Governments lie – who knew! Not Mr Mercer, MP, it seems


There’s hope for us peasants yet: some  MSM writers and indeed some politicians are slowly grasping what we’ve said all along – about that ‘institutionally racism’ scam, about the ‘covid’ scam and about the ‘green blob ‘scam. Better late than never, aye, but be aware that all those Westminster bubble dwellers, be they MSM editors, be they politicians, are still incapable of drawing the proper conclusions, never mind take action.

Let’s start with the ‘institutionally racism’ scam. It was predictable that the proponents in the ghastly House of Peacocks would keep finding new instances of shock-horror racism. ‘Tis not about the vaccination programme for BAME people, or about schooling and deprivation. No – the latest accusation is so preposterous that I can only blame this on the manifest covid madness which clearly affects people’s and especially politicians’ brains. It’s also an example for the current wokeism having fallen on well-prepared, fertile ground. It’s about war graves for the fallen in WWI.

We’re informed that the Defence Minister, Mr Ben Wallace, will make a statement to the Zoom HoP (House of Peacocks) today – on a report by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission according to which:

““Pervasive racism” underpinned a failure properly to commemorate hundreds of thousands of predominantly black and Asian personnel who died fighting for the British Empire, an investigation has found. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission apologised that black and Asian First World War dead were not honoured in the same way as their white comrades.” (link, paywalled)

This entity was apparently set up after a TV Channel4 ‘documentary’ by David Lammy MP – in 2019! In it, Mr L.

“quoted historical documents from the commission in which African soldiers and carriers were referred to as “semi-savage” and “hardly in such a state of civilisation as to appreciate such a memorial”. The committee’s investigation […] concluded that underpinning the failure to properly commemorate black and Asian service personnel “were the entrenched prejudices, preconceptions and pervasive racism of contemporary imperial attitudes”. In its response to the report, the commission said that it apologised “unreservedly” and would act on the report’s recommendations.” (link, paywalled)

Seen from today’s perspective that’s bad. There’s more though. Firstly, there was a name change, from ‘Imperial War Graves Commission’ which was founded in 1917 to ‘Commonwealth War Grave Commission’ in 2019. Then there are the findings, and it’s no surprise that the numbers of those fallen are somewhat unclear:

“The investigation found that at least 116,000 predominantly African and Middle Eastern casualties “were not commemorated by name or possibly at all”. The figure could be as high as 350,000. Most were commemorated by memorials that did not carry their names. The commission estimated that 45,000 to 54,000 Asian and African casualties were“commemorated unequally”: some collectively on memorials, others only in registers.” (link, paywalled)

‘Unequal commemorations’ – oh dear. Regarding those estimates and uncertainties – can someone remember what happened in 1919, 1920 …? Clearly, everything ought to have been done according to today’s standards, woke attitude included. Regarding those alleged 350,000 casualties: here is an excellent list of British soldiers who died on all fronts. This break-down makes the accusations of Mr Lammy look like a political sleight-of-hands, meant to push the ‘all white Brits were and are racist’ narrative. His comment in regard to the statement by the Commonwealth war Graves Commission however takes the proverbial biscuit:

“Lammy, the shadow justice secretary, said: “No apology can ever make up for the indignity suffered by the unremembered. However, this apology does offer the opportunity for us as a nation to work through this ugly part of our history and properly pay our respects to every soldier who has sacrificed their life for us.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, let’s ‘work through’ this dreadful guilt and let’s disregard the unnamed, nameless white British soldiers suffering on the Western Front who cannot possibly have suffered the ‘indignity’ of not being remembered! No, don’t even ask how dead people can suffer indignities. 

I’ve gone on at length about this example of ‘early wokeism’ because it makes a lovely contrast to the sacking of Johnny Mercer. It’s clearly more important that the MoD and the Defence Secretary worry about dealing with the indignity suffered by dead African and Asian soldiers of WWI than of the present indignities suffered by white British soldiers stationed in NI 50 years ago. Johnny Mercer MP , sacked ‘by tweet’, gave an interview to the Times Radio yesterday where he let rip:

“Johnny Mercer, the former veterans minister who resigned from his post last night, has likened working in government to being in a “cesspit”, in an explosive interview with Times Radio. […] Mercer reflected that “politics is a question of integrity” but added: “This is the most distrustful, awful environment I’ve ever worked in.” […]The former army captain declared: “Almost nobody tells the truth, is what I’ve worked out over the last 36 hours.” (link, paywalled)

Oh – he has only worked that out now, has he? Well, if he’d spoken to some of his constituents they could have told him so years ago! Mr Mercer also spoke to the DT where he likewise used strong language:

“Mr Mercer launched an excoriating attack on Mr Johnson’s administration, claiming his experience during two years as Veterans’ Minister had been “horrific”. He said he had been treated “like s*** throughout”. He also described the Government as “the most distrustful, awful environment” in which he had worked and added: “Almost nobody tells the truth.” (paywalled link)

However, for me this more temperate statement is actually more incendiary.:

“Mr Mercer said: “This is not about justice. It is about a group of lawyers and average politicians sucking at a firehose of public money, trashing veterans in the process and dragging out the grief for the families. […] The arguments against doing anything are nonsense made by people with deficient backbones […]” (paywalled link)

That’s a good description of the whole lot of the Zooming Peacocks with a very few honourable exceptions. This doesn’t bode well for the oncoming ‘green tide’ which Boris so loves (oh do stop chatting about BJ being under the gracefully shod foot of his paramour – we all know that!). It’s becoming more dangerous now because the Germans who go to the polls in September might elect a Green Chancellor, Ms Annalena Baerbock, to replace Merkel. I’m sure Carrie would love that, disregarding all repercussions for our and the German economy.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard writes about the possible consequences for the German economy should the Green Lady become the next German Chancellor. In his description of the current state of economic affairs in Germany he came up with this quip which tickled me pink: “Angela Merkel has presided over “peak Germany” and the onset of decline.” (paywalled link). ‘Peak Germany’ also means ‘peak EU’ – so let’s see how this develops.

Interestingly BJ, Carrie and all the Greens, so keen on forbidding us to heat and light our homes or drive our cars, are amazingly silent about the destruction of the countryside:

“Parts of England protected for their beauty are being blighted by a doubling in the amount of greenfield land opened up to sprawling “executive home” developments, according to a report. Permission has been granted for development on an average of 294 acres of greenfield land per year within England’s 34 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) since 2017, up from an average of 128 acres a year in the previous five years, according to research commissioned by CPRE, the countryside charity.” (link, paywalled)

Well, they don’t care because those are going to be ‘executive homes’ to which  the green priests and priestesses can flee, just like their German counterparts. Meanwhile they’re condemning the rest of us to stay in the ever more ravaged cities and towns, with no means to escape unless we walk  or ‘get on our bikes’ – or use electric cars while being unable to heat our homes. 

I leave you with two covid ‘news’. One is that “we” will have a ‘covid travel passport’ by mid-May (link). Now who said that Whitehall has been diligently working on this for some time rather than on more pressing issues? Must’ve been a horrid Lockdown sceptic! Is it now: ‘Save the Tourism Industry’ rather than save you-know-what?

There’s more bad news for Lockdownians. One study found that yes, covid jabs mean fewer hospital admissions while another finding, reported in the same article, shows that actually, that dreadful Indian killer mutant isn’t ‘escaping’ the vaccines:

“Figures from India suggest that fears the country’s variant might have mutations that help it significantly evade the vaccine are unfounded. […] Balram Bhargava, director-general at the Indian Council of Medical Research, said that an analysis of “breakthrough infections”, where vaccinated people became infected, showed they were very rare, at between two and four per 10,000 people.” (link, paywalled)

It’s the old pattern: first cry ‘wolf’, then cry ‘lockdown for everybody’, then graciously permit some, not all, restrictions to be lifted – but only once even more ‘control instruments’ are in place, such as ‘moar tests’. Never mind that an intrepid researcher has now done tests as well and found that a certain drink tested +ve for covid – read all about it here.

In conclusion, we can now quote Mr Johnny Mercer MP who said that almost nobody in government tells the truth, i.e. ‘they lie’, when talking to our neighbours over our garden fences or writing to our MPs. It’s always good to be able to quote someone ‘in power’ – Mr Mercer is still an MP – rather than having to rely on our own experiences which those in government will always brush aside as ‘anecdotal’. and therefore meaningless and non-applicable. 




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