A  Well, after all, that climate change scare didn’t look as though it as going to work as fast as we’d hoped.  Some of our eco friends had begun to notice that our promised Green Energy was somewhat slow in arriving and one or two countries had started to re-open their coal mines.    We couldn’t have that.

B  No, of course not!

A  So we decided to use our Big Gun…

B  …I thought you’d have one…

A  …A virus we’d been working on for some time.   We had been meaning to use it in 2021– you know, I’ve mentioned the UN Agenda 21 to you before…

B  Yes, I remember.  Coralling everyone up in smart cities after getting rid of as many people as possible?

A  Something like that.   Anyway, unfortunately there was a leak at the laboratory and the virus escaped before it had reached its full strength, so it has only killed a few million so far, which was nothing like the number we had intended.

B  Really?  It seems a largish number to me.

A  Good heavens, no!   Not when there are billions and not just millions to get rid of if the planet is to survive.  Under our direction, of course.

B  That would be a lot of bodies to get rid of in one go.

A  Naturally, the number of deaths at one time would have to be juggled, a million here, a couple of million there. And we have to reckon on deaths by famine, war and those due to other causes.  As you say, too many at once, would not a good idea, because there would then be some genuine diseases let loose on the world which might affect even us.  But on the other hand if the virus killed too slowly, the medical people would find a cure and a vaccine for it.   A real vaccine.  And we can’t chance that.

B  But I understand that a real one is due to come out during the next few months.

A  No, no, no! That’s just the killer one for the plebs.  It won’t affect them immediately, of course, but it’s designed to get rid of more of them over the coming years.  That vaccine is not for us!  We’ve already taken ours.  Patented it a couple of years ago.

B  Now I come to think about it – didn’t you hold a world conference about how to deal with a plague which might occur sometime in the future?

A  Y-e-e-s, that was a bit awkward.  We felt that we should do something like that so the plebs couldn’t complain when it happened, blame us, get us sacked.  But as I said, we’d intended the virus to come out in 2021, not just a couple of months after we held the conference.   On the other hand it has given us an unexpected advantage.

B  Oh?  What was that?

A  A chance to make sure Trump doesn’t get re-elected November – one term of office was quite enough!  It gave us the helluva shock, I can tell you, Trump winning the US Presidency like that in 2016.   Not at all what we had intended.   With feminism going full blast we had thought that a woman president, especially one of our own like Hillary Clinton, would make it a done job.  But no, thanks to the plebs we’d probably dumbed down too much, we got this uncontrollable Trump and then it looked as though, despite all the BLM and general rioting we’d arranged for the autumn, he might get into the White House again in November.  So it seemed a great chance to get rid of him once and for all.

B  You used the virus?

A   Of course!   Got it out during that Rose Garden Party at the 4th October White House Party.  It hit Trump and his wife, Melania and about eight other top Republicans…

B  But no Democrats?

A  What do you think?  We have to get Joe Biden into the presidency with a healthy group of Democrats.

B  But what happens if Biden gets the virus or dies just before or just after the election?

A  That’s OK, he had the real vaccine months ago.

B  But, I mean, he’s not a young man, is he?  And, I’ve heard, not altogether strong mentally – ?

A  That’s OK as well.   People will vote for ‘nice’ Uncle Joe Biden but they will get the VEEP, Kamala Harris.  That’s all arranged.   Great Socialis … Great Democrat, that woman is.  She’ll do whatever we ask her.   After all, she’s wanted the power for years and eventually she will become the first Madam President, overtaking Hillary.   Now, there’s something she’ll love!  Oh yes, she’ll do what she’s told.

B  One thing:  haven’t you noticed that Donald Trump is recovering from the virus?

A  Aah…


~~~   OOO   ~~~


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