Written by Mary Curran



With Input on Constitutional Issues from the Coordinator of Democracy Defined, Kenn d’Oudney 





Editor’s note: This is the final segment of a two-part series. You can read the first part right here on Independence Daily.


Parliamentarians seek to inherit the demented dogma of despots: “the divine right of kings!” by Mary  Curran with Input on Constitutional Issues from the Coordinators of www.democracydefined.org Part Two: Boris Johnson gets likened to King Charles the First but the situation is different now. His strings are pulled by globalist bank-owners; multi-billionaires who are obscenely rich from the fraudulent global banking system. The bank-owners believe they are in the final stages of the process of taking over political establishments across most of the non-Communist world.

A perusal of DEMOCRACY DEFINED: The Manifesto ISBN 978-1902848280 shows that the solution to the present arbitrary, unconstitutional governance (i.e., the judicable Common Law Crime of Tyranny) would be a majority of Parliamentary MPs (specifically, Independent Candidates running on the Restoration  Amendment (statute) Program** dedicated to restoring We the People’s secular, timeless Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System). This is defined and inscribed into the world-respected secular Great Charter of  English Liberties as the sole legitimate justice system for all causes (lawsuits), civil, criminal and fiscal.

Judicium Parium, the Trial by Jury Justice System, is revered at home and respected abroad as the finest form of law enforcement ever devised. Trial by Jury is the historically-proven foremost egalitarian means by which the population is emancipated from all unjust laws and arbitrary governance.  **See one-page, double-sided flyer’s Summary of the Restoration Program on this link.

As with the Head of State, Lords and all Commoners, the Constitution subjects all who form or work for government to liability to prosecution at Common Law Trial by Jury for any Acts of Malice Aforethought,  mens rea1; definitive crime at Common Law. Legem Terræ restored and re-installed “in perpetuity” the then already longstanding entitlement (right) of any Citizen commoner (individual or multiple plaintiffs) to prosecute for crimes any other commoner cost-free at a Common Law Trial by Jury; viz. Articles Thirty-Six,  Thirty-Nine, Forty and Sixty-One. This is the principal, but not the only, Constitutional mechanism by which the population is emancipated.

  1. Any ‘act’ means not only legislation but also physical acts.

Trial by Jury is not the ‘preserve’ of the government prosecution service (CPS; DAs) and legal profession. No indeed! Following Restoration, cost-free prosecution of infractions of Legem Terræ Common  Law by commoners in government can be brought directly to a Trial by Jury by Writ of Inquisition following  Plaint lodged by any commoner2.

  1. See Articles Thirty-Six and Forty; Convenor’s Summons.

The powers-that-be don’t want us to know about this inalienable right! It is a safeguard against tyranny since juries have the Common Law power both to prosecute and to annul prosecutions of bad laws. TPTB  have already cheated us of the Juror’s Powers, Procedures, Rights and Duty in trials, and deny Trial by  Jury altogether for supposedly trivial offences like non-payment of a fine. Doubtless, they plan to go further until it vanishes altogether. Their excuse is implausible:

It is an unforgivable duplicitous fallacy often repeated by politicians and the lawyers and judges who  represent them, that Trial by Jury “clogs up the courts and takes up too much time and expense.” The truth is that the government judiciary suppress the real Trial by Jury, by all means, possible because it empowers citizens to annul enforcement of legislation at trial—something which not even judges can do. This is  put into effect by a Juror or Jurors simply finding the accused Not Guilty, Unanimity being requisite to find ‘guilt’ in Common Law Trial by Jury. Sovereignty of the ‘ordinary’ citizen as Juror over the law derives from the  People’s Supreme Courts of Constitutional Trial by Jury; and with it comes unconscionable statists’ ulterior fear of, and hatred for, Trial by Jury.

The mass of malicious, vexatious, partisan, venal, money-motivated and criminogenic (crime engendering) legislation extant today (statutes and by-laws), may be annulled, rendered unenforceable,  and mandated for expunction by due process of Trial by Jury. From the aforegoing phenomena, the number of government prosecutions and court cases — and related expense to the taxpayer — is  greatly reduced. According to a restored Constitutional rule of law, repeal of bad laws works like this:

A jury acquits the accused on grounds that the accusation is based on a bad law. The accused can then file Plaint, at no cost to him or herself, against the powers-that-be who instituted (to wit, legislators,  Ministers of State, Home Office; the bureaucracy) and upheld that law (judiciary, legal profession, Law  Society). If they fail to compensate the falsely accused and persist in attempting to prosecute the law  (refusing to repeal the law), he or she can take a criminal lawsuit denominating them personally liable for malice, and even treason.

The situation now is very bleak, but I think spreading the educational word is relatively simple. Trial by  Jury is long-proven the effective solution to rampant tyranny. The criterial Concept of Malice Aforethought is straightforward, easily perceived in people’s behaviour (however complex the evidence and legislative terminology) and well understood by both the illiterate and the intellectual. The genuine Constitutional  Common Law Trial by Jury remains the only (peaceful) means known to humankind for holding  Administrations — and those behind them — to the Principles of Liberty and Equal Justice.

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