Written by Bob Lomas


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To a great extent the destruction of the nation state was not only due to the treachery of political opportunists but because over the centuries our political system had gradually eroded due to changing circumstances, beliefs and social aspirations. Even if our laws could be forcibly upheld and our Constitution re-introduced it could hardly be maintained without the former glue, namely the accepted supremacy of the Protestant Religion binding the accountability of those entrusted to maintain its supremacy. There would also be the problem of the monarchy that willingly participated in its own treasonous destruction.

As the Western World had politically progressed and moved on during the 20th century our ancient Constitution provided the foundation for those developments at the expense of our own political and social evolution, thus creating the confusion and dilemma in which we now find ourselves. There is therefore little or nothing to be gained in attempting to recapture that which had run its essential course. Accordingly we are now obliged to seek an appropriate means of moving on. 

Despite our common law Constitution which developed over some fifteen hundred years and all our laws and political structuring, the ancient Celtic principle of rule and governance by the people has remained throughout. In fact our common law Constitution has protected and upheld it despite it being an anathema to those who would rule our lives. It was however reasserted by the Magna Carta 1215 and again by the Bill of Rights 1689 and it has a name going back to Roman times. The name of that principle is ‘republicanism’.

So what is republicanism? Republicanism is a social political system in which the people hold the absolute power in the land. We the British people are still those Celts and our ancient social and political system as expressed and upheld in the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights has never left us. It is to be found in our common law to which all statute is subordinate. It is to be found in the fact that the letter of the law is subordinate to the spirit of the law, and it is to be found in the Saxon word ‘fair’ which expresses the fundamental principle of democracy itself and is the bedrock of western civilisation. 

If the British people wish to return their country to lawful governance by the people for the people they must first assert their ancient principle of republicanism. 

This will not entail ending the monarchy as the office of the monarch ceased to exist in 1972. Parliament must be exposed as the unlawful assembly it has become and the three leading political parties exposed and denounced for their treason and treachery. To pursue the challenge, a Republican party or movement, it does not matter which, must be formed. In this America was 200 years ahead of us. The Founding Fathers took with them our common law constitution and democratic republican principle which they were not ashamed to recognise and acclaim, in this they took with them the sum of their social and political history. Let us now consider the difficulties and obstacles likely to be encountered when structuring and establishing The Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Perhaps the biggest difficulty would be in overcoming the incredulity of the British people who have been denied the truth of the unlawful dictatorship under which they now live and persuaded by lies and duplicity that the monarchy and Parliament still have lawful legitimacy. The people must be encouraged to understand that prior to the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1972 Parliament drew its legitimacy from the Crown. Under the conditions, principle and demands of that Treaty the supremacy of the Crown was surrendered to a foreign power and the Crown is supreme or it is but nothing. It follows that from that time on Parliament has had no legitimacy whatsoever and has therefore been an unlawful assembly.

The three leading political parties must be exposed as fraudulent. The Conservative and Unionist Party is neither. It has conserved nothing, not even our national sovereignty, it openly denounces the principle of nationhood and ignored the Act of Union 1707 by encouraging devolution at the behest of its chosen foreign masters. The Labour Party is now led and controlled by money seeking millionaires who also do not believe in nationhood. The Liberal Democrat Party which is neither liberal nor democratic, as demonstrated by its insistence that the British people should have no say in their political future, believe the British people should be ruled by an unelected unaccountable foreign dictatorship.

It will not be easy to convince the British electorate, which is by and large conservative by national disposition, that the ballot box is now a sham. All three leading political parties have made clear their intention to keep the British people under the dictate of an unelected and unaccountable foreign power. To add to this difficulty the media is by and large under the influence of the anti British establishment.

We also have a politicized judiciary that would not hesitate to dishonestly denounce the truth of Parliament’s unlawful position and the abdication of the monarchy. In brief the nation is faced with a corrupt, dishonest and decadent political establishment administrating the dictates of a foreign power to an incredulous and apathetic population, which has over the past forty years been gradually disillusioned and worn down by skilful political suppression introduced by foreign laws and dictates duplicitously purported to be British law. 

To the people’s advantage there is the availability of the internet to spread the truth. There is also an emerging national dissatisfaction with the status quo and a growing indignation of the political establishment. The majority of the British people want their country back. This can be achieved once the will of the majority of the people has been galvanised into taking steps to recover that which is lawfully, spiritually and rightfully theirs and this they must essentially do for it is the birth right of generations yet to come just as it was and is theirs. 

When thinking of the possibility of a Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, one is mindful of Queen Boudica, King Alfred the Great, Winston Churchill, Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory and all our history of which we the British people are the sum.

Let not the traitors speak for us, for we dwell amongst our own people, or we used to and will do so again. 


The End


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