papers for tomorrow’s Sunday editions ..

Here’s the spin, lovingly presented in the headline: “Ukraine war: UN and Red Cross should investigate prison deaths, says Ukraine” (link). It’s quite an amazing exercise: on the one hand we’re told that all those reports are ‘unverified’ while on the other we’re told that: “An adviser to President Zelensky said the scene looked like arson, and that a missile strike would have scattered the bodies.” (link).

Of course, Kiev ‘knows’ what happened even though the Western media say nobody can know for sure because there are ‘no independent journalists’ reporting. Note well: only a BBC reporter is ‘independent’, all others are Russian propagandists.

Perhaps that’s why the USA says it has no proper information ‘to speak intelligently’ about this event, as TASS reports (link)? Perhaps that’s why the UN Gen Sec says he ‘cannot comment further’ because he’s not got sufficient information (link)? Difficult, innit: must these organisations accept Russian evidence or will they brush that under the carpet “because propaganda”, while Kiev is again pointing fingers to hide their own guilt?

I highly recommend watching iEarlGrey’s video from yesterday evening. He also has a segment on Mr ‘e’s interview with Piers Morgan where Mr ‘e says that only his war is important, inflation and all that jazz isn’t.

I wonder what the Truss campaign and her warmongering supporters like Wallace and Tugendhat will have to say to that. Wasn’t there a German propaganda slogan from one of those WWs, saying ‘Butter für Kanonen’, i.e. butter for guns, meaning: starve for the war and feel proud? After all, La Liz is gonna take on Putin, isn;’t she, and that’ll cost …

I leave you with news that a hosepipe ban is coming. It’s going to start in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from next week and is bound to spread because Thames Water is also  thinking about it:

“Thames Water, which supplies most of Greater London, said that this month’s heatwave had resulted in some of the highest demand for a quarter of a century, while rainfall over the past three months had been only about 65 per cent of usual levels. “If we do not receive around or above average rainfall in the coming months this will increase pressure on our resources and may indeed result in the need for more water saving measures including restrictions,” (link, paywalled)

But – what about those leaks? Clearly, the water companies would rather we naughty consumers slob around than repairing those leaks which have been known about for years. As always – it’s ‘blame the customer’ and do nothing while CEO stipends and customer bills increase. We’ll have to wait and see if the weather gods will listen to the poor water companies and serve up deluges starting next week.

Since it’s the weekend, here are two articles by the Indian former diplomat Mr Bhadrakumar, on the ‘initiative’ of the US Sec of State Blinken who asked Mr Lavrov to please pretty please talk to him on the phone. This is the first one, and here’s the follow-up. Enjoy – and prepare for rain …

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