The current ‘road to freedom’: Test! Test! Test!



The good news is: starting today, the days are getting longer. The bad news is: Johnson is of breaking free from the SAGE string-pullers. There are also stirrings inside the ‘Johnson support’ camp, preemptively slinging mud at presumed rivals. More on that’d other bad news for Johnson below. Also, there are international covid news which our beloved Westminster MSM are presumably too racist to report. 

Firstly, the ‘home covid news’. I won’t bore you with the latest scare numbers and graphs, except to note that somehow the broadsheets this morning haven’t dedicated shedloads of pixels to those. There’s however no reason to breathe a sigh of relief yet. Johnson still hasn’t had his mind made up about what happens from Boxing Day onwards. He’ll let us know in the next 48 hours if all will close from Boxing Day onwards. Who needs New Year’s Eve festivities anyway!

The pocket-tinpot dictators know what’s best though and have cancelled Hogmanay in Scotland and New Year’s Eve fireworks in London and Wales. Also in the Principality: sports events have to take place behind closed doors from Boxing Day onwards and people who don’t WFH if they can but WFO (Work From Office) instead will be fined £60. Well, they can still go to pubs (link).

There’s one command for us peasants: Johnson told us that we must keep testing ourselves (link, paywalled). This is an outstanding example for voodoo ‘science’, for magical thinking, as if ‘a test a day will keep the ‘Rona away’! Never mind that last week there were reports on test kit shortages – funny how those intrepid investigators have now dropped that story.

And just in time tor Christmas the alleged ‘spiritual leader’, yon Archbishop of Canterbury, has put both his feet into his mouth. In an interview with ITV he had the nerve to exhort his flock or what still remains of it:

“I would say, go and get boosted, get vaccinated. It’s how we love our neighbour. Loving our neighbour is what Jesus told us to do. It’s Christmas: do what he said.’” (link)

So now you know: if you’re a Christian it’s your Christian duty to get jabbed, to please Baby Jesus at Christmas. Your Archbishop said so. That’s the same Archbishop who closed the church doors to the faithful on Easter 2020, whose vicars demand vax passports at the now slightly more open church doors and who forbid singing in their churches. I seem to vaguely recall Jesus saying something about giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. This Archbishop is telling his flock to give to Caesar with both hands. No wonder his churches are empty.

And so to my presumption of our MSM seemingly being racist. This is why: there were two reports out yesterday which they have diligently overlooked. There’s one from SA where their equivalent of SAGE has told their government that quarantine and contact tracing for Omicron is ‘unnecessary and ineffective’, and that testing is not required until people show symptoms. The Daily Sceptic reported on this pronouncement of SA’s SAGE yesterday at noon – you can read the whole thing here, full text of the recommendation included. 

Our covid ‘editors’ probably disregarded this piece of covid news because they presumably seem to think that the SA SAGEs are somewhat inferior to our Whittys because they’re not white, and that would be waycissst. They’ve also disregarded a development in India, reported in the Off-Guardian here. According to that report, “medical scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, civil servants, civil society organisations and “deeply concerned mothers, fathers, husbands and wives” are demanding the Modi government stop the mass roll-out of covid vaccines immediately. Read the whole thing. There’s no need to wonder why our MSM disregard this: it must be another instance of their racism, correct?

Is this silence about the developments in SA and India perhaps driven by shame? Shame that the citizens and scientists in our former colonies are looking at the covid and omicron situation and at the vaccine situation as they really are, but not not as they’re being told to by the Faucis ad Tedros’ of this world? Nah – the Westminster swamp critters know no shame, so they must be racists, plain and simple.

And so to the political backstabbing and mudslinging emanating from No 10. I enjoyed this wail:

“Several ministers including Truss have let it be known that they opposed tightening coronavirus rules, to the surprise of colleagues who say they did not speak out in cabinet. “It’s amazing how many people seem to have spoken up who didn’t actually say anything,” one senior Downing Street source said.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear! Have a guess at who this ‘senior Downing Street source’ is: Gove, or the Bedroom PM herself? My money is on ‘her upstairs’. Meanwhile, there’s this – I missed it because I don’t have a TV on which to watch Darts or anything else. The DT dedicated a whole erudite article to this vox populi outburst. The remarks by Professor Matthew Goodwin ought to worry the Tory Party from their PM and grandees all the way down to MPs and grassroots. They ought to be equally worrying for Labour:

“If you look at who’s been leaving the Conservative Party, they are working class and those who voted Brexit. […]They saw Boris Johnson as someone offering a radical alternative from the dreary status quo. They are now feeling he has failed to deliver on the radical agenda he put forward in the 2019 election. The levelling-up programme has yet to be defined. Immigration has not been brought under control. The country’s institutions are still being undermined by the radical Left. Their reluctant conclusion is that his project has lost his way. Those voters aren’t switching to Labour. They’re drifting into apathy. They’re not even sure if they’ll vote at all. The Conservative Party could win them back, but they have to come up with a compelling message.” (paywalled link)

That’s what all those senior and junior ‘sources’ in No 10 should worry about rather than sling mud at whoever is the current candidate to supplant Johnson in a leadership race. Equally, all those self-aggrandising leaders of the new self-styled libertarian parties ought to worry about it: where’s their compelling message? The Westminster ‘journalists’ won’t care – they know that they’ll always have ‘sources’ in No 10 and across Whitehall, no matter who is the PM.

I leave you with a piece of Scotland-shattering news. The woke historians at the National Trust for Scotland ‘discovered’ that Bonnie Prince Charlie was financially supported by a slave owner! A ‘French-Irish’ one to booth –  whatever that is supposed to mean (link, paywalled). Just imagine the uproar today if Stuart Charlie had won! It must be galling for Scots to have to acknowledge that, in our woke and anti-slavery society, their defeat at Culloden can no longer be seen as a national Scottish tragedy but only as ‘just deserts’. Isn’t woke history fun!

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