Literally millions of people have had their lives turned upside down this week by the great and the good who know best. They are the liberal elite who, if you dare to argue, if you dare to point out that they are just not quite right, will call you every name under the sun.

They will denigrate you as a non- believer and a philistine: be prepared to be shouted down, remonstrated with and, in order to prove they are right, screamed at fully in your face.

The whole of London has been brought to a stand-still, hundreds of arrests made by the Metropolitan police force, already stretched to the limit. Criminal damage was caused to the Shell offices with graffiti and superglue.

Supergluing themselves to buildings, railings and barriers seems to be the new way to chain yourself. Of course, for the fear of injuring demonstrators or of further claims in court, the police are reluctant if not incapable of dealing with this phenomenon. Why should they, too! For me, I would just pull them off, skin and all but yes, in any civilised society you cannot do that.

Camping in Oxford Circus has been allowed.  This is a main thoroughfare right in the heart of London, so you just have to ask why this has been allowed. If it had been a pro Brexit encampment, I would bet a mortgage that they would have been moved on or arrested already.

Street parties with slightly odd, if not a tad mad dancing on bridges over the Thames are a spectacle. With other bridges closed for repairs it won’t be long before beleaguered Londoners will have to go to Reading to get across the Thames. Chaining themselves to the DLR trains is downright irresponsible and puts emergency services in danger.

Encouraging kids to skip school and go “on strike” is also a silly, pointless thing to do as they miss valuable education time for no purpose. One thing they won’t do is throw away their mobile phones with batteries in them, or stop eating takeaway foods with non-biodegradable boxes and drink cartons.

The last demonstration by these entitled children of the future resulted in tons of placards and rubbish being left behind for the workers of Westminster council to clear away. So much for protecting the climate!

At the end of this three-day protestation what will be the outcome? Will it have changed government policy, will it have changed the narrative of world leaders towards a cleaner green world? No is the answer! China is building coal fired power stations at an alarming rate, dancing across Oxford Circus, stopping traffic and trains in London won’t halt that.

The destruction of the rainforest in the Amazon delta has to be a worry but what if anything is being done to stop this? Mining of Lithium, from the lithium triangle of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile is causing its own environmental disasters. China’s search for this magical stuff fares no better. Children being used to mine the main ingredient of batteries have a terrible life – why on earth don’t the London protesters pack up and go there!

I tell you why: it is because this demonstration in London is nothing more than virtue signalling. If they were really properly angry, disturbed and worried they would go in their thousands to those parts of the world that really contribute to the malaise they claim exists. It’s all too easy to satisfy your conscience with minimal effort by going to London and have a dance on the bridge over the Thames.  Giving up your jobs and moving wholesale to another part of the planet is just a stretch too far, isn`t it!

No, the great and good will disperse, call their Ubers to the train station via their mobile phones, get their takeaways on route and go back to burning logs on their woodburners and keep the heating on whilst it is still chilly on an evening. For sure they will have several bins and containers for their recycling! Conscience sated they can sleep well for now.

Until the next climate change bugle call sounds all will return to normal: nothing changed, no new environmental policies, nothing accomplished apart from millions of people, trying to go about their business of living in the now, working and shopping, who have been totally inconvenienced to sate the conscience of a few thousand of the great and the good.


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