The seat of the covid politbureau


It’s quite extraordinary: “we” are being herded into accepting all sorts of assaults on our liberties in the name of ‘fighting covid’. So let me ask: why are our MSM so supine? Why are our elected representatives so feeble? Are they really selling us out for the pottage that is ‘a summer holiday’? It would seem so when you look at this morning’s headlines.

It’s clearly no longer about ‘Saving Our Sacred Cow’, not when case numbers – formerly the holy grail of the fearmongers – are tumbling (link). These graphs are no longer gracing the front pages of all papers as they used to when “we” needed to be cowed into staying at home – why? Doesn’t this come under ‘good news’? I note in passing that there’s a new label being used: it’s no longer ‘cases’, it’s ‘infections’. Yes, let’s stay scared by all means!

There  are other signs that this covid government is not just out of control but that their ‘leaders’, the health tsar first and foremost, are behaving like the Nomenklatura which lived the life of Riley in the former Soviet Union. Dear Matt, we learn, has booked his summer holiday in Cornwall just hours after his colleague Shapps announced to the rest of the country that ‘people shouldn’t book holidays neither domestically nor internationally’ (link). Some animals are indeed more equal, aren’t they!

While ‘our MSM’ bellyache about those summer holidays, they’ve now swallowed whole the proposition that vaccine passports are a good thing because it means the Westminster denizens and all the WFHers might get away to their oh-so-important beaches and gîtes. They overlook the point that such ‘passports’ will be used at home to permit those who’ve been vaccinated to go to restaurants or theatres – if any are left standing – and who knows for what else they’ll be demanded in future. Access to grocery supermarkets, perchance?

It was only a few weeks ago that the PM told us that nobody planned to introduce such ‘passports’. Now however he blithely told the MSM at his covid PR performance last evening that:

“Vaccinated Britons could use an app to confirm they are safe to holiday abroad once coronavirus infections have fallen to a low number in the UK, Boris Johnson has said. Asked at a Downing Street press conference last night whether the government was in talks with travel companies about setting up a vaccine passport scheme, the prime minister said that once the coronavirus situation was in a “different world” then “all kinds of apps” might be used.” (link, paywalled)

You know these passports or ‘pass-apps’ are going to come without any outcry when even The Times editorial this morning states with apparent unconcern that:

“[…] there is a strong argument that documentation to prove someone has had a jab may prove useful in restoring public life to something approaching normality. The government should not shy away from it on civil liberties grounds alone.” (link, paywalled)

Clearly, government should go ahead and do it. After all, ‘other countries’ are planning to do so, from the USA to Denmark, and ‘our holiday countries’ such as Spain, Italy, Malta and Cyprus ‘are eager for such schemes’, according to the Times editors. Civil liberties can be discarded for the price of being permitted to go on a summer holiday – those who can afford to, that is. It’s as if ‘freedom’ only means ‘free to go to holiday countries’.

There’s more though. There is something called ‘freedom of speech’ which doesn’t seem to matter to the Home Office Minister, a certain Ms Patel, who

“has told Facebook, Twitter and Google that they have a social responsibility to remove false anti-vaccination posts. The home secretary said that social media companies were to blame for the lower uptake of coronavirus vaccines among ethnic minorities compared with the general population. She also called on them to proactively publicise NHS and government information on their sites to counter antivaxers.” (link, paywalled)

This is directly related to the fear of this covid government to be labelled ‘racist’ if they don’t do something for those categorised as BAME who are reluctant to get the jab even while ‘more at risk’ of dying of covid. Here’s one ‘reason’ for this Patel-demand:

“Yesterday doctors condemned a video circulating on social media and via WhatsApp that claims inhaling steam can protect against Covid-19. The video was traced by the BBC back to Nilesh Jogal, a chemical engineer who has an alternative medicine clinic in Gujarat, India. He defended the video.” (link, paywalled)

This government, in their drive to produce the highest number of jabbees, come what may, apparently asks the tech giants – who are not precisely timid little blossoms when it comes to censorship – to use their power to disconnect people from even accessing international sites. It’s as if alternative approaches to covid therapies must be condemned wherever they come from.

I dunno if this steam thing is worthwhile, not being a medic. I do know that research on medical therapies to treat covid beside vaccination and before patients are being stuck in ICUs are being discredited and internationally condemned. There is this interesting report on Ivermectin having been denounced by the manufacturer, for example – ‘tis worth having a look.

Additionally, there’s a segment in this morning’s Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter reporting on a ‘secretive facebook group’ which has internationally been smearing Sweden’s approach to the covidemic (link, scroll down a bit). Clearly, it’s not just our own government suppressing freedom of speech when it comes to their covid propaganda – it’s an international effort which is supported by the tech giants’ ‘social media’ coverage.

It doesn’t stop there though. Those of us who can recall the heydays of the Soviet Union remember the various ‘production drives’, to get harvests in or build infrastructure. Now these methods of mass appeal are being used to coerce the over 70s who still haven’t had the jab to blimmin’ well come and get it, with GPs being told to call them and with ‘roving jab teams’ being set up to give care home staff the jab while BJ himself ‘urged’ social care workers who seem to’ve been ‘reluctant’ to get the jab as well (link, paywalled).

All well and good, you might say – after all, isn’t the aim of this jab jamboree to let us all out into freedom from lockdown? What is this freedom though which we’re being promised? Will we be ‘free’ only with a ‘passport app’?  And when is it going to happen? Sometime in autumn when ‘everybody’ has had the jab? Ah no – that’s unlikely because there are all those mutants from which “we” must be protected, jab or not. 

That is where the Hancock plan comes in – the one where he promised the empty HoG (that’s ‘House of Ghosts’) that holiday liars’ would be jailed for ten years. That’s where the Labour demand to put all countries on a ‘red list’, to ‘save us from covid mutants’, comes in. Travel restrictions, extra ‘passports’, extra permission to travel from one town to another and all that jazz were after all some of the coercion instruments in the arsenal of the former Soviet Union. Wasn’t there a propaganda slogan, saying ‘to learn from the Soviet Union is to learn how to win’?

However, we read in The Times this morning that some Tories are actually unhappy about this Hancock latest, and that the government’s Solicitor-General and the Attorney-General are in discord – I’d call it a splitlet, it’s not really a split:

“Michael Ellis QC, the solicitor-general, has concerns about the severity of the sentence, which is significantly higher than for many other serious crimes including racially aggravated assault, violent disorder, possession of a firearm, and attempted rape of a child. Suella Braverman QC, the attorney-general, is supportive of the policy.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear! So they’re only ‘split’ on the severity of the punishment, not on the principle as such … how interesting! I give credit to the Times reporters though for smuggling in this sentence which ought to have been the headline:

“Because the government is using existing legislation designed to tackle forgery, MPs will be unable to vote, which has led to allegations that the government is ruling by “ministerial decree”. (link, paywalled)

It is something all those eminent lawyers and judges, even Lord Sumption, seem to have overlooked. It needed Nigel Farage to point this out in his video yesterday evening (link) – and only Nigel pointed out the difference between the ‘treatment’ which Hancock wants to mete out to ‘holiday liars’ and that given to those poor refugees illegally crossing the channel from war-torn France.

Don’t expect this to be mentioned in ‘Our MSM’ and above all do not expect ‘Our MSM’ to mention that we’re increasingly being governed by a ‘Covid Politbureau’. After all, they must keep us worried about our summer holidays which most of us can’t even afford any longer, given the economic catastrophe face by so many!

I leave you with a quote I shamelessly stole from a comment post under an opinion piece in the DT written by Allister Heath  – here’s the paywalled link – who pointed out that the Tory proposal for a health care reform, detailed during WWII, was much better than Aneurin Bevan’s scheme for the post-war Labour government. Here’s that quote:

Labour is the true national treasure and therefore should be buried.”

Amen to that – and I suggest that the Tory Party be buried as well!




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