We Brits are all of course familiar with the Battle of Britain but here is a quote from Wikipedia.

The primary objective of the German forces was to compel Britain to agree to a negotiated peace settlement

The above starts to sound very familiar in the context of our present situation as we supposedly try to negotiate our withdrawal from the European Union. The Battle of Britain was, as we all know, an air battle – very simple to understand, but modern battle techniques are far more subtle and many people still don’t understand them.

The Battle of Britain was a small overall part of a global conflict.  Its strategic importance however cannot be underestimated.  The loss of this battle would have meant the loss of our country, and so it is today with the Battle of Brexit.

What we face today is not aeroplanes, tanks, bombs and guns but political warfare and our government – now it appears wholly subservient to the European Union – is well versed in these techniques. Here is an interesting document:

Political Warfare Executive:
The Meaning, Techniques and Methods of Political Warfare

The Battle of Brexit is again just a small part of a global conflict but no less as strategically important.

In the United States of America, President Trump has fought tirelessly for a border wall, fought against the Democrats, the party of globalisation and open borders who are determined to stop Trump building the wall.

Here in Great Britain, as we try and negotiate our withdrawal from the European Union, globalist and Eurocrat quislings in our government (the greater part of our government) are as equally determined as the Democrats in the US to tie us into EU treaties that will prevent us taking back control of our borders.

Massive and uncontrolled immigration is a Socialist/Communist/Leftist main battle strategy to undermine Western countries and their people; they will do anything to prevent us from taking back control of our borders.

Here is an interesting article from Sputnik International:

Germany’s Migrant Crisis: ‘By 2060 There Will Be No Germany as We Know It’

There are many articles that I could have quoted from, even some Vatican ministers are speaking out against immigration and how Europe will cease to exist because of it.  These stories never make it to the mainstream media though.

You don’t need news articles, though, to realise the desperate situation that we are in, not least for people with a modicum of critical thinking ability, just logic alone will tell us all that we need to know. After forty years of European Union membership along with uncontrolled immigration, our country has many unfolding problems; it is not a pretty picture.

Our social services are at breaking point due to immigration – we have to house feed and clothe a large proportion of the immigrants coming to our country. We now live in a country where for many younger people it is a privilege to have a home, unless of course they are immigrants who must be housed immediately at our cost.

We live in a country that can no longer produce enough food to feed its population.  This I’m sure will lead to a disaster one day and not because of Brexit. The cost of social services has as a result gone through the roof and our government has had to resort to borrowed and printed money to pay the bills and kick the can down the road for now.

We live on a little island and with half a million immigrants turning up on our shores each year.  You don’t need to be a genius or read newspaper articles to see that this will eventually lead to disaster. We don’t get many thanks for supporting these immigrants either, evidenced by the rape and child grooming in so many of our cities, not to mention that London, our capital city is now the knife crime capital of the world.

When you look at the very representative picture that I’ve painted, it doesn’t say much for the benefits of European Union membership or United Nations globalist policies generally. Economically, financially, socially and politically, behind all of the propaganda and lies, the EU and UN have been and continue to be a disaster for us and yet they still propagate these lies and untruths.  See here from the United Nations Population Department:

Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

We can see from the above then, that these globalists will not stop with the attack upon us – for that is what it is – until our way of life, culture, country and we as the British people are completely destroyed.

Globalist policies such as those by the European Union and United Nations are an attack upon our country to break down any resistance to their New World Order or One World government, and immigration is being used as a weapon against us. This is a tsunami that if not stopped will completely overwhelm us.  The population of the Third World is out of control and growing exponentially, it is the biggest threat that we’ve ever faced, see here 

The Battle of Britain was strategically important in a world war but for our country represented an existential threat.  The Battle for Brexit is just as important if not more so. The political warfare being waged upon us by both the European Union and United Nations is far more damaging and harmful to our country.  We as a people and our way of life as all of the bombs and bullets dropped and fired by Hitler’s luftwaffe and probably his armies too.

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