We’re living in crazy times, what with Brexit, US election fraud and the coronavirus hoax. It’s frightening just how little information we’re getting from the mainstream media regarding the US elections which couldn’t wait to crown Biden the president-elect. I’m glad to say that I’m certain that Biden will never be the president of the USA.

I won’t reference this too much as I think in the coming weeks the wall will break and we’ll be bombarded with evidence of voter fraud and much worse. If you know where to look, there is already much evidence coming out and court cases going on all over the US but next to nothing in the mainstream media, particularly in Britain.

Let’s start with a few highlights. You may care to watch this video from Sky News Australia: Republicans tender new CCTV footage to Georgia Senate Judiciary Subcommittee

Very damning evidence of ballot-stuffing on a massive scale and similar stories are emerging all over the US, particularly in the swing states.

Then there are the cases of dead people voting, homeless people being bribed to vote for the Democrats, votes for Biden being counted many times over; in fact so much corruption that I’m having trouble keeping up with it all.

What I find particularly disturbing is the part of the electoral fraud involving Dominion voting machines running Smartmatic software; these were used mainly in the swing states. Look at this video from NBC News: How Hackers Can Target Voting Machines | NBC News Now

Sydney Powell, a top US lawyer, is filling lawsuits in multiple states alleging that these machines were used to rig the US election and the evidence is compelling. Hackers have been having a competition to see how easy it is to hack these machines and I think the record is two minutes.

One US cyber security expert suggests that the US is being attacked in a unilateral cyber war. Further evidence suggests that these Dominion machines were illegally connected to the Internet and data packets have been traced back to China and Iran; it seems that they too were in on this election scam.

Biden and others have been investing their personal wealth in China and there is evidence that Hilary Clinton may have been selling US military secrets to China. If this is true, what we are witnessing is not just voter fraud or even a crime, it is beyond these.  It is treason and a coup d’etat by a foreign power aided by US politicians. The extent of this is frightening.  It involves many leading politicians in the US, industry, particularly the tech industry, the law, the mainstream media and just about every other institution in the US.

Now one can’t help but wonder, just how long is it since there was a free and fair election in the US. Was Barack Obama ever really fairly elected? Let us consider what would happen if Joe Biden were to become the next US president: the sell out to China would continue, industry would continue to be off-shored along with US jobs and the borders would be thrown open.  By the end of Biden’s first term the United States of America would cease to be a viable independent entity as we all know it and it would be at China’s mercy.

As I’ve said, fortunately I’m very sure that Donald Trump is going to prevail but it’s going to be a wild ride. As soon as it becomes apparent that Trump is going to win a second term, the left will not accept this; ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter will take again to the streets, the looting and burning will continue. I hope that Trump has a plan to cope with this but it could as some have predicted turn into a civil war.

What we are going to witness is a wave of outrage and discontent but at least many patriotic Americans will wake up to what has been happening; it is also a wave of tsunami proportions that is going to wash up on our shores.

Have we not also been experiencing the same march through our institutions?  Is election fraud rife in our own country? I just can’t believe that this is confined to the US. Did we ever really vote to join a so-called Common Market?

It seems to me that the treason started when a certain Edward Heath sold us out to a Common Market, nascent European Union and European superstate-in-the-making. Surely we all remember the Brexit battles we had with our own courts, particularly Gina Miller and our Supreme Court. Here we can see, just like in the US, just how deeply our institutions have been compromised by traitors, and don’t even get me started on our media.

With only a few weeks left until we supposedly sever ties with the European Union, despite the reports in the media that talks have broken down again, we would have to be very naïve to believe that a stitch-up is not still on the cards.

There is a tsunami building in the United States and when it arrives on our shores, it is a wave that we must ride.  We must let it wash through and cleanse our government and institutions. We too have been subject to a coup d’etat and we must prevail or we will lose our country once and for all.

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