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Debbie Lovell – in memoriam

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Janice North writes:

Some very sad news which many of you know already.

Debbie Lovell, ex chairman of Barnet and Hendon branch, passed away on the 24th January.

Debbie was a great campaigner, activist and Brexiteer. I guess at least she knew we were achieving some sort of Brexit before she died. She was out working for Brexit regularly come rain or shine, whether on street stalls, outside Parliament or travelling around the country campaigning for our candidates.  And even bringing home-grown strawberries for our events and helping set up. Debbie was tireless in her enthusiasm.and commitment.     

She was a good friend to me, and I know also to many of you. She was great fun and always outspoken. I have many happy memories of her as our 2 branches worked closely together as sister branches throughout most of 2019.

I will remember Debbie as brave and loyal, but above all as a very nice woman and a good friend.

Her funeral is on the 24th February and her husband has said all are welcome. A few of us are already planning to go along. If you would also like to attend please let me know and I can send you the details. If not we can collect some donations towards her husbands chosen charity if you would like to.  



Viv writes:

I’m shocked by the news of Debbie Lovell’s death. I’ve “known” her for years before I met her in person, and so will many of our long-term readers. Debbie regularly posted many comments under the screen name ‘Donald Duck’, during the previous incarnation of this site. 

I met her in person at the EGM in Birmingham and can only underline what Janice wrote above: she was wonderful, warmhearted person – and didn’t look one bit like her screen name! She was a firm Brexiteer and knew what was what. Here is one of her comments, from September 2018, unedited:

“Has anybody noticed something recently? last week we had Barnier agreeing with JRM that the chequers plan was next to useless and Rees Mogg was going to come up with another plan along with other prominent brexiteers. So that all sounded good, then this weekend we got Boris sounding off in his usual flamboyant style about May’s disasterous plan and the conservatives now look completely split on brexit itself.  Thus, making May’s tenure on the premiership a bit rocky to say the least, however, all of a sudden yesterday we have Barnier coming out saying yes a good deal can be struck within 6 to 8 weeks as long as it is realistic, whatever that means! So, what changed, is it still that crappy chequers plan or have they come up with something else? Or could it be that both the government and the EU are now concerned about the attack coming from Boris and his supporters, so much so that they are about to cobble up some sort of  agreement in rather a hurry to try and keep them at bay. If this is the case then they are seriously misjudging what the brexiteers will make of it and how they will react, and this is where UKIP should be leading the way by informing the public and garnering their support to stop any coersion between this slimey government and the even slimier EU. We have waited this long for brexit to happen we cannot let it slip through our fingers now!”

It saddens me to have to mourn the death of such staunch Brexiteer, doubly so since Debbie did not witness the ‘Freedom Day’ celebrations on January 31st and nor will she reap the fruits of her labour when we – hopefully – leave this despised entity on the last day of this year. 

Rest in peace, Debbie – we’ll carry on the Brexit fight, now also in your memory.




(Photos curtesy of Janice North)

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